Guess I am kind of a bad blogger. Still not good at keeping up with getting things down on "paper"...never really have been, although it's always been a goal. Anyway, here I am. Just wanted to catch up.

Today I met Katrina at the mall playground for a playdate. The kids had a great time, and so did we (except for Katrina's glasses getting broken...)

Ran a LOT of errands - including getting Cadie all groomed up and she looks supercute (yes, that is one word). Hopefully I can get her to sit still long enough to snap a good picture for the ole scrapbook.

Got some stuff for baby showers today too. Lots of friends having babies this year. Love to see new life. Of course everyone loves babies, but I got a whole new appreciation after Logan was born. It's such an amazing transformation in so many ways. You start to realize how so much of your life before a child was about YOU...then all the sudden this helpless little child comes into your life and you realize how precious the time to brush your teeth and get a shower really was. Not that I would trade any of that for the world - but it's a life lesson that comes at you very quickly.

The birthday party countdown is on. One week from this Saturday. Not sure if I am ready...although I don't think I have much of a choice...


4 beautiful years

Four years later, still amazed at how lucky I am. Love you so much.


Today Logan managed to get his hands on the newspaper and pull it into the playpen. He's so sneaky...


little bits of life

So it's been a while. Busy around here. Today, for example, supposed to go to the dentist and discovered at the last minute that I left my keys in the car after unloading shopping bags and a sleeping baby yesterday...and of course Ryan has his own set of keys so he never noticed. UGH. Some days I feel like the biggest idiot. Like I need things to be more complicated.

Anyhow, Logan is learning to walk and I guess you could say he's taken his "first steps" although he's not really walking. Any way you look at it, he's not a baby anymore.

Ali Edwards has a new thing going called "daily something" and I am really excited to get started on a project like that, although it's really hard not to get overwhelmed at the idea of starting a project...but really, her stuff is all about not getting complicated, and just having a little something to document the daily happenings. I like the idea of that - because after all, what is the norm today will be long forgotten in the years to come. It was almost a year ago that I was completely sleep deprived from a colicky baby, and soon this little brain of mine will have forgotten the little things I am sure.

These are the days I want to remember...simple as they are..typing on the computer, well and able to make a living from home so that I can be with my baby boy every day...making a simple breakfast of cheerios and a banana and watching most of it end up on the floor and into the dog's mouths...hearing the sweetest sound, your child laughing {and making your heart melt}...yup, these are the days we take for granted.