busy doing nothing

Do you ever find that you've been busy...doing nothing? I suppose you could say that has been me lately...taking it easy, fighting off a bad never-ending cold and other ailments, trying to be semi-entertaining to a toddler and keep my house from looking like a tornado blew through it (LIE-- it looks like that anyway).

My parents watched Logan late Friday night after they went to a wedding. Ryan and I had plans to go out for coffee and pick up some things at Target (I know, you are so jealous of our date night right now) but I fell asleep on the couch until my parents came home at 9:00(this is pathetic, I know). So, we just went straight for the Starbucks (I told you the pumpkin spice lattes have been calling my name) and back home to catch up on The Office. (Not that I minded since D already ruined it for me...)

Saturday I spent 80% of the day on the couch watching football with a brief intermission to run a few errands and to pick up dinner.

Sunday we had planned to go to church but my head felt like it could explode at any moment with sinus pressure and I was afraid that if I moved I was going to be sick on anyone or anything that got in my way.

Now before you go and think I am totally pathetic, I have a reason for being this well, pathetic.

I am pregnant.

Still nervous and unsure about getting the word out but what the heck. It is hard to keep my patheticness to myself anymore...you see just how exciting my life is these days doing nothing and falling asleep at the drop of a hat (aka, just after the sun goes down).

I know that eventually this 24/7 morning sickness will pass, I will come out of the fog and life will resume...but in the meantime, I just hope you all have some mercy on me and my lack of updates. Or at least promise to make fun of me at a later date...yeah, that would be fine.


p.s. Due date - May 12th


it's that time of year...

1. Pumpkin Pile, 2. pomegranate seeds, 3. Pumpkin Spice Latte, 4. Acorns, 5. Fall, 6. autumn and arborite, 7. American Mail, 8. It's" October, 9. AUTUMN ALMANAC. ( EXPLORE ), 10. Pumpkin Bread Sliced, 11. Espresso Scarf, 12. Juicy harvest, 13. Orgy - title edit by eastofnorth, 14. autumn leaf pallette, 15. new wreath, 16. Pink bicycle


My absolute favorite time of the year.

The weather is (slightly) cooler, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes (be still my beating heart) make an appearance, and I start thinking about how much I want to bake something (at the moment it is a toss up between banana bread and pumpkin bread).

There is so much to love about fall...but it always seems to come and go too fast. We don't really get the changing leaves here and the weather goes down to about the 70's until mid-December (not that I am complaining but I would love to get more use out of my scarves).

I am really looking forward to our trip to the pumpkin patch, baking breads, drinking lattes, the smell of cinnamon, the geese in the pond being a little less obnoxious, and of course Thanksgiving.

What do you love about autumn?


Why is it I always seem to have to recover after vacation?

Last Monday L had his 2 yr check up (which went well by the way, he has gained about 2 pounds and is up to 36 inches tall...his weight is no longer a concern, they have come to realize that he is just going to be tall and lean) but I think he picked up a cold because by the end of last week he was sneezing and sniffling...which of course got passed on to each of us.

Even with the sickness though I am just loving looking back on our photos and thinking about the experience and I am so thankful that we were able to take this trip with our family. It is a blessing to get to share these memories with them and I am thankful that Ryan and I have such AMAZING parents that love us (and maybe even more so, Mr. Logan) so much. It is evident in all that they do for us, in the way that they give their time, their energy, and their hearts.

Just want to say a huge THANK YOU to Mimi and Poppy and Nana and Papa for coming along with us on such a special trip and making it so memorable.

We love you.



Disney (part 2)

I figure all yall really want to see are the pics anyway, so here they are (somewhat out of sequence)...

the gang

Nana rides with Logan on the carosel

We tried really hard to get him to wear the birthday hat but he just wasn't up for it.

Somebody LOVED the teacups...

Grandpa, Ryan and Logan ride Dumbo...

After we got out, Logan was saying "oh yeah! Pe-Pan! Pe-Pan! Oh wow!"

While we waited on the group to come back from riding Space Mountain, Logan anxiously awaited riding in the race cars...

Loved the fall decor...(and the weather was nice too!)

Dad had to get a scooter because he's so old (just kidding, he has a legitimate back issue...or so he says)

and some of my favorite memories were from the Character Breakfast at the Beach Club...

Logan inspects Dale's tooth

Logan did much better than I thought he would...
He kissed Minnie on the nose as soon as he saw her...


...and I forgot to mention

A couple of BIG things happening while we were gone:

*My sweet D had a birthday (September 11), Love you, D!!!

*Mary and Dave welcomed baby Grace into the world (one day after Logan's birthday, how cool is that?)

*Hurricane Ike struck Texas. The storm affected many and lives were lost. This week I finally heard from my co-workers Kara and Tammy, whose parents both lost homes (and most of their belongings were significantly destroyed). Fortunately, they all evacuated and are/were safe, but they are coming back home this weekend to assess the damage (they have only been able to see satellite photos so far).

