for the new year...

I know he's my kid...
and every parent thinks their kid is beautiful,
but sometimes I look at him
and even with that scratched up nose
and messy bed head
I realize how lucky I am to have such a great kid
beautiful and amazing inside and out
and how it is more than a blessing
to be his mama -- to be A mama
and get to experience every new adventure
every milestone and every inch of growth
and remember what an honor it is to live it all
and soak it up - even on the days I am challenged,
it is amazing
and I want to always be grateful.

So when I am sick yet again
(and feeling sorry for myself)
I hope I can continue to remember
that it only gets better from here.


in case you were wondering...

Logan's nose is looking better.

We still can't decide on a name for our baby girl...but I can say...sorry dad, we've ruled out Chloe. Leighton has most likely been knocked off the list as well. My husband changes his mind daily and as time goes on I am finding he's getting pickier. Lord help us.

I have about 350 pounds of papers to shred sitting here in my office. I spent hours yesterday going through years of paperwork. My mom says I can't hold on to anything. Apparently I can hold on to any kind of paperwork from the last 10 years with no problem.

I am over the half-way point in my pregnancy...almost six months now and still getting sick. I was hoping this time would be different but apparently not. At least I can say that unlike the last time we have not made a trip to the ER (yet).

Logan has become spoiled by back rubs. Every night after we read the books and turn out the light he says "Rub back!" We typically give in. Usually Dad is the one who stays to rub his back for a little while (Mama does the nap time rub). Last night I went in to check on him about 10:30 and he had a little bed made up on the floor (which comes as no surprise because he does this most nights) and the first thing he said (instead of jumping back into his bed, which he usually does), was "HEY MAMA!!! RUB BACK!!!" So I gave in and rubbed his back for 30 minutes. Every time I would stop for more than two seconds his eyes would open and he would say quietly, "mama, rub back peez."
I am such a sucker.

Hope you're having a lovely Tuesday.



Christmas is over...

and I am sad.

I am always sad when it ends. Such a sweet and magical time-- it all goes by so fast. And then there is the mess to clean up...and the whole house goes back to "normal." I'm going to miss the way it has been for the past month or so.

I have to admit this was the hardest time I have ever had at being really excited and ready for it all. I started preparing early this year, but so much was going wrong the week before and driving me crazy (or making me cry...those dang pregnancy hormones really get me) - and I really didn't get to enjoy those exciting days beforehand.

The good news is we finally had the fridge repaired on Christmas Eve, but the bad news was not having a single item of food except for a few drinks we had sitting in a cooler. We also did not get the part we needed to put together Logan's playset in time for Christmas. I am still waiting on the part and plan to write a nice little letter and tell someone about themselves. So frustrating.

But I digress...the main thing I enjoy about Christmas is being with family...and we did that and loved it. Ryan was home for several days and we soaked him up. He's been working so much lately that it seemed we only saw each other for an hour a day. Having him here with us was one of the best things I could have imagined. Our entire family stopped by on Christmas morning and it was wonderful. I love the way Christmas brings everyone together, and I love having them all here at our house.

On Friday Ryan actually braved going to Target with me (I bought him a book he had already read, so his main reason for going was to exchange it) and we let Logan pick out whatever he wanted from the toy isle (a big thank you to Uncle Kalen, who spoiled us all with Visa gift cards). Now even though he wanted to press every button and touch every car, he ended up picking out a $5 set of Matchbox cars. To those of you who know Logan, this comes as no surprise.

Saturday Logan woke up from his nap with some odd-looking scratch on his nose. It was almost dark red, stretched across his nostrils, and was slightly puffed up. We couldn't quite figure out what happened...but as the time went on, it started to get worse. We figured he must have scratched it in his sleep or something. Anyway, so we went to a party to see Michael and Heather and all the kids got to play together, which was nice. I must have eaten something bad because I was up all night with what I can only suspect was food poisoning. I will spare you the details.

By Sunday Logan's nose had swollen and turned bloody red. We still have no clue what happened or how to "fix" it, but I may be taking him to the doctor tomorrow if the antibiotic ointment I'm using on it doesn't seem to help.

So now here we are on Monday and I am wondering where the time went. Why it goes by so fast? How in the world so many things could go wrong at one time....??? :) Truthfully though, I am thankful for it all because I really stopped to appreciate the fact that this time of year is about family...being with your family...and your family coming in and helping when you need them...and being at home by your side. It is about soaking in the time you have together and making memories you never want to forget. It is not about the present you did or didn't get, the last minute errands, or even having enough food to feed everyone. It's just about being together, and I love that.

