You should know you are in trouble when your child's favorite words (other than "car") are now:

"oh no!"



"ohhh! ohhhh! ohhh!"

Yesterday was the height of my realization that kids will be kids and sometimes life with them is something you just have to sit back and laugh at.

Logan walked up to me, buck naked, diaper in hand, huge smile on his face. He was so proud of himself, stripping his clothes off and presenting his diaper to me like a prize. I couldn't help it, I laughed hysterically until I put the diaper back on and realized there was um...some "evidence" on his foot. I started to panic...ran into the living room....and yes, there on the floor by the coffee table was a big pile of poo.

Where do you even begin???? [Answer: with a DEEEEEP breath]

Something tells me potty training is not too far away. Please, y'all say a prayer now.




beach photos

...just a few photos from our day at the beach (click to enlarge).

We had a great weekend. Very relaxing. Logan loved the beach...and throwing sand and digging holes and not getting into trouble for it :) He also loved borrowing other kid's beach toys, picking up pretzels from the sand (yum!), wading in the water, digging face first into a fat slice of watermelon and laughing at the waves splashing around him.

Times like this remind me that this is really what weekends are supposed to be like (...now if only I could convince the house to stay clean, the laundry to fold itself and the grass to stay trimmed...)


Katrina, email me about your prize :)

Hope y'all have a great weekend. We are headed to the beach tomorrow. It will be Logan's first time. Here's hoping for....no horrific fear of waves, no frigid water temps, and no dirty diapers. Wish us luck!!!




anatomy of a real kid.

- Has perfected the look of the pouty lip. This only works on Grandparents and occasionally Daddy after a long day of work.

- Never leaves home without a car in hand. If no car in hand, it fell to the floor and we cry until it returns to us.

- Climbs onto any and everything including the dog's back, the stove handle, and the highchair, seated and ready to be served.

- Hates shoes. Flip-flops are ok, unless riding in the car and given the chance to take them off. Oh yes and also hates the carseat.

- Good at causing messes and finding ways to make a task take three times longer than originally planned.

- Inspects the pantry for good stuff (usually finds empty sippy cups just as exciting as candy). Loves Gatorade bottles, doesn't like Gatorade. Loves Fruit Loops. Loves carrying the Fruit Loops box around the house. Loves spilling Fruit Loops. Loves feeding Fruit Loops to the dogs. [We go through a lot of Fruit Loops]

- Dirty diaper? What dirty diaper? Smells fine in here to me!

- Loveable and undeniably cute...even with a temper tantrum or two. or three.



I am sunburned and wiped out from this weekend. It was a good one, lots of relaxing in the sun yesterday and watching Logan splash in the kiddie pool, but today I am paying the price. I am red, but I know in a matter of days it will fade to tan and I am looking forward to that. But in the meantime I suffer with "hot" skin and the aches and the overall feeling of exhaustion that comes from getting too much sun. Add that on with my day and you'll see what I mean.

It all started this morning as Logan admired the pool from inside ("oooooo! ooooooo!") and eventually the oooooo turned into a full-fledged ear peircing whine (fyi, there is a huge difference between "ooooo" and "eeeeeeehhhhhh"). So, I decided to bring the pool in the house (dry of course) and fill it up with toys and he loved that. Thank goodness because for some reason our cable has been off all morning and this was good entertainment since the books we were reading were starting to bore him.

Later on Logan managed to reach up and grab the strawberries I washed this morning and the only reason I knew was because he came to me with the leaves stuck on his face. I am sad to say I didn't get a picture fast enough because he dove into said kiddie pool in the living room before I could manage. I then made it into the kitchen and found he was bowling with the rest of the strawberries on the floor. I guess five inches off the counter's edge is just not enough.

Then Logan got his first boo-boo (well, first that I'm counting). He has had some minor cuts and scrapes, but today he got one that was pretty bad. He was excited to see the "ca(r)" as we went to check the mail and he tripped and fell on the sidewalk. Tried to stop himself with his hands, ended up stopping himself with his forehead. Not to worry, he is just fine. He's spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house where I am sure he will be spoiled rotten and will have no memory of what happened or who I am by the end of the night.

So then we had lunch. I managed to take pictures of the boo-boo (for Dad since he wont see him tonight) and of course Logan had a fit over that one. It was like all of the sudden he was experiencing the trauma all over again...and so we had some Tylenol and a nap. (um, he did. I only wished I could).

