Merry Christmas from our family to yours

It's Christmas Eve! I hope you are enjoying this time with your friends and family!

I just want to leave one final thought I have been wanting to share. This year I feel like I heard the lyrics to Little Drummer Boy for the first time. I think I have been distracted by the "pa rum pa pum pum" or something because I LOVE Christmas music and I am pretty sure I have heard the song a thousand times - anyway, I really listened this time and found there is so much meaning behind it if you really listen:

A poor little boy goes to see the baby Jesus, our Lord and Savior. He is humbled by the fact that he has no gift to bring ("I have no gift to bring that's fit to give a King") - and so he gives the only gift he has - the very talent that the Lord has given him. He plays his drum, a gift from the heart, a gift given to him by God...

How powerful this story is - every year we worry about giving the perfect gift or how much we need to spend on this person...and when you think about it, none of that really matters. If you give, give with your heart, give with love.

Even greater than giving is receiving what God has given us - the greatest gift of all, the gift of his son, born in a manger, born so that we might truly live.

May we always remember this is truly what Christmas is about.

So, to all of you - we send our love and prayers for a very, very Merrry Christmas from our family to yours.

Ryan, Heather, Logan, Cody + Cadie


Christmas Mosaic

Just a little mosaic of Christmastime events so far...

From getting the tree to making cookies, this has been a December to remember.

Oh, and I wanted to share this story I came across this morning....



And the winner is...

Katrina...by default!!!

You are the only one who responded to my blog from last Thursday -- so you win!

Your prize? A big fat box of chocoloates...and me to help you eat them :) Congrats and thanks for playing.

As for the rest of you - wha happan?????


Family Affair

So, last night was truly a family affair as we made our way to see Santa. We didn't really plan it that way, but after meeting Grandma and Grandpa there as planned, Aunt Stephanie decided to come, we caught Nana running into Dick's Sporting Goods and spotted Matt and Corey as we were waiting in line for Santa. You would think we lived in a small town and this was the only place to shop....

Anyway, I am so glad everyone could be there - it was quite a site and honestly, we all laughed pretty hard at little Logan's expense. One minute he was chillin with Grandpa and the next he's put in the lap of a strange man with a bushy beard...and he no likey.

So here is the first picture, taken as we are waiting in line (Ryan had just seen the price list)

We let Logan walk up to Santa, which he was ok with for about five seconds. We picked him up and tried to place him in Santa's arms and he started to flail, hands over his head, wiggling all over the place as if we had just put ants in his pants. Seriously, you could not help but laugh.

We finally decided we were just going to have to be in the picture with him, so we squished into the chair together [note the look on Mama + Daddy's face: get me outta here]. HA.

Grandpa took this picture:

...and this is the one we paid for...

Look at that face - priceless!

I felt bad that he was so scared, but he was over it as soon as we walked away (and let's face it, he had plenty of family members to calm him down)

I am already prepared for next year's plan -- duck and run...


Logan thoughts

Friday. 1:30. still no nap. cool.

I am sleepy, but MUST...stay...awake...!

Lunch will not be served in the highchair today.

I want to eat on the go and throw some of my chicken nuggets to the doggies because I love them and they should get to eat good food too...

These are my toys. You cannot have them. We are best friends forever and you are not in this club. I am sorry but some things just are.

You see this book? When I give it to you that means read it. So here, read it. Then read it again. and again. and again. oh and make those funny animal noises too...that oink oink part is my favorite.

Yes I see the ball. I see the puppy. Let's move on.

I do not want to eat the carrot wagon wheel. Yes, it tastes good but I like to carry it around for an hour, set it down now and then and come back to it later when I can devour it in peace and quiet. I will leave a small part on the carpet once you have forgotten where I have placed it. It's what I do, woman. Don't ask me why.

I am not blowing you any more kisses, mama. I did it for a while and then I noticed people get all googley eyed and talk in weird voices and I knew it was not a very manly thing to do. Maybe one day when no one is looking I will do it again but for now, fa' gettabowtit.

I can't stop touching the Christmas tree ornaments. They are too shiny and pretty. Pretty please, let me just pull on them a little....um...oops.

aaaah...all this talk is making me sleepy...maybe I will take a break...just not for long. Still have lots to do...plenty of daylight out there...


Had Logan's pictures done last Thursday (the shoot did not go so well, but you would never know it to look at the results) and took a few of my own for D and family on Sunday.

Logan's picture will be going out on Christmas cards soon enough, I promise (just ordered them yesterday). All I can tell you is that they are really good and there is one I definitely want to blow up to poster size, or maybe something a little more modest :) ...either way...I absolutely love it and can't wait to get it up on the wall.

D - you and your family are so photogenic. Here are a few of my personal favorites from Sunday...

See what I mean?

Grandma, Grandpa and Nana Linder came to see Logan this week and he had a blast. We also went to the library and got some new books and had a playdate with Natalie and Russell. We have not been to see Santa or made cookies, but there is still time for that (I hope).

We have been pretty productive over here - got the second tree and decorated it (I think this is the biggest tree we have ever had but Ryan thinks otherwise - I promise you it just about grew to twice its original size once we got it in some water). Last night we got out the ornaments and I can honestly say that putting the ornaments on the tree is one of my favorite things to do at Christmas time. We always get an ornament from places we have traveled or to represent a certain event in our life...and then there are some that I have to get simply because they are pretty :) I love to look at each ornament and think back on the time that it represents.

here are a few of my favorites:

  • the ornaments from our very first tree (we started a tree when we were dating in 2001 for our first Christmas together)
  • ornaments handmade by friends and family members
  • a taxi cab from NYC
  • a beautiful red amaryllis from Germany (still my very favorite ornament - thanks Dad)
  • A little tray that clips on a branch with a miniature bottle of champagne and two glasses and a tablecloth with the words Our First Christmas (given to me by Marks Gray for my bridal shower)
  • New Home (little house that lights up)
  • Cody's First Christmas + Cadie's First Christmas (my mom actually made ornaments that look like our dogs - lol)
  • Buckingham Palace guard from London
  • A fish from our honeymoon
  • Baby's First Christmas (we actually have about 5)
  • A simple "L" ornament I bought last year
...and the list goes on.
I love the little reminders that they are.

What represents a special time for you? It can be an ornament, note, a photo, a ticket...Whatever it may be, leave me a comment and tell me a little bit about it. I'll do a random drawing a week from today for a little Christmas somethin' somethin' :)