So now, even though I am sad to be putting things away, I know that there is next year to look forward to and I am focusing in on that. We will have a new baby in the house and Ryan and I will probably be holding a kid in each of our laps and we'll be lucky if we get a photo or two (even this year I only took a couple). And even though it is a year away, I know the time will fly. Before we know it this time will be back and we will be soaking it up all over again.



not really what I had planned but...

it is what it is.

I didn't expect to have a refrigerator repair man at my house all morning (or to have the problems I have had with that in general)

or to find out that we were missing a main component of the playset for the yard that was supposed to be the big surprise tomorrow morning and so it can't be put together yet

or to throw up this morning...in the yard...in my robe...yeah.

or to have a kiddo fighting a cold...and in turn, sleep

or to have the most chaotic, last-minute, thrown together Christmas ever

it's just not me or how I usually do things
but it is what it is
and I am thankful that although it has come fast, Christmas is here
and we are reminded that this is a time to remember why we are so fortunate
to have family and friends
to be celebrating Jesus' birthday
to be saved

Thank you God, for Christmas and all that it means

...and in that sprirt I wanted to share some [completely un-edited] photos I took about five minutes ago. Again, not the way I would usually like to do things (I am not big on editing, but I would have at least cropped them a little for ya), but you get the idea.

Some of the Christmas village (you really need to see it in person to appreciate it...it wraps around the entire kitchen)
yeah, those are nuns having a snowball fight but I didnt capture it too well...

This is the top of the entertainment center. I started doing this garland before we had two trees so we had something to enjoy in the family room and I love having it on at night.

I didnt get any shots of the family room tree because it is right by a window and these photos were taken in the bright afternoon sun, but here are a couple of ornaments from it that I love...

*(yeah I made it to Pottery Barn and went crazy buying up all those butterflies)

and this is where all of your sweet cards, photos and letters go. Ryan checks here every day when he comes home to see what we got :)
My living room tree (it's always been a non-traditional theme of bright colors and I love it).

The reason we celebrate (gosh, this one is super blurry)

the dining room table (look familiar?)
the plates I bought at TJ Maxx (love that store)

inside the cabinet I have some of my favorite photos...

including this one of Logan, when he was less than a week old (taken in preparation for Christmas)

I absolutely love handmade ornaments. My mom makes them and so do some of my sweet friends and it just means the world to me to have something so personal.

...and last but not least, an ornament I found recently. It's the magical key to let Santa in the door since we dont have a fireplace :)

Merry Christmas!




random Logan thoughts

Logan loves the Toys R Us commercials. Every time he sees one he says "MAMA! TOYYYY!!!!" and stares at the TV without blinking until the commercial ends...but today he really surprised me when it came to the end of the commercial and they say "where kids are a big deal" - Logan suddenly pointed at the TV screen and said "MAMA, KIDS BIG DEAL!!!!!!!!!"
I guess he likes knowing he's important to at least one store out there.

When I put my hair up in a pony tail this evening he came up to me and said, "mama, cool hayrr!"

Every day he surprises me.

Christmas blessings...

- No lines at the post office (this is more of a miracle than a blessing I think)

- Mimi and Poppy driving all the way out here to help with Logan so I can run errands (especially when they have plenty of errands of their own to take care of)

- Finding last minute items on sale

- Cards and packages in the mail (thank you dear friends!)

- Logan getting over his cold

- Refrigerator repair men (even if they do show up late and cost a fortune)

- Sharing this blog with you and keeping record of all the little everyday things (however mundane they may be)

Christmas blessings to you and yours!



losing my mind

Just when I think I am going to go absolutely insane today, Logan started dancing in the shopping cart and saying "oh yeah yeah, ho ho ho!"

He was getting into the music with all his little heart and I laughed so hard I cried.

Logan, thanks for the reminder that laughter can fix just about anything. I love you buddy.



This week has been so great. I got to see family from out of town and wrap presents and have playdates with friends and Mimi and Poppy ever so generously came over and cleaned my house with their super-duper cleaner (it is amazing by the way, my house is glowing). I was feeling really good until...

We started hearing a loud humming coming from our fridge/freezer for the past two days. Long story short, the repair man came out to the house yesterday and 20 minutes and $45 later, he told me it was the compressor...which can be replaced for the astoundingly expensive amount of $600.00. He told me they typically have a five year warranty, so I dug my paperwork out...and then I just about burst into tears. We bought our fridge on 12/14/03...

yes, we were missing our warranty date by five days
five freaking days
you have got to be kidding me

He told me they (Whirlpool or any other manufacturer) were pretty stringent on the warranty expiration date, but I could call and see what they had to say.