I finally went to work for an hour and then tried to pack the bags and went to get ready to take the dogs to the vet, but I made the mistake of trying to be prepared and put the harness on Cody and Cadie FREAKED out (she thought we were going on a walk, she always goes NUTS at the very THOUGHT of a walk). So then she gets so excited she starts "talking" (barking) and of course this wakes Logan up. I put Cadie in the crate and tell her to be quiet. Not working. I go and get Logan. Accident in (er, um, out of) the diaper. Geesh. So then we go to let Cadie out and I tell Logan that Cadie was being bad and so we go to get her out and she gets so excited she about runs Logan over...so I yell at her...and she pees on the carpet. Lovely.

Grandma and Grandpa come and get Logan. He barely looks at me. I think he is super excited to escape the madness of this house (not that I blame him, I wish I was doing the same but no...I gotta go to the vet).

So I took the dogs to the vet and as usual I just about lost my mind. Cadie made it to the door before doing a 180 and slipping out of her harness and charging straight into on-coming traffic. Thank the Lord someone from the vet's office came out and grabbed Cody (who was just as shocked as I was I think because he froze and I was literally dragging him trying to catch Cadie)...I finally managed to grab her and just about passed out...this is the second time she has done this to me at the vet. Note to self: Next time take her by herself and CARRY her.

Then we finally made it in and she was barking at every person and dog and eventually they asked me if I wanted to get the shots done in the hallway so we could just get going. Sure, whatever...JUST GET ME HOME...and that is what we did. And I carried her out to the car and scolded her never to do that to me again or she would never see another milkbone for the rest of her life. I think Cody thought I was mad at him too 'cause he just laid down and put his paws over his eyes..


So now here I am, recovering...from Logan's boo-boos, the dog's boo-boo's, and my own.

It has been a long day...and I am ready for it to be over more than you know...

Here's hoping your Monday was better than mine.



yet again---

I am still continuing to get spam comments. I hope none of you accidentally clicked on it like I did. If you comment, please make sure you use your real name or email or something else that I can recognize. Sorry, I just cant take any chances.

Anyway, I forgot to mention that the comments will be selected next Friday. So far Katrina is winning by default...and the prize is gonna be gooooooooood....



Just thinking today about how time flies...and how one moment you can be holding your baby boy and then you blink and all of the sudden he's so big he doesn't want to hold your hand...

Just cannot get over how much and how fast he is growing up. Every day is a new discovery, a new challenge, a new chance for me to be at home with my little guy...and although some days (ok, most days) I struggle with managing it all, there are days when I just look at him and I remember that the clock doesn't stop - that the dishes and the laundry and the grocery store can wait - and there are more important things like playing with garden tools in the yard and discovering new things like bugs and grass and dirt and laughing and giggling when the dogs chase you...and making a mess with graham crackers and applesauce and driving cars on the walls of the living room...


Posting some pictures from the last week or so....
[rolling down the hill at Grandma and Grandpas...as you can see, he was cracking up]

[In the jump house this weekend at Caroline's birthday party. This poor kid didn't have a chance. (just kidding, they were playing nicely)]

[Really surprised to see me give him the car. I think he had it buried for a day or two and was thrilled to see it again. Thanks Nana Linder]
[Birthday dinner for Ryan on Friday night. Those squishy cheeks are just irresistible.]

Hope you all are having a great week so far.

p.s. Anyone else sick of me changing the header every time you come here? :) Sorry, I am so indecisive...this time around I was thinking yall are probably sick of seeing flowers...




the best things

photo © 2007, jmoseleyphoto

::the best things in life aren't things::

I was thinking about it earlier today when giving Logan a shower - he is like a monkey in there, clinging to you for dear life, but at the same time he just loves it. He makes these sweet little faces as the water spashes in his face and he giggles...oh and I just eat it up. This got me to thinking about how there are so many little things like this I count as some of the best "things" and reminded me of some of the others that just bring a smile to my face:

- the countless times Logan crawls up in my lap each day, book in hand. He doesnt want to read it, he just wants you to say things and let him point them out. I love to see him learning.

- the gibberish he speaks - especially at nap time and I start working in the next room. It makes no sense to me, but it is the sweetest sounding words I've ever heard.

- the anticipation of something coming up. Ever notice how you just can't wait for something to get here (Christmas, vacation come to mind) and then all of the sudden it is here and gone and you realize the anticipation is gone...yeah...the anticipation is seriously fantastic dont ya think?

- the fact that Logan has almost every single grandparent and great-grandparent still alive and well to have a relationship with. We are truly, truly blessed.

- the fact that the sun is shining, it is Friday...and I have all new shows on the DVR! :)

Hope you have a great weekend -- and please, feel free to share what the best THINGS are for you right now at this very moment!



p.s. Just a reminder that tomorrow is Thursday....

