yes, so I have a flair for the dramatic

...but it really has been a tough week. Fortunately, it is nothing a pedicure and a haircut couldn't fix! Oh and thanks to Grandma and Grandpa and Grammy and Grandaddy for getting in your quality time with Logan this week, the timing could not have been better for all of us.

Last night I got a pedicure and then Ryan and I actually went out on a date!!!! We ate sushi and came back home to watch our latest Nexflix pick, P.S. I love you. It was great to have an evening to relax and take a break from such a crazy week.

Finally given a diagnosis on my foot today -- plantar fascitis. It is good to have some answers. Hopefully it will resolve quicky. I have a lovely little boot to sleep in and hopefully it will do the trick.

Finished off the day today by getting a haircut, enjoying seeing my boy back home and wrestling with Daddy, and eating turkey cheese and bacon sandwiches.

I cannot believe tomorrow is finally Friday. Looking forward to a weekend with good friends. Speaking of which, today is Russell and Katrina's 4th anniversary. They are such great people, we are blessed to have them in our lives! Happy Anniversary y'all -- the song on my playlist, "Question" is for the two of you today :)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. We are booked up with all kinds of fun things. Hope you are too.



p.s. I have not shared pics in a while, so here are some from the past week or so....Logan and the dogs playing in the yard on one of the rare days it did not rain...


...and today is only Wednesday?

Monday: Half the day spent at doctor's office. Verrrrrrrry long story short: Ruptured cyst. I thought it was my appendix rupturing. SO. MUCH. PAIN. Fell asleep before 10:00 p.m. doped up on pain meds (and admittedly took a two hour nap on said medications earlier in the day).

Tuesday: Logan running low grade fever, gnawing on his fingers, not sleeping well, and super cranky. Welcome back teething, we certainly did not miss you.

Corey stops by on her way home from work. When leaving, she is hit head-on by another car. She is ok, the car is not so good. I have decided Logan will officially be taking the bus once he turns 16. He is never, ever driving.

A/C has to get fixed permanently. Dripping water, pooling water, dear LORD it is 80 degrees in my house and the fan is not doing its job. Having your A/C go out in the dead of summer heat in Florida humidity is MISERABLE.

Wednesday: Work system fails, cannot get jobs. Job I started: now lost, cannot be found. Logan wakes up early again, cranky, bitter and fiesty. Thunder & lightening - kid and dogs both completely terrified. Doorbell rings - tow truck man here, dogs try to eat him (and fortunately they fail). A/C man coming after 12 (DEAR LORD when will it be 12?)...


for the mamas out there...

Do yourself a favor and bookmark this site.

Seriously funny, seriously real, seriously helpful mama stuff. Gotta love it.

...and if you can get past that article on sugar (dangit! just when I was feeling good about eating regular yogurt...), I wanted to share THIS recipe that Ryan found in our newspaper and literally threw in my face with excitement. Apparently it was rated the best chocolate chip cookie recipe of all time.

...and in the spirit of all things sweet, this site of cake mistakes is awesome.

On a completely unrelated note, I have discovered I have something I like to call design ADD....in searching for some items to spruce up this place I realized I have the most random, unmatched, cannot-make-a-decision style. Don't believe me? Here is my typical go-to list of websites:

Modern Vintage? Check

French-inspired? Check

Classic? Check

Everyday modern? Check

Completely out of the budget even on sale? Check ...and... Check

Never know what will strike your fancy? Check!

...and without a doubt, my all time favorite is TJ Maxx. (Love that you never know what you're going to find there)...

Hope you're having a lovely Friday.



how to make french toast...

I didn't exactly plan to take pictures making dinner last night (um, crazy...) but my camera was sitting up on the counter and I couldn't resist Logan's excitement in helping me cook up on the counter.

Looooove breakfast for dinner. Actually, I just love breakfast food period. I had bought some Challah and planned to make french toast on Saturday morning, but it has been calling my name. Fortunately, Ryan gave in and let me get an early start (but don't you worry, we will have more on Saturday!)

L poured the cinnamon and sugar in, made sure it tasted OK, and even helped me mix [beat/stab/poke] the eggs. He didn't even mind that the bread had not been cooked yet...to him it looked just as good sitting there in the package.

[Just a technical note -- I took these without a flash and without too much concern, and yes, as usual Logan is not wearing shorts/pants, but hopefully you can get past all that and enjoy....]


holding on to the reminder...

Lord, let me know my end and what is the measure of my days that I may learn how frail I am.
You have given my days a very short span; my life is as nothing before you.
All mortals are but a breath. Mere phantoms, we go our way; mere vapor, our restless pursuits; we heap up stores without knowing for whom.