Then I noticed I may just have a window of opportunity -- the receipt said we didn't take delivery until 12/23/03.

So I called Whirlpool and I got the nicest woman --er, angel -- on the phone who was willing to work with me on the date and cover the part.

Once again I was just about in tears. There is hope. There are good people out there. Thank you Jesus.

And then today I found a bedding set I liked for the new baby (I've been looking for a while now) and it just so happened to be on sale for $75 from the original $180...and I got to the register and was informed it was another 20% off....which made it $60...and I had a $30 gift card. So yes I paid $30.

I don't know how I am having such luck but I am feeling pretty blessed right now. Never mind that I have a fridge and freezer full of food I have to throw out (and we are using our cooler to full capacity) -- it could always be worse. Life is good. God is good. And today I was reminded that sometimes you just have to appreciate the good, because it far outweighs the bad.


Diggs Family Christmas

OK here is your baby bump shot. You know you like how the kiddo is covering me up ;) I promise I will have a real one...eventually. My husband needs to get home before 8:30 one night so we can tackle that task.

So we celebrated Christmas a little early this year and it was really nice. Ryan even took my camera and got some pictures for me so I could be in them. Nevermind that most of them are completely unflattering...it is what it is.

Most of my pictures were taken with the flash, which I hate to do, but it was late and dark and well, it just had to be done. I look terrible enough with a bright flash on my skin, but put me next to two gorgeous blonde twins and well, let's just say no one's looking at the plump one in the middle!!!! ;)

(see what I mean?)

Friday night we had our close family gathering and we chowed down on lasagna. I have decided lasagna is a great way to start off the holiday season...especially when it is made with love and care by someone else. Ohhhhh and the carrot cake!!!! Melanie made the best carrot cake I have ever tasted. Seriously.

Saturday we got most of the gang together and I spent plenty of time stuffing my face with turkey and Melanie's squash casserole (my fave) and carrot cake (yes, again).

It was so nice to have everyone together...even Gracyn was there and we all got involved in one mean game of freeze tag. Melanie and I ran our pregnant behinds around that yard like it was nobody's business (easier said than done when you're trying to avoid dog poop and falling on your butt) and I give her serious kudos because she did it in high heels. Oh yes she did. Then my husband felt it was necessary to jump over bushes to catch me (like I was really running all that fast) and I laughed until I cried. Good times.

Anyway, I know the pictures are what you really care about so I'll get to it..

Melanie might kill me for this one, but I love this shot of the three of them dancing. Logan got Poppy an ornament that plays music and he and Gracyn danced and danced to it over and over....so cute.

Stephanie, Gracyn and Todd

Logan looooves his Mr. Potato Head family.

Logan shows Gigi how to play trucks and cars...

Mimi and Poppy (Logan loves Poppy's hat...)

Looooove this one of Gigi and Papaw with Logan.

You can tell Logan was at wit's end with the photos by this point. I had to give him a bow to get him to sit still for 10 seconds.

I was thinking as I posted these pictures - I just LOVE this time of year...I love being with family and soaking in all the holiday magic. I just wish it didn't go by so fast.
Someone stop the clock...just one week until Christmas Eve!



Melanie and Anthony came into town this week for the Diggs Family Christmas...and now they are leaving to go home. I am sad. Their time here is always too short.

Melanie and Stephanie are twins (like you couldn't tell), and I know they share something special there. Even so, I feel blessed to have two sisters-in-law who act as though I have always been around...and I love having both of them here and the time we get to spend together.

Melanie and Anthony are expecting their sweet baby boy Conner just one month short of our baby's due date and I am sad to know that we will not get to visit each other or see each other's new babies (except in photos).

It is hard to be so far apart, but guys - I hope you know we can't wait to have you back. We all promise to spoil Conner and bribe you with baby things and offers to babysit...or whatever else it takes to get you back :)

Have a safe trip home.



(P.S. Pictures from this weekend coming in another post, hopefully later today)


Santa Party

On Saturday we went to the law firm where I used to work for their annual Santa Party. Our friends Katrina, Natalie and Russell were there and I think the kids really had a great time.

They have face painting and a magic show and Santa has presents for all the kids...

Natalie looking adorable with her face painted...

Russell made a very cute Batman!

(We didn't get Logan's face painted since we were headed to Mimi and Poppy's house for Christmas afterward)

Santa coming down the stairs... (Logan says Santa Clause says "ho ho! Mewry Cistmas!")
Russell with Santa...
Natalie with Santa (she was the first one up there!)

