public service announcement

Thank you all so much for all the kind words on the blog. I had no idea you were all out there reading [and actually enjoying!]. I just want to make the reminder that you can also leave comments here in addition to/instead of emails (see comment button below). At the moment Katrina is my only commenter and I assumed she was my only avid reader :)

Many of you mentioned you went back quite some time to catch up and read previous posts -- and this got me curious about a couple of things some of you pointed out so I went back and made a very interesting observation and I feel the need to explain something:


...not just the navy and white striped shirt you see him wearing in all of those pictures!!!!!!!

I was shocked at how many pictures he is wearing that shirt and actually laughed out loud - I cannot believe I didn't notice this before.

The truth is, he has more clothes than I do but the kid is so small he's been in the same [tiny] size for forever, hince the same t-shirts worn here around the house and in the yard (which is where 95% of my pictures are taken).

I know this seems so random, but to those of you who noticed this (and I am sure you are out there) -- I just had to explain. Send me an email and I will forward some pictures of his closet. Seriously. I will.

oh, and one more thing while I have your attention. If you are a coffee drinker -- you have to try Cafe Bustello (thanks, Russ)...this is some seriously awesome coffee. We are Starbucks junkies (and not in that "Frappaccino" way -- we buy the beans and grind them people), so to compare this is really saying something. It is GOOD...Not to mention: it is cheap. Yeah. cheap. Like $3.00 cheap. If you have not had it before, come over and we will make you some. Ryan is like a barista and knows how to make a good cup of coffee. I am telling you, you will love it...so much I can pretty much say with certainty that you will stop at Publix to get some on your way home.

ok. back to your regularly scheduled programming -- whatever that may be.


time flies

I am following through with one of my plans for 2008--I printed out $35 + 250 credits worth ( = a TON) of pictures from snapfish.

I am overwhelmed in so many ways. First of all because something must have gone wrong (a couple of my pictures have a pinkish hue to them) and they sent me some double and some triple shots (and y’all know I take a lot of pictures to begin with). But more than anything I am overwhelmed at just how tiny our little guy was not so long ago. I don’t know how but you kind of forget what it was like those first few months and how much they have changed since then. How does that happen? And how can someone so little be growing up to be big so very very fast?

some of my favorite pictures. Circa June 2007.

Grandma + Nana, I have an envelope of pictures for you.




like father like son

Logan has this ongoing infatuation with cds and DVDs. He loves to open and close them, carry them around the house and just take them out and put them back. The DVDs he likes are in the entertainment unit in the family room and we've had to block the cabinet with the playpen and other various roadblocks to try and keep him out. The cd tower(s) were blocked as well. This has been going on for quite some time and finally, this weekend, Ryan was watching Logan and decided the battle was over - and he let L play to his heart's content. (I am still not sure if he was being nice, simply gave up, or was too preoccupied with Guitar Hero to worry about it, but alas, I digress...).

So on Sunday when Logan was into the cabinet and I told him "no", Ryan casually mentioned to me how when he was watching Logan he rememebered back to his childhood and how he loved to look at all of his parent's records and tapes just like Logan is doing now.

Awwwwwwwuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........you know this tugged at my heartstrings. If you know my husband at all, you know he has more cds in his music collection than anyone you'll ever meet.

I love the idea that (hopefully) (maybe) someday they'll have this in love for music in common...and I'll look back on these pictures and instead of thinking about the mess he made, I'll remember the love he had as a child for the things that his father loved.

-- either that, or I am a real sucker :)

Happy Monday.


some days...

Some days you just gotta get out and soak up the sunshine, smell the flowers, play in the grass.

Some days you just gotta turn up the music real loud in the car and sing all the words to yourself.

Some days you just gotta take a bubble bath or read a book or have a cup of coffee and forget about the dishes piling up in the sink or the laundry overflowing in the basket...

because on another day
when the weather is rainy
and the car won't start
and you can't find five minutes for yourself
you'll wish for a day like this.

Hope you're having a soak-up-the-sunshine kinda day.


more etsy stuff

Had the day off today and spent some time checking out the latest etsy finds. Here is just a small sampling of things that caught my eye.

[Warning: Don't blame me if are tempted to blow your tax return money on any of these little goodies]

Because I am a little sad the cold weather is gone. Because in Florida you just dont get to wear them much (if at all). Because green is my second favorite color...http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=9657151

Love cool art work like THIS and THIS and THIS...

Oh my...these are the cutest little shoes.

If I had time to play dress up, I'd wear this one and this one. Heck, why not go all the way

I would totally cook better wearing this. Really I would.

Wish I could think of a place for something like this

Lucky girl getting this cute quilt (and being able to afford it)

I had no idea you could even do this but cool...

Totally loving all the fun color

And if you want to see some of the most precious jewelry, check out Lisa Leonard's blog. You are sure to find something there you will love. You can see most of her designs here:



sweet surprises

Hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day!

We usually do not make a big deal out of Valentine's Day around here (partly because my birthday is the week before) but I have to admit that I had a lot of fun not doing a whole lot with it this year. We didn't exchange gifts and instead of buying cards we made them. LOvEd doing this and (unfortunately for Ryan) I hope we continue that. I wont go into detail other than to say I had just as much fun making the card as I did seeing Ryan open it...lots of pictures and a personalized message from Logan and the dogs :)

I have to share that I have the best dad in the world. He surprised us in the morning with a little bag of goodies (cds for Ryan and I, a candle for me, M&Ms for Ryan and a Thomas DVD for Logan). I'm sure Ryan would agree it was the best Valentine's Day surprise we could have asked for - totally unexpected, straight from the heart. Thanks Dad, we love you!

