He's the guy who (no matter the situation)...
worked his butt off every day to give our family an incredible Christmas, take great vacations, and support a mom who stayed home to raise her kids.

He's the guy who embarrassed me throughout my younger days (and well, sometimes still does) with his jokes...
but all of our friends loved him and I think a couple of them really did just come over to see him (just like he claimed).

He's the guy who watched the clock for my curfew and micromanaged the time I spent on the phone...
but he came to my defense when I needed it and watched over me the best way he knew how.

He's the guy who made me get a job, made sure I worked hard, made sure I paid for my part of the deal...
but he showed me what responsibility was and how important it is to manage your own money.

He's the guy who got me my first car and helped show me how to drive...
and didn't freak out when I hit the neighbor's mailbox with it.

He's the guy who made sure he knew who I dated, who my friends were, and where I was...
and now, as a parent myself, I get it. I really get it.

He's the guy who walked me down the isle, who cried when we danced (yeah, he'll admit it too).

He's the guy who told me "Remember the way you were raised. Adopt the things you liked and change the things you didn't, but make sure you raise your child in church."


I may not have told you much back then,
but thank you for all of this

the bumps along the way

and so much more.

I wish you the happiest of birthdays.



I admit...

There are times I get pretty frustrated with Logan’s mischievous ways. There are some days when it simply does not end and I wonder how I will survive until Ryan comes home to rescue me from the madness that occurs around here.

But then there are the times like this when I manage to find the camera and snap a picture while Logan gets upset that I am not helping him out first...and I just can't help it...

I feel a little mischievous myself.

[That's his new Easter basket from Nana and Papa on his head]


have you heard?

In February, Polaroid announced it is no longer going to produce instant film. This is such a sad thing to me! Anyhow, if you are interested, you can read more here.

One other thing, I was "spammed" with a comment (it has since been deleted), which is why no comments were able to be posted for a couple of days. This is a public site, so anyone is able to comment. I just changed it so that now comments require approval (on my part). This also means that I will not be reading/publishing any comments that do not have a name I recognize. Not that you all were big on the comments to begin with, just wanted to give you a heads up.
Anywaaaay, how was your Easter? I loved seeing all of your pictures all dressed up. So cute.
Anyone want to help me pick out a favorite of those professional photos? I know which ones I want to order except I am having a hard time choosing one of Logan and those ducks. He absolutely loved them.





Just wanted to share a few photos from Easter (as promised). As you can see, spring is certainly here in the south. I think the pictures just about say it all for this post.

Hope your Easter was wonderful!

(and even a picture of just me and little man, if you can believe that!)


insert witty/clever title here]

Happy Birthday Steph and Mel!
We love you!

Thank you all so much for all the emails and calls this week - I am really feeling the love over here! I didn't even send out an update email and many of you came on out to check out the blog anyway. Just wanted to say thank you for that - and all of the nice comments...y'all are too sweet.

Logan is doing MUCH better. Thank you all for the kind words and suggestions on both his fever and his weight. I've caught whatever he has but he seems to be operating as normal now and is even rejecting the medicine I offer him, which normally he accepts like candy.

Speaking of candy - I felt like a bad mom buying all sorts of "junk" for Logan at the store this week - I try to keep it pretty healthy around here, but that is out the window momentarily. We stocked up on goodies like full fat yogurt, macaroni and cheese, fish sticks (which he loooves by the way), crackers and cereal bars, etc. I think we're going to do just fine at getting that weight on by the looks of it so far.

Later today we're prepping for pictures and you can be sure I'll let you all know when they're up and accessible for your viewing. Hopefully our noses will stop running long enough to get a couple good ones :)

Tomorrow we're planning on [attempting] dying eggs and having some fun getting ready for Easter. Logan has already discovered the empty eggs left behind by the Easter Bunny and he loves to carry them around the house calling it a "ball." We've attempted to tell him it's an egg but it's just about a lost cause 'cause he does not believe us.

Sunday we're having a FULL family Easter and a celebration for my dad's birthday. Looking forward to a day of fellowship and family. What are your plans?

I am sorry I have not been able to post any pictures lately. I am really missing my memory card. It is killing me not to have any pictures, but I promise I will have some to share from Easter!

oh, and one last thing: I got a couple of emails asking about how to make comments to these posts. If you click on the little area below that says comments (or right now it says "0 comments") it will take you to a screen where you can type in any response that you want.

The easiest thing to do for your name would be to click "anonymous" and just put your name in the bottom, as this keeps you from having to enter your email address or anything like that. (Katrina, my faithful blog commenter, I welcome your directions on the best way to do this as well)

Also, something else I discovered - if you do not like a particular song that is playing when you get to the site, click on the header and it will change. Or, if you dont like my taste in music you can turn it off completely :)

Have a blessed Easter!