...and Logan, who was terrified of Santa until he was given his present (he then decided maybe he was an OK guy afterall)

...of course Santa knew just what Logan needed (haha)...
More pictures to come tomorrow from the Diggs Family Christmas. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.


Early Voting

Help us decide what to name our baby girl!

I've posted a poll to the left where you can vote from a list of our top baby names. You can only vote once, so make it count! :)

(And thanks to Chris for this idea...I shamelessly stole it)



...and I'm 0-2

Apparently I have no mother's intuition...I thought that Logan was going to be a girl and this time around I was pretty sure we were having a boy.

Yes, we're having a GIRL!

I was pretty surprised. After the ultrasound I asked my doctor to explain to me how they could tell for sure this was a girl (I think I was still in shock). Sounds like they are pretty dang sure.

I made some calls on the way home as Logan happily chanted from the back seat "YAY GIWL!!!"...

We have not agreed on a girl name, although we have a few in the running. If you have suggestions, feel free!

In the meantime, here are pics from the ultrasound. It's funny to see these pictures as it reminds me of those first pictures from Logan's ultrasound where I studied them over and over. I have a hard time telling what is what (thank goodness the ultrasound technician was there to tell me). She counted 10 fingers and 10 toes and every once in a while I knew what I was looking at. But even if I couldn't, seeing that sweet baby on the screen was a reminder that babies are truly a miracle from God...



I have been super busy today with running around trying to get Christmas stuff in order before this weekend...but I just wanted to take a minute and ask for recommendations on Christmas movies since it has been on my mind. We haven't started watching any yet, but we're making a mental list of those not to be missed in the days to come. Two that we never miss are Christmas Vacation and Home Alone. This year we're hoping Logan will appreciate some of these. (Anyone know what nights those will be on?) I am just wondering what are the classics YOU never miss as I'd love to add them to the list.

Mel and Anthony, drive safe and we'll see you tomorrow! :)

I'll be on sometime in the late morning to post ultrasound pics!



we're back

...and I have a tree!

We literally dropped off our bags and went right back out the door after returning home from the long weekend. In case you didn't already know, the Gators won and are headed to the National Championship in January, so we are very excited about that. The guys had a great time at the game and us girls got in some shopping with the kids. We stayed at Blaine's sister's house and we might as well have been at a bed and breakfast. It was great.

I was thankful Ryan was so willing (or at least he pretended to be) to get a tree last night and help me put the lights on. Right now our house smells like Christmas tree and all is right with the world ;)

We are celebrating the Diggs Family Christmas this weekend so things are pretty hectic after getting back home...but I love getting to really dive in to all there is to do this time of year. It is one time I really don't mind being so busy.

I hope to post some pictures at some point this week (didn't take my camera to Atlanta, though I wish I did).

Thanks again Blaine and Mindie for a wonderful weekend.




Not going to get to the pictures from around the house...
Or the belly pics...
Or maybe even the Christmas tree I was hoping to set up tonight...

instead we're headed to Atlanta bright and early to see the Gators play in the SEC Championship game!

Hope you all have a great weekend.



Logan: waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh (super cranky this morning)

Me: What's wrong?

Logan: Nogan cwanky

Me: Oh you're cranky? Well what do you want?

Logan: mo' miwk!

Me: Ok. How about we make you some chocolate milk? (Something we never have)

Logan: (Takes a big sip of chocolate milk)...mmmmm Nogan coffee!!!!


one week!!!

One week from now...well, one week and 30 minutes from now, we will know our baby's gender!!!

(Gosh I hope after all the hype the little kiddo cooperates)

[As most of you know] we didn't find out with Logan...people thought I was crazy, but I loved every second of not knowing. I can't really explain how I was able to enjoy not knowing something for so long, but it was something I am so glad I experienced - and certainly considered doing again this time around...but when my sweet and puppy-eyed husband told me he wanted to find out this time around I gave in...and I admit I am excited more than I thought I would be.

Most people assume we want a girl (to have one of each), but truthfully, I look forward to either a boy or a girl...doesn't really matter either way. I would love for Logan to have a brother. And yes, I would love to put those dresses I bought to good use (admittedly I thought I was having a girl the last time and bought a few dresses I could not pass up. If I do not have a girl, my sister or sisters-in-law or someone I know better have a girl at some point so I can dress them in adorable clothing).

So anyway, I just thought it might be fun to take your predictions before we actually find out. Ryan doesn't like to play this game with me so somebody play along and make me feel better will ya?