And now, Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in you.

Deliver me from all my transgressions; let me not be the taunt of fools.

Psalm 39:5-9


Crazy Happy

This smiling face makes me so happy - so crazy giddy can't-get-enough of it happy...

He definitely has his moments but lately I have been cracking up at this kid.

"No" is the answer to every question.

He's touching/reaching for any and everything he can get his hands on with curiosity. I think I say "don't touch" more than his name.

Wrestling, dancing (spinning), batting at the ball (upside down), blowing bubbles with Daddy = all favorite things to do (besides playing cars).

Branching out and learning there is more to life than cars - there are also "trackers" (tractors) and "ehrpanes" (airplanes) and "choo choo's" (trains) and let's not forget "koo ca's" (cool cars).

Repeating everything and sometimes it is so random you just want to squeeze the cuteness from his cheeks.

Thomas - formerly known as "Tah" is now "Tah-nas"

Watermelon - formerly known as"Watamemen" is now "mewen"

Pop-Tart ["pop-part!!!"] - most requested food item in the house.

When did he get big enough to correct vocabulary???


...in case you were wondering...

I am still alive. I just have been really really bad at blogging lately...and admittedly there is not too much going on to report anyway. I doubt you will find any of the following interesting, but I figured I'd report what I've been up to:

Went [wedding] dress shopping this weekend with my mom and sister and I am pretty sure I am sworn to secrecy to say anything other than that...but I will say it was fun and successful (and hopefully she won't kill me for that). Oh, and the best part was I got back $150 I thought I'd never see again.

Spent most of this weekend recovering from some virus thing that has left me with not much more than a whisper of a voice...and no, not that sorta sexy kind - the kind that sounds like a mule is trying to talk. yeah - just like you imagine. Anyway, I used the down time to get some scrapbooking done and did four pages this weekend...seriously some kind of a record for me. Logan's book now has a total of about six pages....only 56,486 to go...

I think our Netflix movie was stolen out of our mailbox this weekend. We got the email that we should get our movie on Saturday and when Ryan checked the mail (four times) and we had NOTHING (which I don't think has happened like, ever). I am thinking this cannot be a good thing....and really I am not even sure what you're supposed to do about it.

Katrina, my most loyal blog reader, I know you are MIA because your computer died....and so I am kinda feeling like I might just be writing this to myself. I can't think of anything else at the moment.

Hope you all [Katrina...my mom...who else reads this thing?] had a nice weekend.



going green

I admit I am behind the times when it comes to this stuff, (although we have been recycling at home for years and I know that is better than nothing), but my sister sent me a slideshow today and it just about brought me to tears. I was unable to post it here, but I have forwarded it to some of you via email (if you didnt get the email and are interested in seeing it, email me and I will get it to you).

I thought it was ironic that I got the email today as I was at Publix (our local grocery store) yesterday and Logan - among other things - reached into the cart and bit into a tomato right through the bag when my back was turned. I got to thinking about all those bags and what the heck goes into them - and then I thought about how I use so many of them for fruits and veggies and then they get thrown away. Then I got to the checkout lane and of course use even more bags to get my stuff home. When I get home I add the bags I have to the gigantic stack I keep among the dog treats -- and I have to shove them in there because the cabinet is so full. You can only use so many of those until they become excessive.

So, I just thought I would share with you this site I found for getting reusable bags at a decent price. (I have also seen that Target and Publix sell their own bags, but they seem small to me).

I figure if at least one of you goes out there and makes the change, that is one small thing we can do to clean up the environment and try to help out in our own little way. In things like this you may think you're not making a difference, but you are...every little bit helps.

ETA: I found out that Envirosax is based out of Australia, which means shipping can be a little costly + take a while to get to you. Check out this site where you will get shipping for free from here in the US.

P.S. I ordered these.


Christmas, er, birthday in July....(a post from Logan to Meah)

Dear Meah,

I was so excited to get your present yesterday!

First, my Dad opened the card and read it to me, but I was a bit suspicious to be getting a gift so early...so I checked with my mom and she said it really was from you...

but I had to be sure, so I read it for myself...

...and sure enough, there were your words right there in the card. I love how you write so pretty. Oh, and I will be sure to eat lots of cake for you. I love cake.

The first thing I saw in the package you sent were the bubbles. I LOVE bubbles...and I especially love bubbles that come in colors. How did you ever guess?

