halloween happiness

I came across this tough lookin' dude on Halloween...check out that sweet ride. He had a doo-rag but was quick to let me know "I aint wearin' that!" So, I backed off and let him do his thing and we sported a mohawk instead - and let me tell you, it rocked.

This little dude is also fighting a cold but he was one good sport. No matter how much he had to use a tissue, he made sure to stomp on it as if to say "aint no cold gonna hold me down." You da man, Logan, you da man.

The zoo was awesome - all lit up and decorated. Too bad my camera was being especially difficult and the dim light really hurt the photo quality. Sorry about that. Regardless, I thought I would share a couple of my favorites from the evening....

Nana and Papa gave Logan his first lollypop - absolutely loved it, although he was not a happy biker when it was gone...

Family photos are few and far between...

I cannot tell you how fun it was to see Logan be so excited to get to walk the pathway on his own, even though we had to "steer" him a few times, he was thrilled. Love seeing him be so independent. Way to go little dude...

Have a great weekend y'all.


vacation bound


Getting excited for vacation. Leaving on Friday to head up to the mountains in Tennessee and get a change of scenery. I am so excited to see the leaves in different colors up there and get some consistently chilly weather. Not sure what's up with the weather here - last night felt like winter and then we're back to the 80s today. Of course Logan and I have a cold (why do I ALWAYS get a cold when the weather changes?) and I am praying that we will be well before weeks end.

Got to see Tara and her beautiful new baby girl Avabelle today - forgot the camera, dang it. Katrina and the kids were there too and we had a rowdy and fun morning. Lots of learning to share going on today.

Tomorrow is Halloween - looking forward to getting Logan dressed up in his costume although I don't know how well he will put up with it. He's going to be a biker! :) So excited for his first "real" Halloween even though he has no clue what is going on. We're headed out to the zoo for Spooktacular. Fun Fun. Pictures to follow...

What are your plans for Halloween? Please share! I'd love to see your pictures. Lately I have been wanting to go dig through some of the old goodies from when mom dressed us up as an amazing cast of characters - the three of us were tortured year to year as everything from from old people to trees to the cast of Wizard of Oz. Good times.

If you dont have any plans, you should come join us at the zoo! Happy Halloween!


Pumpkin Patch

Finally made it out to the Pumpkin Patch today and had a blast


28 years ago...

Someone very, very special was born [10.26]
Katrina, you are such a blessing in my life. I am so thankful for you and continue to be enriched by your gracious heart on a daily basis. Thank you being my sanity in the crazy world of motherhood. Thank you for being as forgetful as I am and for loving me just the same. Thank you - for all of these things and a million more.

I love you, girl. Happy, Happy Birthday.


what is sexy?

Sexy: generally attractive or interesting
Pronunciation: \sek-sē\
Function: adjective

Or, in my case, the visual definition:

I know Ryan is going to kill me for this one. Can't help it; had to brag. Such a lucky girl am I.

Happy Friday.


hey mr.dj

Taking requests for songs to add to the good ole player (see bottom of the page if you want to see everything already listed.) I figure you're the ones coming here, maybe I should put on something you want to hear.

These songs should be playing at random, so you should be getting a variety. If you don't like the song that is currently playing, you can click on anything in the list and that one will play automatically.

If you have a song (or songs) you want to hear that is not listed, drop me a comment below. You can send me a list as long as you want but I cannot guarantee that it will make it on here. Some songs simply are not available in Mp3 format, but I promise I will at least try. (Trust me, I am missing some songs I would like to put on here too).

OK so since I have been asked - this blog is updated occasionally but at least once a week. I think there is a way where you can be notified via email every time I update it. If you are interested in that option, let me know.

I wanted to share this cool website with you that I came across: http://greendimes.com/
If you're looking to stop getting all that junk mail and help the environment at the same time, this is an awesome way to do it. This website not only decreases the amount of junk mail you get, but trees are planted for you! How cool is that? Anyway, just wanted to share in case you are interested because I think it is such a cool idea.

So what do you have going on this weekend? We're jam packed. Trying to fit everything in that we can before we go on vacation - including a very expensive tune up on the car. I am hoping we can make a trip over to the pumpkin patch. If we do, I promise to post pics next week.

Have a great weekend!!!


just a little reminder

So many people just going through a rough time right now. (You know who you are...)

Just wanted to take this time and be thankful for you, my family and friends. Feeling so blessed to have you in my life. I know I don't say it enough, but thank you - I love you.

Some days are just harder than others - some days you just need that little reminder that someone out there is hearing you -- today I am hearing you. thinking of you. praying for you.