P.S. My guess is a boy.


160 days (give or take)...

Does that seem like forever to anyone other than me? Just wondering. Mel, you can probably relate, but you have more like 130 days so I'm not sure you count ;)

Logan and I went to Babies R Us this morning to get a couple of things and it reminded me how even the second time around there is so much to get...so much to do. How is it these little babies require so much stuff? (Not that they NEED everything in that ridiculous store, but there are plenty of items that can certainly make things easier).


So Logan drove his little three wheeler into my tree this afternoon...no ornaments were broken fortunately, but the tree did fall over and hit the wall. Sometimes I wonder if I am living with a two year old or a hurricane...but then again, maybe they are kind of the same thing.

He is supposed to be napping right now but as usual I am peeking in the door every 15 minutes and telling him to get back in his bed. I really miss that crib sometimes.

At one point I went in and checked on him and he was completely naked and had wet the bed sheets. He's now fully clothed and singing to himself (in between sneaky attempts to get out of bed).

Just being honest -- I am still amazed that we are going through this all over again. I wonder how things will be different with two kids, how I will be as a mom with my attention divided - and outnumbered. Good gracious, I am going to be outnumbered. That part really scares me.

I wonder if it will be easier in some ways (I pray every day that this baby does not have to suffer with colic like Logan did) and I KNOW it will be much more challenging in others. But overall I feel anxious to see and meet this little person.

Still, I am trying not to rush it --

Even with the morning sickness and wanting to feel like myself again, I know each day is precious. Each day is one last day I have with just Logan and I. It will never be this way again. It's bittersweet.

And just like last time, it won't be long before the baby is here and I will say wow, that went by really fast...


Hey y'all. Hope you had a lovely Turkey Day. To me it seems the day always goes by so fast...but I love it for all that it is. Somehow I even managed to get in a nap, which was great. (I never nap, although there are many days I wish I could...)

Anyone go shopping on Black Friday? Ryan and I got up at 4:00 a.m. to head to Best Buy. The plan was to get there before they opened at 5:00 a.m. I thought there may be a few people, but when we arrived at about 10 'till, there was a line wrapped around the building.

We were there for a surround sound system (which he has been anxiously awaiting me to give into for quite some time...I was finally convinced when he showed me the ad for almost $200 off). We got the second to last one and I seriously think I had a tear in my eye. (I don't get up at 4:00 a.m. -- EVER. Apparently I really, really love that man)...

Ryan's best friend Blaine was in town this weekend...always nice to see you Blaine :)

All in all we had a pretty productive yet lazy weekend, although we didn't get a Christmas tree like I had hoped. We went yesterday but it was raining like crazy so we had to wait. In the meantime, the house is decorated (with the exception of the live tree and the outdoor lights) and I am feeling festive...love love love this time of year.

Just nine days left until we find out the baby's gender. I am getting anxious. I have been feeling lots of kicks and squirms and I am ready to see this little person on the ultrasound. I still have the morning sickness, though things are getting better (thank you Jesus...). I am hoping that by Christmas it will be gone (and I can enjoy food again).

I am thinking I may take some pictures around the house of our Christmas decorations (and maybe, just maybe, one of my growing belly) to post here later this week. Don't hold your breath though :)



nothing new...

Sometimes I wonder if I should bother to post because I feel there is nothing new to report...

but then I think about how one day it wont matter that there isn't much to report. I'll be glad I just wrote something down and have a memory of it. So with that in mind I hope today's post doesn't put you to sleep....

Totally random things:

1. Logan went straight down for a nap yesterday. Haven't seen that in a long, long time. Today he is back to his old tricks of getting up and out of the bed and then running back to the bed to PRETEND he's asleep (like I can't hear his thunderous footsteps)...

2. I have found that Ocean Spray Cranapple juice does wonders for morning sickness, (though it is still not fool-proof) and have been drinking several glasses a day. The other day I bought four containers of it at Target and I had to wonder what the woman checking me out was thinking.

3. Our computer is still on the fritz and we can't make a decision as to what to do about it (replace/repair...?). I get annoyed just sitting here thinking about how this thing is two years old and a complete waste of time and money.

4. Santa dropped off a special gift for Logan this morning and all 150 pounds of it are hanging out in the garage in a very large box. I am so excited to see his face on Christmas morning. (Dad thanks again for coming out here to help, even if it was a wasted effort).