I've pretty much decided that the worst feeling is knowing your child is sick -- it's that feeling of hopelessness, like there is nothing you can possibly do to make things better for them, it's awful.

Logan was up a couple of times throughout the night last night. Yesterday he woke up with a runny nose (and I suppose that overall feeling of crankiness, since he certainly was) and by the end of the night he was wiped out and we put him to bed after a warm bath (thanks Aunt Corey) and some medicine.

By about 6 a.m. my little "shhh, it's ok" and head rubs were no longer working at getting him back to sleep and in my half-awake stupor I picked him up and put him in the bed with us. He was hot and holding tightly to his Thomas blanket, so after about five minutes of laying there in the dark with him on my chest, I was sweating. I had this pit in my stomach. I started to think about how I was worried if he was ok, if I really should be concerned enough to wake him and take his temp or if it could just possibly be teething...

but then I listened - to his soft little groans, his congested breathing, his heart beating next to mine...and I had a mix of emotions. On one hand, feeling so bad that he was sick, but on the other, {selfishly} grateful that I had this moment to hold my little guy in my arms. He never would have allowed me to do that otherwise. I was thankful he has rarely been sick at all and we have not had many nights like this before (actually, only one comes to mind). I even thought back to when I was pregnant (and I wondered how he even fit in my belly) and how I would toss and turn at night, wishing he would just arrive already (if y'all saw me pregnant you understand)...and I was thankful that he was out into this world, living and breathing, being a typical little boy, being all ours to hold, hug and kiss.

I dont even know how to explain the mix of emotions...half of it was probably the sleep deprivation, but then again when you become a parent you realize that your whole world turns upside down and you are no longer a person who thinks they have control of everything. No, you're now responsible for a life, a child, someone who depends on you for everything - and all you can do is just simply embrace it and hold on for the ride.


21 pounds, 12 ounces

this is what Logan weighs as of this very moment with a diaper on.

Today we went for his regular 18 month appointment. I was not a happy mama to hear he only weighs 21 pounds (still). He is actually a few ounces LESS than he weighed at his last appointment.

Believe it or not, the boy can really eat and even has foods that are his "favorites" but he is just not putting on weight at all like he should. Thankfully Ryan was there at the appointment with me so we had all of our questions answered. It is not a major concern at this point, but they are going to have us come back at 21 months (as opposed to 24) and see how he's doing at putting on weight. The doctors recommendation? Less whole milk (he has at least 4 cups a day, we don't do a lot of watered down juice unless we are out of the house as I worry about it spoiling) and more fatty foods - i.e. fried chicken (he does not like beef). Now we dont eat much of anything fried around here (although my hips might appear to tell you otherwise) but hey, anything for our little guy. Any advice/ideas on other meal options? The only other thing I can think of is seeing if he will drink some of the Ensure we still have in the fridge from Ryan's really bad days with Crohn's (thank the Lord those days are gone!)

So, otherwise Logan is looking good. We're just going to work on his vocabulary and try to get him up to the "ideal" 10 words at his age. I think we counted up about 7 that he says now [fyi, mama is not on that list]...and the doctor said that about 2, he should/would/could be speaking close to 50 words. WHAAAAAA?

So anyhow, that is the latest with us. Logan had two shots and they wiped him out. He's in for a good long nap now.

As of the next week or so, our house is going back up on the market. For now it will just be for sale by owner, but we may consider another option if the housing market continues as it has. Not really looking forward to all of the stress that comes with making this decision, but we know we are ready to move on as our needs have changed. If you know anyone looking, let us know! Maybe one of these days I will post some pictures for those of you so far away....

Oh and I want to say a special congrats to my sister Corey - she officially graduates from college tonight! :) So proud of you!

Have a great weekend yall



it's a sad day

...when your memory card completely stops working...and you have great, hilarious pictures stored on it....

this happened to me today and I am heartbroken. We were playing in the yard, soaking in this beautiful day -- the sunshine and the breeze were so nice. I was taking pictures of Logan going down the slide, Cody panting like he'd just run 17 miles, and Cadie with a pretty good size stick stuck in her little doggie beard (truly hilarious, sorry I cannot paint a better picture). The azaleas are in full bloom, there wasn't a cloud in the sky...

and my camera had it all captured
until the memory card completely quit on me
such a sad, sad girl am I....


quality time

So lately Ryan has been working a lot of late nights, but he's also made sure he has his quality time with Logan every night no matter what. He gives Logan his bath and gets him dressed in his pajamas, then they usually spend a good 30 minutes playing in Logan's room (mainly Logan jumping into the ball pit or wrestling...you know, guy stuff).