I then realized there was even more in the present - two movies! I had to hold them up next to each other to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Yup, there really were two movies! Cool!
I made sure to read the backs of the movies so I knew what they were about...
...and then I tried to open them to look inside. How did you know I love Little Einsteins? I watch them every morning while I eat my breakfast. [Pat! Pat! Pat! Go Rocket! ahahahaha!]
...and I loved all the pictures you sent too.
...I was thinking, maybe we should have got a picture of the two of us to hang in my room. Oh well, maybe next time...
My mom is going to sit down with me to write you a thank you card tomorrow and I will mail it to your new address.

I am so happy I got a letter from you and an awesome birthday present! Thank you so much for everything!

I miss you Meah and I hope you have a safe move to Texas.

Talk to you soon! I love you!

Your Friend,



good things

We survived a busy weekend and are heading into a pretty busy week. I thought things were supposed to slow down in the summer...?

Just thought I'd share a couple of good things with yall this morning:

1) Netflix. Worth every penny in my opinion. We are watching more and more movies and shows than ever before and the summer time is the perfect season since there isn't much on tv. Our next pick is this one

2) Jacksonville Zoo. We have a blast there and Thursday morning we went to the water play area and little dude loved it - even with a cold :)[...and I counted up that this was Logan's fourth trip since April...geez]

3) Pandora. It's free, has no commercials, you can fast forward past songs you don't like, and choose a station simply by putting in someone you like. How can you not love something so wonderful?

4) Starbucks rewards. If you frequent Starbucks as much as we do, this is a no brainer :) p.s. THIS one is my favorite.

Oh, and some pictures from this weekend. [These are even better if you could see Ryan in them, but he made me promise to edit him out.] This kid wants to play Guitar Hero so bad he can't stand it...

[I told ya'll he's not a big fan of clothes...I think all that guitar playing made him too hot...]




long overdue post...

So this is my Independence Day recap. (Sorry so late, Logan has been under the weather. Hopefully you can forgive me as I have lots to cover on this one...)

The fireworks totally scare the heck out of Logan and so we were up late from the Thursday before until the Sunday night after July 4 (yes, in our neighborhood they stretch out any occasion that involves fireworks for as long as they can). So basically we watched Cars with the volume turned up high but every once in a while there would be a loud firework display outside and the poor kid would literally bury his little face in the blankets...I have to admit it was the saddest little thing I think I've ever seen. I think it all started on Thursday night when our power went out and we went into the backyard only to be greeted by the neighborhood kids getting an early start. I don't think I have ever seen Logan run so fast...

Anyhow, he was up for as long as he could stand it and for the first time in just about forever I stayed next to him after he was put to bed and I rubbed his back while he went to sleep...which for several days was about 11:00 or later, he was just so terrified.

it's over now and we are all recouping :)
Thank the Lord, just 360-something days to go until we have to worry about it again...


Last Thursday Logan & I went out to my mom & dad's house and played in the pool with the Calascione kiddos.

****Just a warning****, this is just about the cutest picture you've ever seen:

Little Russell, so relaxed! I wish Logan could do that sometime. No, he's the one jumping off the side of the pool onto my face (not pictured).

And I think these are pretty cute too (not the actual photos, the people in them...)

(hopefully Katrina doesn't kill me for posting a picture of her....HAHA)


On Saturday we went out to the beach and although I brought my camera I didn't take many pictures because Logan spent most of the day doing this:

...catching up on all that sleep he wasn't getting at night...and yes, he sleeps like that a lot.


Logan stayed with G&G on Monday night (Grandpa is currently being called "Poppy" and Grandma is "Meme"- it's all I can get Logan to say right now...we're not sure if those will stick or not) and of course he always as a good time with them. I hear he's even trained Riley to be his own personal rodeo dog.


Yesterday we went to the zoo with Tara & kids and Katrina & kids and we let them all run around and have a ball at the water park area (I think they all had a blast)

Sharing some pictures here that Katrina took (since I am a slacker and forgot my camera...)

[Logan's face cracks me UP in that picture]
Go Gators! (Is it football season yet?)
( On the train)


So now we are back to the weekend but this is going to be a busy one - car maintenance & repairs, birthday parties, yard work...but as long as there are no fireworks I think we'll be ok.





Just want to say CONGRATS! to Chris & Kristin - who just found out today they are going to be welcoming a sweet baby boy into the world. I'm so excited for you both!

I am sure we will have Logan teach him a thing or two -- most likely it will be about cars :)

My post-Fourth of July posting will be up soon. I have pictures to download first...




support our troops...

In putting together a care package for my brother, I did some online research as to what I can and cannot send. I thought I would share here and give you all some information as to how you can support our troops from here at home.