5. Yesterday Logan and I worked out in the yard transplanting flower bulbs. I gave him a little shovel and I had my big shovel and he would point to each over and over saying "Nogan 'coop...Mama 'coop". I was not allowed to use Nogan's coop and he was not allowed to use mine. He mainly used his to destroy things. When he got bored he said to me (for the first time in his life) "Mama, go inside! Go howse!" (This kid lives for the outdoors)

6. Today Katrina and family leave for Virginia. Yall have a safe trip :) Thanksgiving is in two more days. Can't wait.




We are celebrating Thanksgiving today with my family. I love getting an early start (which we do every year since we trade off who gets Thanksgiving day). I'm responsible for bringing a dessert and I chose this one (sans ice cream)...hopefully it tastes as good as it looks.

The weather here is super cold (in the 30's), and I am loving it. We never get cold weather like this at Thanksgiving. In my opinion it should always be cold from Thanksgiving to Christmas, but we don't really get to choose here in Florida now do we? Anyway, it's chilly and I am loving that I finally get to break out a scarf :)

I love this day (well, Thanksgiving) and taking the time to be with family and be thankful for all that we have. I feel a little overwhelmed when I think of how good this life really is...even when it is crazy and hectic and sleep-deprived, it is perfect in its own way. Thank you Lord, for that.

I should also report that Santa is really listening to me...turns out the kiddo has a cold and he needed some good ole Benadryl to get his nose unstuffy and sleep was sure to follow (well, that and I covered his window so no light comes in...at all). He has been much happier after finally getting some real sleep (oh Lord how we needed that nap after a full week of no sleep). And just when I thought things couldn't be any better, Pottery Barn brought these back!!! aahk! So much to be thankful for!



Dear Santa

I've changed my mind. Forget that last post. All I want for Christmas is for my little boy to sleep like he used to -- like he's supposed to -- and to stay in his bed and take naps and not pitch a fit over going to bed. Yes Santa, that's all I ask. This is my last request, I promise.



Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is a tree that looks just like this.

...and if you can't get me the whole tree, then please tell Pottery Barn to bring these ornaments back (on clearance...on sale, that would be nice) so I can at least attempt to make my tree look like this (*sniffle)...

...and it wouldn't hurt if these were magic butterfly ornaments and a certain little toddler never wanted to touch them...only bask in their magnificent glory.

Yes, that is all I ask for. Thanks Santa. I know you'll come through for me.


(more) Loganisms

If I didn't keep track of the stuff the kiddo is saying here, I'd forget it in no time....

We found a basketball in the yard over the weekend. I left it by the curb in case whoever lost it wanted to claim it (it is still sitting there). Every time Logan sees it he says, "wow! a puntkin!"

I have been putting up my Christmas decorations with a little bit of "help" from Logan. One of the most interesting things to him (besides the ornaments, which definitely take first place) was the nativity set. It was all he could do not to drive a little car through the nativity set over and over. I explained to Logan about the nativity and that we do not drive cars over the baby Jesus. He now just places his cars AROUND the nativity and drives them in circles while he "meep meeps" and talks to "baby Je-Je."

He is doing better at staying in the bed but "reads" by the nightlight until almost 11:00 most nights (he goes to bed at 9:00). [There is no doubt in my mind that he got this trait from his father]

Yesterday at Publix the cashier asked Logan what his name was. He smiled and said "Baby Wogan!"

There are some things he says however he wants, no matter how many times we correct him. "Go Gators!" is always "Go Gay!"...the bathtub is a "hot tub"...a hair brush is a "hair cut"...and Nemo is "Ne-moy"...(and every fish is a Ne-moy).

He can name almost every train in his Thomas the Tank Engine books (there are probably at least 15 of them). We're at the point where we just turn the pages and he just tells us names. Some of my favorites: "Daddy Hatt" (Sir Topham Hatt); "Hehe" (Henry); and "Bul-rode" (Bulstrode...even I can't pronounce that one).


wish list...

Anyone other than me getting started on Christmas shopping?

I have seen ideas all over the place in the past week or so (ok so by all over the place I mean the internet...I have been too sick to really hit the stores).

I hope you like these ideas I have come up with for you, my lovely blog readers. (And maybe this will light a fire under my husband's butt and he won't wait until Christmas eve to fill my stocking this year, though I doubt it)...

If you like Jack Johnson, check this out. Actually do yourself a favor and get this cd NOW so you can enjoy it while you decorate/wrap/shop.

I lovelovelove this idea from K Studio - a bag personalized with your family portrait. If I already knew what baby #2 was I would be purchasing this bag for myself. (I also love the pillow, but it's more than I could ever pay for a pillow...seriously). Another related idea I love are these.