Before I go any further, first let me explain that Ryan has a slight obsession with all things technical and so we have a Blu-Ray DVD player (click on it for information about Blu-Ray if you have no idea what I am talking about) in our room and he took Logan in there to watch the begining of the movie CARS one night (he says it was for Logan, but he's the one who insisted we buy it in Blu-Ray, which cannot be watched in any (or our family room) "regular" DVD player, so you tell me what's really going on there). Second, Logan is OBSESSED with two things and numbero uno is any kind of car. Seriously, come over to our house and watch the show Logan puts on when you leave and he cannot see/touch your car. So anyway, this apparently has stayed with Logan and amazingly enough he is glued to the TV when the movie is played (if you know Logan's attention span you know why I said amazingly). "Ca! Ca!" He demands and points to the TV...so of course how can Ryan say no to this???

So, tonight as they were eating their snacks of ice cream (Daddy) and graham crackers (Logan), I had to sneak in and take a picture of their little "moment"...one guy enthralled with high speed cartoon cars that talk, the other with stunning high definition visuals and simulated surround sound...

gotta treasure the days like this. good stuff.





Well my goodness this week flew by in a flash...but surprisingly not too much to report considering. I suppose by now you should know I never have any incredibly exciting news to report, so here are the everyday things that happened this week...

I was asked to be in the wedding of a dear friend. This wedding just so happens to be on May 10, the night before we leave for vacation. Only a teeeensylittlebit stressed about this. {just keep telling myself: deeeeeep breath}

Pictures with the lovely and talented Jennifer Mosley were scheduled for Tuesday but we had a tornado warning and thunderstorm which turned out to be a blessing because I COMPLETELY forgot about them. Thank goodness she had some days set aside for just the occasion. And so, we are rescheduled for the 20th (if anyone happens to talk to me that day, feel free to remind me again because I will probably need it).

Ryan has been working his butt off now that things have really been picking up at work which certainly has disadvantages for all of us. The only good news that comes with that is that he's able to get 3,762 hours of overtime and a bonus. I keeed, I keeed....it's really like 10 hours of overtime but still. I am trying to remind myself that it's just temporary and it's job security but so far having this argument with myself is not getting me anywhere.

My Grammy called me today to tell me Happy Birthday. Yes, my birthday was over a month ago -- but better late than never and it actually made my day to get a random "happy birthday. I love you" call. I think I may do this at random for some of you folks. I could use it as an excuse to not actually know when your birthday is...or because I actually FORGOT it was your birthday. Hmmmm. Ok, now forget you just read that.

what else....

We got a playhouse for Logan and I am looking forward to getting it into the backyard and playing in it (yeah, I plan on playing too). Especially excited because daylight savings time starts on Sunday and I CANNOT WAIT to get more sunshine. I admit I am even more excited because Ryan has been asking me every single day for six months when it is going to begin now that they've moved it up. Ryan - the answer is SUNDAY. woo hoo. {he's so cute}

Finally -- Logan will be 18 months old tomorrow. He amazes us more each day with how much he's growing up and learning new things. Today he pulled out his baby album and pointed out family members when I asked him who was who. His favorite person to point to was himself and each time he did he would say "Bayeeeeeeee" {that's BABY to you folks who dont speak Toddler}

Alrighty well I think I've rambled enough for now.

Have a great weekend 'yall



A few photos from this weekend...

My friend Dawn got married on Saturday. Such a beautiful day for a wedding.

Of course I had to get one of us all dressed up before we left -- although it is kinda hard to include your whole body when it's a self portrait - y'all know what I mean!

little man on the way to the wedding. this is just about the only time he sat still...

Elizabeth, (Dawn's little girl) looked so cute as she walked Dawn down the isle. When the preacher asked "who gives this woman..." She said, "I do" and I got all choked up :) so sweet.

D and Dawn...looking stunning, I must say.

San Marco Preservation Hall. This place is so adorable. and romantic :)

D's bouquet (after we had some fun taking photos it got a little banged up...)

D and I at the reception. Poor Ryan --we take a lot of pictures when given an opportunity and are laughing/critical/emberassed by most of them, so we kept asking Ryan to take more...(such a good and patient husband)...

Here we are on our best behavior, you know, after we smoothed out our hair and checked each other's teeth...
D and her beautiful girls (Rebekah, thanks for babysitting Logan-he adores you)
...and once again, Ryan snapped a quick photo as Dawn was making the rounds...

Logan was wiped out by the time we got home and took a nice long nap (wish I could nap like this!)

Saturday night we had the Gambinos over for a mean game of apples to apples/Taboo (thanks for putting up with me guys).

On Sunday we went to check out these little beauties:

Truthfully, I dont know if I should be excited or nervous. Serious investment here, although I know it will be worth it.

*In other photo-related news, if you have not been over to Picnik yet, here is a good reason: You can now get the "premium" options for free. very cool. I guess that explains the new blog header y'all see every week. I've really got to cut back, it's addicting!