Also had a surprise out in the yard yesterday -- strawberries! I have had the strawberry patch since just after we moved here and they usually grow all summer long but I have NEVER seen them this time of year. They were beautiful and red, just ripe for picking, so I let Logan pick one and he had a blast walking around the yard with his newfound treasure :)

Had the pleasure of watching Riley Diggs yesterday. The dogs had a good time with him trying to get him to play and chase. Riley played along for a bit but finally had to go hide where he couldn't be chased anymore. All in all I think they really loved having each other's company and he got his mind off being "abandoned" for the day. :) When Grandma and Grandpa came back to get him, Logan was estatic and it was a really nice way for everybody to get in their quality time.

I managed to get in a couple of pictures before my camera battery went out on me. I hope you all had some sweet surprises yesterday as well.

Happy Friday.



So I never really thought I'd be looking for Thomas the Tank Engine stuff for Valentine's Day...but things really change when you have a little one.

Logan has a wild obsession with all things Thomas. Every time we go to the library he screeches "TAHHHHH TAAAHHHH TAHHHH" because he knows we are getting a Thomas video - and he has to hold the video or he gets upset that you have it (this is a real challenge when it comes time to check out).

Ask him to bring you a book and without a doubt he will bring you one of seven Thomas books. But alas he does not want you to read it, he wants to point out Thomas to you on every page. Oh, and occasionally he will point to a car ("KA"), his second favorite moving object.

You get the idea.

Last night Logan was going CrAzY for "Tah" -- he would not stop saying it over and over and over last night as we were putting him to bed. To make matters worse, Ryan and I were getting ready to watch a movie and Logan thought for sure it was one of the new Thomas videos we just borrowed. He literally cried and cried and we had nothing to offer him (after all, he can't really snuggle with his books and videos right???) We put his little plastic Thomas on top of the dresser and left the nightlight on for him to see it. Not the answer. We held him, talked to him, had him talk to Thomas. Still crying. I decided it was time to put Thomas in the crib with him...this worked for about two seconds (I think he rolled over on him and realized he was not very snuggly). Finally I had the idea to give him a Thomas cup - filled with water. Amazingly, this worked. As I tiptoed back into the room to watch our movie I told Ryan "we have GOT to get him a Thomas pillow..."

**Update** 12/13: Got Logan a Thomas blanket last night (the pillow said not for use for kids under 3, although really it was just like a stuffed animal, I just couldn't bring myself to get it). The blanket is a hit though...thank goodness :)



Turned 26 yesterday. No longer closer to 20 than 30...

Started my day by waking up to breakfast in bed (eggs, bacon and toast...honey, you're the best). Then had a playdate with Katrina and Britt and the kiddos, complete with lunch and cookies fresh outta the oven (you are so good to me). Had a pounding headache last night though so after opening my present and card we cuddled up watching LOST and I got to eat my favorite thing in the whole world: oreos and milk. Tonight we're grilling steaks and having chocolate fondue for dessert...yay!

The best thing about my birthday is that I am finally getting my engagement and wedding rings re-sized -- and I am so excited to get them back in a few days. I went from a size 4.5 to 6 while pregnant with Logan. They have been hanging on the chain around my neck for just about two years now and it's about time they went back where they belong :)

On another note -- I'm thinking it's about time I did something with my hair. Not sure what to do, but something needs to change. My hair is getting loooooong. Any ideas?

This is what it looks like right now:

Thanks for all the super sweet cards, text messages, phone calls and emails! Feeling especially loved by you all! :)

Hope yall have a great weekend!


tune in tuesday...

If you are like me and always wonder about the music for those catchy little Apple [namely i-pod] commercials, I have to share this song from their latest. I just cant get this song out of my head, and the video just makes me feel happy.

A list of other songs they have used for their commercials can be found by clicking

Happy Tuesday!


weekend fun

Saturday we went down to the MOSH.

Quite a BUSY place with tons of kids running around but I am pretty sure that Logan enjoyed it. I thought it was kinda cool to go somewhere that both Ryan and I had gone to as kids, and oddly enough it really hasn't changed that much in 20+ years...

The event they were having was about water conservation and other related environmental issues, which worked out great because we got free admission (but also to our disadvantage because not all of the "normal" displays were available, including the planetarium).

We did get to see and touch some amazing little creatures local to the area, including a starfish, which Logan was not too sure about. There were a lot of interesting creatures including crawfish, flounder, aligators, snakes, owls and turtles (Logan especially liked the turtles and pointing to the fish in the aquariums)

They also had a "History of Jacksonville" section which we felt was really interesting. Kinda made me wish I could go back in time...

We spent a little time outside on the boardwalk and attempted to get a family pic, but Logan was just not feelin' it.

Before we left we let Logan run around in the "under 5" kids area and he had a blast splashing in the water and running around. Although he was getting tired, he perked right up when we climbed to the top of the treehouse to have our picture taken :)

...and finally, when we got home and Logan could use up the last of his energy to chase the dogs, Ryan took a couple of pictures of the two of us - which, even though I know he hates doing, he does for me because he knows how much I love them. (They are so rare these days).

Just one of those things that you look at and it makes you feel really happy...and very, very blessed.