If you have a kid like mine that wants to hold cars in his hands while he eats, these make for a really good idea (I just wonder if he'd be doing more construction than eating). There is this idea too.

I am a firm believer that you can't have too many children's books. Some of my favorites when I was growing up were the Little Golden Books. We've got a small collection here and I think these little books are just priceless.

And finally...if you want to make someone's life a little easier, I recommend one of these stamps. I just purchased one this morning to use on our Christmas card envelopes.

I have a few more ideas up my sleeve but if I gave those away I would be in trouble :)

Hope you're having a lovely Monday.


doctors and date night

These two things don't normally go together, I know

Yesterday I had an appointment to check up on the baby...things are looking and sounding good. I am going off the Zofran because it isn't stopping me from getting sick and I am starting to get side effects that just make me feel worse. So, here's hoping I make the turn towards feeling more like myself very soon.

We find out the baby's gender at my next appointment on December 10. I am looking forward to it and seeing that little baby up on the screen (I don't care if I hear it's a boy or girl, I just love those few precious minutes with the ultrasound machine!)

After my appointment I went up to the law firm where I worked before I had Logan and visited for a while. It's amazing how many people come and go and have babies in two years...

But the best part of my day was meeting up with my husband for dinner at one of our favorite places, Biscotti's. If you haven't been, please do (*even if it is just for their dessert). We stuffed ourselves in uninterrupted conversation and delicious food by candlelight. I could not have asked for a better evening.

We talked about how date nights are fewer and farther between...and how nice it is to have one...how it will be harder with two kids (even though we have very willing babysitters, we really do love to be at home relaxing on the couch)...and even some talk about things like medical bills and insurance plans (not very romantic conversation, but we don't get to really discuss things lately with me falling asleep at 9:00)...and we talked about our life in general.

We came home to catch up on our shows on the DVR. We cuddled up on the couch and I stayed awake as long as I could ;) Sitting there with him just reminded me how I really did marry the most amazing man...he's not perfect, but he's perfect for me in so many ways. Sometimes I think I need that little reminder.

Sorry to everyone else for the mushy post (blame it on the hormones...). Hope you all have a beautiful weekend.



May we never ever forget what has been done and what is being done for our country through the selfless sacrifice of our brave men and women.

Today we went to the Veteran's Day Parade downtown and needless to say, I was moved to tears several times. The flags waiving, "I'm Proud to be an American" playing, honoring fallen heros and some of Jacksonville's oldest veterans...it was all an honor for me to watch, especially with my child and my friends' children. They are a new generation learning about this great country we live in and it is my hope that I can teach my children to be proud and HONORED to be an American.

The most moving part of all though was as I was trying to make it through the crowds to meet up with everyone - I watched a father with his young son walking in front of me. Suddently the father stopped and pointed to the soldiers marching in place before the parade and I heard him say, "wait son, take this in for a minute. Remember, this is why we are free."

To all of you, especially my brother, who I am thinking about today and missing terribly, Happy Veteran's Day.



and the challenges continue

Everyone talks about the "terrible twos" but I gotta give these kids some credit. There are a lot of challenges to face at this age. Lots of ways to fight independence. I find myself cracking up every day at something Logan tells me or does, but at the same time we face some real challenges as he learns (er...maybe I should say doesn't learn) what he can and can't do.

We have taken a break from potty training. Logan likes the little potty, likes to play with the potty (flush it) and likes to sit on it with clothes. However, he refuses to sit there naked and that kind of defeats the purpose don't ya think? So, we will try it again in a little while.

Now for challenge #2 - this weekend we took apart the crib and turned it into a toddler bed and oh what a joy this lovely transition is. After the millionth time of yelling "boy, get back in your bed!" and "no, you are not sleeping standing up at the train table" and "no, you cannot have 57 cars in the bed" I learned the plan had to transition to: wait until your kid is completely exhausted and ready to pass out and place him in his bed (just kidding...sort of). The truth is there is no railing out there for a toddler bed (we soon learned we had to special order one that went with his bed, which costs us $70) and so in the meantime this poor kid has been rolling off the bed at night and onto the floor (we made a pallet down there but I am not really sure it is helping).

This morning I went into his room and found him snuggled up like a cocoon grinning ear to ear by the nightlight. And yes, he was still asleep. Oh boy.

In the meantime, I will be here, trying not to loose my mind, trying to remember that as little sleep as we're getting now will be considered RESTED in a few months. Woo hoo!



