For Katrina

I know this is kind of old, but because this makes me think of you and how our ghettogirl talk just never ceases to crack me up, I had to make this post just for you. Love you!



and so...

...with playpen climbing also comes...

- Lots of door opening and pulling things out (who knew carrying around vegetable oil could be so fun?).

- Discovering the Playstation 2 games and how neat it is to open and close, open and close...oh and pull out that shiny thing hiding in there.

- Splashing in the dog's water bowl (this is especially tempting after bath time).

- Digging into the dog food container (oh and the scoop is pretty cool too...made it super easy to scoop up the food and dump it on the floor).

- STANDING in the chair (apparently sitting is for wimpy kids because he shows zero interest there. To add interest, he stands and pulls on the blinds).

- Creating a mystery orange goop during nap time today. Wasn't there before the nap...only after...hmmmm

- Throwing hangers. at the dogs.

- Turning off mama's computer before her work from this morning could be saved. That blue light is just so tempting.

- Destroying the balls that came with the ball pit [Christmas] by biting holes into them. Pitch a fit when mama throws them away, but not to worry, we just dig them back out...

Yes, all of these glorious events really happened to me today (and more, but you get the point). If you have ever had a toddler, I am sure you understand...some days this is just how it's gonna be.

So, with all of this in mind, I send you pictures of some good times from the past couple of days. You know, something that somehow miraculously will make you completely forget all this chaos I just told you about. I know because he has that affect on me too -- until tomorrow :)


everyday life

I heard Logan's tiny footsteps behind me...a little giggle...he knew he'd done something big. I was so shocked to see him -- wasn't he just playing in the playpen a minute ago?!? Then it hit me that he had managed to climb out. I didnt know whether to laugh or cry...trouble is on the way.


etsy and other fun links

Browsing the web can be a lot of fun, but it can get you into trouble too :) If you can control yourself from spending outrageous sums of money and have time set aside, here are some fun places to check out. Hope you enjoy...

Ever been to Etsy? (If not, you need to go right now! http://www.etsy.com/). If you appreciate handmade items, you.will.LOVE.this.site. It is truly addicting, and finding things you like simply never ends because new items are added by the second. Here I am sharing some of the fun (ahem, girly) things that I have "stumbled" upon recently...

(for each of these, just click on the name in green and it will send you directly to the site)...

Puppy Love

Deck Poster (something about all the color just says FUN to me)...

Cecil the Blue Crab (check out her shop - lots of cute ones)...

Art perfect for a nursery (say it with me: awwwwww)...

Throwing a party anytime soon? (I love letterpress...)

Sweet & Sentimental (she does custom orders. how could you not love a gift like this?)...

so me... (if you know my email address, you get it...oh, the black and white set--LOVE IT)

these are fun

I am thinking about adding some of these over to the left with the rest of my links and rotating them over time. What do you think?

On another note, just wanted to point out that I've added a few things to the site. Recent favorite pics that have been uploaded to flikr can be found to your left --just double click on that little area over there and it will send you straight to the site.

BigHugeLabs - This site has some awesome tools for creating things with pictures, including that neat little box I just told you about - just an FYI, you may want to start with a flikr upload as most of the cool things on there run from your account.

moo - One one more very cool place to do things with pictures

At the VERY bottom of this page is a little title art I created thanks to the flikr speller --fun! I really wanted to add it to the top of the page but of course the HTML content is too big :( oh well. In the meantime, you can give it a try with anything you want to spell out by going HERE

And one last thing: if you are looking to save money (like me), here's a great link about having an affordable date night - just in time for V-day.



OK, where did this month go? It is already January 16th and the month is half over...! I've just started thinking about my goals for the new year - not resolutions, just things I want to be better about. I don't do new years resolutions, they just seem to be something we make up and never manage to keep (well, at least that's been the case for me...).

So here they are...

-find more time to go through the piles of paperwork [I know the solution is just to go through the mail every day but so far I have not been good at making this happen]

- get organized [see #1; I love organization, just can't seem to figure out how to KEEP things that way]

-Exercise. Eat well. Live well.

- get actively involved in a church we love

- take more pictures and get around to printing out the two years worth I have backlogged on snapfish

-have more date nights while we still have willing and able sitters :) oh, and more game nights too!

- get my wedding rings resized so I can finally wear them again (Ryan, I am going to put this one on you, love)


-post more here on the blog (seems to be the only way I can remember things these days is to get them written down somewhere)

- Disneyworld.

I know I am missing a few things, but this is what immediately comes to mind. Just wanted to get them down somewhere and keep them as a reminder.

What are your goals for the new year? And better yet, if you made a new year's resolution, have you made it this far without breaking it? :)

p.s. Hope you dont mind all the pink. Getting excited for Valentine's Day (although I am not sure why, we dont make a big deal of it around here...)


...some days...

Some days are just too beautiful to be spent indoors...and that was the case today. January, yes, but 70 degrees and sunny.

It's incredible to think how what can appear everyday + ordinary is amazing and new in the eyes of a child.

Just feeling especially thankful on a day like this to be home with my little boy and sharing in all of his adventures.


Recovery mode

Logan and I are in recovery mode this week- somehow we caught a virus. He's holding onto me and I'm holding onto a kleenex box...as if the fact that Christmas is over just isn't sad enough, here we are living out the past couple of days in our PJs and doping up on cold medicine.

Went to the pediatrician yesterday and they told us that the worst was most likely over (he had been running a temp of 102+) but this afternoon he broke out in a major rash and of course I was freaked out -luckily the nurse called me back before I could do anymore research on WebMD for scary rashes (yikes). She explained that this should mean his body is fighting the infection and he's broken the fever...oh, and it will get worse before it gets better. *awesome*

I know, I know, I sound like a ray of sunshine. This is honestly the only rough patch we've had in the last month, so I hate to start off on a sour note - just had to put that out there so I could get a little sympathy and an excuse as to why my house is still fully decked out in Christmas attire.

So I really don't know where to begin other than to say we had a wonderful Christmas. Logan fell in love with his ball pit from Santa. We ate a lot of food, got some great gifts and took it easy while everybody came to our house this year. The dogs (who normally dont get treats because one is -ahem-pleasantly plump) ate two foot long dog bones in seven minutes. When everyone left for the day and Logan went down for a nap, we watched the classic (and one of my personal favorites) Home Alone and laughed hysterically. Good times.

This year was very different than Christmases in the past. Remember that post about traditions? I am adding to some of those and made some mental notes about what I want to do differently next year - but most of them fall back on one simple fact: I need to start planning for Christmas in like...July. I feel like I just got everything up and then it has to come down. I think that dang Christmas village took me three weeks. I had Christmas presents but never had the chance to see people to give them out. I went to the post office to buy stamps in the mad rush (never again) and got shorted ONE STAMP - back to the end of the line dangit! Ah, but you know it is all part of the fun. There is no other time I love being so busy. Some of the things I want to keep for next year (but change a little): do Christmas cards + pictures earlier, watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles at Thanksgiving (hilarious!), and bring the whole family to see Logan sit with Santa (priceless...).

I am sad that Christmas time (and now New Years) has come and gone, but there is something really refreshing about the new year and looking forward to all of the changes that can happen. I have a few ideas in my head of what I hope 2008 will be like for us and look forward to all that lies ahead. I am sure that just like in years past, 2008 will fly by and it will be Christmas time again before we know it...

maybe I should start planning now.