I quickly found that the list of items is incredible - both in what you can send and what you cannot. (Kalen, please correct me if I am wrong on any of this)

First of all, just to give you an idea, even the laundry detergent that they can use is limited. These are brands all considered to be OK for cleaning uniforms:

Bold Powder
Cheer Liquid (all versions)
Cheer Powder (all versions)
All Powder (all versions)
Surf Powder (all versions)
Woolite (all versions)

All other laundry detergents contain "optical brighteners" and cannot be used.

Here are a couple of sites I came across with detailed lists of items:



You can also go directly to companies who do this full-time and will put together a package to send in your name:



Please remember the service and the sacrifice these soldiers make for us every day!

If you ever would like to send items to our troops and have [new] items to donate, please let me know. I will be sending a package overseas often and will be using a flat rate box and packing it to the gills. I would be happy to add in items from any of you.

Happy 4th of July everyone!



tough to be a toddler

Logan says:

In case you have forgotten, it is tough to be a toddler.

Most days if you are staying home and you don't want to wear pants, you don't have to. If you do have to wear pants, just wait until your mama lays you down for a nap and just strip them off. You also do not have to wear shoes at home. Thank goodness because what a nuisance those things are!

Elmo slippers are a perfectly acceptable form of clothing. I dont know why my mother cannot accept that.

You eat things like cereal and pop-tarts for breakfast with characters from your favorite movies and TV shows and get milk from a cup with their faces on it too. You also eat things like fruit snacks and cheese and crackers and fruit and meat and cheese and crackers and cookies and veggies and cheese and fruit and cheese...and fruit snacks and more fruit. And your mama wants to make sure you've gained enough weight so she also makes you drink milkshakes and chocolate Ensure drinks that taste like milkshakes.

You have to do a lot of completely exhausting things like play with your toys and drive your cars on every imaginable surface. You also have to fit little cars into big cars and line up the cars and mess up the line and then line them up again. Oh, and every once in a while you have to use the bubble mower to mow the carpet and go down the slide to make sure it is still working.

You have to have someone else change your diaper. I tried changing my own one day but my mama didn't seem to like me leaving it on the carpet.

You have to have playdates with your friends and do horrible things like share toys and eat different foods. Sometimes you even have to go to parks where it is hot and you might sweat and get dirty.

You also have to put up with your mama taking pictures of you doing nothing special at all like playing in your room. If you find this as annoying as I do then every once in a while just for the shock of it, raise your hand to your chin like you're posing and amaze your parents with your cuteness. They will talk about it for days and it will give you a much-needed camera break.

Yes, it is really, really tough to be a toddler.


letter to Logan

[he still kisses me like this...]

I came across these pictures today -- taken just one year ago...

This was about the time last year when I started documenting here. It is amazing how much can change in a year, and I really see it when I look at these pictures.

Logan is quickly approaching two and I am discovering that this age is hilarious. You truly never know what to expect. There are so many things that crack me up/make me want to cry on a daily basis it is hard to keep track of them all...but I am trying to remember to write them down here because I know one day they will be a distant memory. So, today in honor of Logan's hands in the toilet and the half box of cereal that was dumped on the floor and then eaten, I write this to Logan today...


You are such a funny little kid. Some days we just look at each other and we crack up for no reason at all. Some days we get frustrated with each other - like when you want your sixth pack of fruit snacks and I have to say enough is enough. Some days we dance to music and some days we read the same two books over and over. Some days I don't give you the attention you deserve and some days you would much rather be at Grandma and Grandpa's house 'cause you've had your fill of me. Some days you want to play cars in the [empty] bathtub or the sink 'cause it is something new, and I try to remember that you are a child and even the simple things are a thrill, even if I don't really "get" it. Some days you can drive me absolutely crazy, and some days I could just eat you up...but every day I am reminded of the fact that you are unique, you are YOU and you are growing and learning and changing in every moment.

I love how you are learning to communicate and how you love the reaction you get when you say something new. I crack up at your fear of fake spiders and lizards, manequins and wigs...but only because I know you will soon come to see they are OK after all. I love your independence and your adoration for your Daddy. I am thankful you are healthy, that you can be left in the nursery at church without a total meltdown and that you have not [yet] pooped in the bathtub, although I am sure that day is coming.

I hope you help me to remember what I already know but sometimes forget -- that every day as your mama is a blessing, both the good and the bad. Today I just want to remember that; to remember that one day you will be all grown up and I will wish for the day when you were still forming new words, reading the same books over and over, and maybe, just maybe, asking for your sixth fruit snack.

I love you,