This weekend I took engagement photos for Corey and Matt. I am no professional by any means, I just love to take photos. I don't have Photoshop, I don't like to do a lot of editing. I just like taking the photos and seeing what I can capture. I love to see what comes up on the screen once the pictures have been taken - sometimes you get a dud, sometimes you laugh, sometimes you get something you really love. I was thrilled to discover it was hard for me to choose which of these photos I liked the best (since I can't really share more than one here).

I have to laugh thinking about how many times I had to tell Matt and Corey to "kiss or something"...probably a little weird on both ends :) but I love that you can see their love for each other in the photos...they way they smile and interact...just makes me happy.

Hope you all have a great weekend.



i'M sO eXCiTeD...aNd I jUSt CaN't HiDe iT....(sing it with me now)

oh my goodness...

So, yesterday was a gloomy day on so many levels. I had the worst day I have quite possibly had so far in this pregnancy. Today I am just feeling extremely thankful that yesterday is over and that today is a new day.

I guess you could say my emotions are getting the best of me these days and I find myself tearing up at the slightest thing. This morning we were in Target looking around the store at all the Christmas decorations and Logan said "Cwismas" and I just about had an emotional breakdown right there at isle 14 at the thought of him getting into the spirit this year. Instantly my mind was swimming with thoughts of decorating the Christmas tree and listening to Christmas music and reading the Christmas story and baking cookies and talking about Santa and opening presents and....wait a minute, it is only November 6th. Get a grip woman.

When I woke up this morning the first thing on my mind was that today is the day! Today Mel and Anthony find out the sex of their baby!!! and then I looked at the calendar and realized it was tomorrow...and I was sad.

Last night Ryan read Logan a book I had read him about 57 times that day (one of his favorites) but he used those really great voices only a dad can use and Logan just grinned ear to ear the whole time. I felt the tears welling up. Why cant I read like that???

I saw a commercial from Kraft...something about making grilled cheese for your kids and I was sad. I thought "I should make grilled cheese more often. Logan loves cheese."...

Seriously, are you getting it now?

I know I am a roller coaster of emotions, but it is all a part of being pregnant. I am not usually too emotional but being a mom changes that to an extent and I love it. I love that my heart is softened a little. I love that I am reminded that it is OK to cry a little (even if people do think you are a lunatic).

So today I am going to let myself be excited...excited and emotional for tomorrow's big news, excited that THANKSGIVING is just around the corner (literally, we will start the eating and all the festivities in 16 days) and the fact that I can cry for whatever reason I want (even if it is just because we are out of mustard).


p.s. Admittedly, later today I did put on Christmas music while I did some work. I know, I have issues.



About two weeks ago Logan learned to climb out of his crib. [I am actually surprised he lasted so long.]

On Monday morning he climbed out of bed, opened his door and said to Ryan (in the hallway, ironing his clothes), "Hi Daddy." He then he proceeded on about his way to play with his cars and demand milk (I just stood there in shock). Since when did he turn into an 8 year old?

Yesterday we went to my parent's house and Matt was taking Corey's Jeep to get some food. Logan watched from the glass door and said "oh no, Matt take Cowey cruck. Why Matt not take Matt car?"

Last night as I was falling asleep and Ryan was watching Monday night football, Logan walks in the room with a box of Pop-Tarts (his favorite). Ryan tells him it is too late for eating, in fact it is time to go to bed and brush his teeth. So Ryan picks L up and says "tell Mama good night" and Logan says to me, "good night Pop-part."


So we had a great time last night at the zoo, where we went for Spooktacular. We did the same thing last year and we really enjoyed it. They have hundreds of hand-carved pumpkins and music and decorations and give out lots of goodies for the kids and the adults (among other things, this year we got an italian ice, krispy kreme donuts, chocolate milk and pepsi). Nana & Papa and Corey and Matt came with us (Mimi and Poppy are up in the mountains on vacation, we're hoping they will join us next year). I love to see all the little kids dressed up & so excited.

Logan spent most of the night with a Tootsie Pop in his hand and I dont think he could have been much happier. He danced at the dancing spots and oooh'd at the lights...and best of all, his feet never really had to touch the ground :)

Corey took most of the pictures so I hope to get copies of those later, but here are a few I took at home before Daddy came home.

Hope you all had a great time as well :)

[This is Logan serenading me with a solo...he was feeling something lighthearted and mellow]
[L's hair was a little too long to stand straight up like we wanted, so I decided just to cut it (not to worry, he was pretty much in need of a haircut anyway)].

He thought he was hot stuff. (Mainly because I kept telling him he was)

I am happy to report [my] guitar stayed in one peice and I think L really liked it...he calls it a "gu-tar"