...and you know what that means...

the office is officially back!!!!!!!!!

recent photos

Sharing some recent photos I took with the new camera. Having fun playing with settings and doing just a little bit of editing...although I still need to fine tune things, I am having fun (and that is the most important part, right?).

I did upload a bunch of zoo pics, but I exceeded my "allowance" for flikr at the moment, so I may share more later. It was a really overcast day and I think I got really lucky for getting pictures.

So anyway, I recently told Ryan..."OK, I'm ready for a macro lens." I think I can still hear his laughter...

this is cropped a little so you can see the bee a little clearer (double click on the photo to see it larger). As you can imagine, I was not about to get too close and was guarding Logan's curious hands with one arm. I could hear his wings flapping at this distance and that was good enough for me ;)
I cannot look at these two without smiling. Love that toothy little smile
Cadie - on a rare moment when she's sitting down. Usually I can get Cody, but today Cadie was posing for me!
...and this is how she sits. Seriously, how cute is that?!?
...and my two little rascals together. They are watching Logan behind me, running around like a mad man with Thomas blankie around his neck as a cape.
"what mama?" (no, he still does not say "mama"...or "what" for that matter...)

this was the fastest little ladybug ever. I just love these little bugs...but they are hard to catch!

and of course I wanted to get some flowers since it is spring and everything is popping out of the ground... so excited...this is the first time I've gotten a bloom on this plant in three years!
these are geraniums just outside the front door. I loooove thaat hot pink color. These are just about to peek out and I love how they look like little rosebuds.
....a marigold just about to bloom.

Hope you're having a great week...




Yesterday we spent the day at the zoo...had a blast together! You can find a few of my million pictures over to the right on flikr :)

I love days where there really is no plan other than just to have fun together and you can just make a mental checklist of all the things you want to do but never get the chance to...

delicious breakfast full of calories - check
day at the zoo - check
train ride - check
lots of pictures to document it all - check
naptime - check
movie at 4:00 in the afternoon - check
the perfect day - check!


This guy - my wonderful husband - is having a birthday tomorrow.

In short: he's the best thing that ever happened to me. He's my best friend, my better half.

When we got married, we promised to put up with each other no matter what -- and in truth, he has made that promise a simple one.

This weekend we celebrate the man who gives his all for our family and the blessing of having him in our lives.

Happy Birthday Ryan. We love you so much.

p.s. That is a flourless chocolate cake I made today (Ryan and I saw it being made on Tyler's Ultimate on the Food Network and he said "oooo, I want THAT for my birthday") -- and sure enough, it was DELICIOUS. You can get the recipe here


the everyday and ordinary

What is it about the everyday and ordinary that can be so interesting?

I love to look back on old photos and see the way someone had their hair done, the car they drove, the wallpaper that decorated their home, the youthful look on their face...

It's amazing to me how time can make even the most everyday things seem so fascinating...and how even an everyday event in your household may not seem like much to you, but it catches my eye.

Mary and Dave, I love to get your monthly emails and photos...makes me feel like I went on a mini-vacation out to Arizona....oh, and that Grams -- she has to be the cutest person I have ever seen. Jen, I love to see the adventures you all take with Wyatt and seeing how much he has grown up in the few short weeks from email to email. Chris, I may be the only person reading your blog, but I love it, and I appreciate your humor and the scriptures you take the time to select. I could go on, but I just want you all to know that I appreciate you sharing your lives with us.

It's with all of this in mind that I wanted to capture things that I felt were everyday and ordinary in our lives and share them with you. I love these everyday details...the things I may soon forget, but I know I'll always have the photos to remind me.

So I hope you'll continue to share with us what is going on in your world - and we thank you for coming to check in on ours.



[photos of Logan brushing his teeth...something he really enjoys...]



a new camera.

could. not. be. more. thrilled.

I have not taken a lot of photos just yet. Still reading up on the manual and looking at it with respect and adoration :)

Here are a few I have taken, playing with lighting/settings, still trying to get a feel for it.

Pink hydrangeas - planted on Saturday outside the window. Could not resist, just had to have them.
Never mind that dirty nose. He's showing off those cute little teeth, something I dont think I've managed to capture before :)

This hibiscus was my birthday gift from my Grammy. It is every bit as gorgeous in person...(all pictures are untouched)

A special thank you to my husband, who, despite shopping for his birthday gift and finding it not being available until June, told me to go ahead and blow a ton of money on a camera.

Love you honey...and thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.