Every morning is a fresh beginning. Every day is the world made new. Today is a new day. Today is my world made new. I have lived all my life up to this moment, to come to this day. This moment - this day - is as good as any moment in all eternity. I shall make of this day - each moment of this day - a heaven on earth. This is my day of opportunity. -- Dan Custer

Here are just a few things that make me smile...


...and the winner is....

CONGRATS and thanks to all FOUR of you who entered....regardless of how many comments or technical difficulties, your names were all entered and D's was picked at random this morning. Since you now know your chances in the future are probably one out of four, I strongly suggest you try again next time :)

So, how was your weekend? We've been busy fixing up our front yard. It was eaten alive by chinch bugs and was in desperate need of repair. THANK YOU Dads for coming out and helping --- it looks soooo much better.

I downloaded some pictures from the past week and wanted to share a few I thought you might get a laugh out of...hope you enjoy.

um...I can explain this

Am I in trouble? Let me put on my sad face for you...

Oh, you mean this is cute? Ok well let me get back to eating hangers....

and these I like to call "ravioli madness"...Logan loves to make meal time a challenge

Have a great week everybody.



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fall goodies

This is my favorite time of year, no doubt. What is not to love about the cooler weather (ok, so in Florida this means 85 instead of 95 degrees), dressing your kids up in costume, the changing of the leaves, much needed VACATION (the mountains of Tennesse in November), and of course, that special day reserved just for spending time with family, eating as much as you can, and passing out in front of the TV?!?

In the spirit of this great season I have compiled a list of 10 questions. I will pick (at random) one person's responses and send the winner a bag of chocolates. I will pick the winner one week from today and post that name up here on the blog. To submit your answers, simply "comment" (see link below). There are no right or wrong answers. Good luck! :)

1. If you could take a vacation to anywhere in the world (at no cost to you), where would you go?
2. Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry?
3. What is your favorite book (childhood or current)?
4. Which color: Blue or Green?
5. Favorite Halloween costume (this can apply to you or your child)?
6. Top three pizza toppings?
7. Was was the worst/least exciting Halloween treat/item you received trick-or-treating or at a fall festival,etc?
8. Can you say the alphabet backwards?
9. Do you eat pumpkin pie?
10. Sweet tea, coffee or a glass of milk?


yay for Logan!

Yesterday I asked Logan if he wanted some juice (which is what I call everything that goes into the cup, regardless of the contents) and he said "ju..sss". I sat there for a moment, not sure if he said what I thought he said and then I said it again, unsure. "Juice?" (No reply).

Fortunately I wasn't loosing it - he said it again later in the day and was grinning ear to ear when I told him he was such a smart boy. We called Daddy and of course there was no talking going to happen over the phone. So when Daddy came home we tried it again...and sure enough, "ju...sss"

I told Ryan he should feel really good, considering both "Dada" and "juss" came before "mama" :) Regardless, I am one proud mama today...


Sunshine for a Rainy Day

Normally I love rainy days...but when it rains consisently for several days in a row it starts to get a little depressing. Yesterday I tried to make it to Target and left the house when it had stopped raining (here) and by the time I got there, just 12 minutes later, it was storming. I debated going back home...the rain was that bad...but instead decided to wait it out a few. We waited and waited. The rain wasn't slowing down, it was raining even harder. So, I climbed into the back seat, unstrapped Logan from the carseat, perched him up on my hip and we made a mad dash through the pounding rain...and he laughed hysterically the entire time.

I guess I'll take that as a simple reminder that life is what you make of it. So today I am thinking about the blue skies and sunny weather we had last week and these pictures I took after Logan and the dogs had a ball running around...


Making strides

This weekend Corey, Mom and I took part in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5k in Orange Park. Logan came along for the ride and Carley walked/was carried too.

There was a great turn out and the weather was really nice, especially because the walk was all down the St. Johns River (River Road). NF OB/GYN raised a lot of money for the cause and I was really glad to be a part of something that not only got us outdoors, but supported a great cause. There were a lot of people with dogs and Logan just loved hanging out with all the pups, especially a sweet little lab pup named Miley (and of course, Miss Carley too).

It seems to me that not only are we becoming more aware of cancer and finding there are more people in our lives who are affected by it, but there are also more opportunities than ever to learn about prevention and early detection. I know this is something we take for granted until it happens to us or someone we love (myself included). I encourage you to visit the American Cancer Society at http://www.cancer.org/docroot/PED/ped_2.asp?sitearea=PED&level=1 to learn more.
On another note, to those of you who didn't already know, Logan is officially walking. He's been tottling around for a while, but started walking pretty consistently last week. He looks like a little Frankenstein with his hands straight out in front of him, legs and arms both stiff for balance :)