Please say a prayer for the people of Texas if you have not already.


Disney (part 1)

I don't really know what it is about Disney, but something in that place makes you feel like you're a kid again. Even better than that, seeing Disney through the eyes of your child...well, it's just priceless. My mom will crack up when she reads this (because I make fun of her for this sort of thing), but I teared up about eight times at those dang parks and I tell you, some of the time it wasn't even my own kid getting me choked up...seeing kids dance to their favorite songs and race to see their favorite characters in "real life"...it was just too much for me at times. I am getting pretty sappy in my old age.

It has now been a week since we were at the Magic Kingdom and Logan is still walking around the house saying "HApEE DaYe Me!!!!" and "TEaCUP! TEaCUP!" I think Ryan even got a little choked up hearing Logan talk like that (I can tell you things like this because he doesn't read my blog. If he did, I would be in trouble for telling you this). Only Ryan rode those teacups with Logan (twice) - and I think it was a memory neither of them will soon forget.

I am sharing photos today from last Tuesday at Hollywood Studios (formerly "Disney's MGM Studios"). We were fortunate enough to get great weather, low crowd volume, and meet up with friends that day, (which was really nice since Ryan is a slacker and doesn't call and catch up with Michael and Heather as much as he should).

I admit I didn't take as many pictures as I usually would have - but I knew I really wanted to soak up the memories as best I could and not have to worry too much about getting out the "big" camera. (A new point and shoot is on my list, Santa)...

Ok, so this was the first time I cried. The Playhouse Disney show (Logan watches the Disney channel every morning. To see these kids get SO excited and watch Logan looking like (well, just look below), it got the best of me. Ok, you can stop laughing at me now.

This kid LOVED the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" playground. Couldn't get enough. It is such a cool place. (He's going down a leaf slide here)
I just hope I never run into this problem at home.

One of the highlights was getting to "meet" Lightning and Mater from Cars. (it was nice and breezy that day as you can tell by L's wild hair) I wasn't really sure what to expect, but they were actual cars that drove out when it was time to meet them, rev'd their engines (which scared L a little) and moved their eyes.

...the stunt show was right up you-know-who's alley...

Good friends are those who pay $12 in parking just to come say hi... :)

...and thanks Michael for capturing this - Logan "wearing" the hat. (Which, as usual, was not a hit)


how to stretch out a birthday (words of advice from Logan)

Keep smiling big and saying cute things - make your parents remember the sweet moments and how life is short and you won't be little for long, blah blah blah....

Wake up the day before your birthday and let your parents parade presents in your face. Since you are about to go on vacation, they will make sure you get lots of good playing time with your toys before you go. Act non-chalant, like "yeah, this is cool, but I was sleeping really well before you woke me up."

When your parents read your card, act like you have seen a million of these. They will work extra hard at opening and closing it again and again so you can hear the CARS song play over and over.

Take your sweet time opening presents. This will make your parents crazy because they will want to help you (which is really the plan all along...)
Look long and hard at the cars - check for imperfections, make sure there are no duplicates of any existing cars in your collection *(Yes, I know all 56,129,478,731 kinds)
Check with your parents - These are really for ME? (Yes, I know they are for me, Logan the car lover, but this is added in for the cuteness factor)
Open second box of cars. Again check for accuracy and completion of collection. Ensure box has no dents, then chant over and over "open! open! open!"
Discard pajamas. Who needs pajamas when you prefer to be half naked?


"happy day to me!"

[I am backtracking over the next couple of days]

We had a brief little birthday celebration before we left for our trip (Ryan wasn't even able to come, he was at the Gator game).

My Grandaddy turned 81 and Logan turned 2. Both ate their fair share of dessert.

This kid was beside himself getting to eat both a cupcake and his beloved dessert, the popsicle. (He likes a lot of sweet things, but he LOVES popsicles)

When it came time to blow out the candles, he spit on them.
and of course, cupcakes need to be tested with a fork and then you can smother the icing in your fingers...
...and the best part of his birthday for us was getting to hear his first sentence...which he has repeated every single day for the past week..."Happy Day to ME!!!!" ...abbreviated on occasion with "Happy Day! Happy Day!"


and we're off

Leaving for Disney this week and we are so excited. We are praying that we get very minimal rain, but with Hurricane Ike out there we may be out of luck. Either way, we will make the most of it and take lots of pictures.

Thanks to each and every one of you for all the sweet birthday wishes, cards, and gifts.

I still can't believe my baby is two...


Friday Fun

(Special thanks to Katrina who sent me this awesome video)

Just a little fun for your Friday. I am sooo going to make Ryan try this with me...(I can say things like that because he doesn't read this blog...)



This boy got his first bike helmet last week. It is the only "hat" he will wear for more than five seconds. Hats rank up there with clothes and shoes in the "those are cool, but I don't want to wear them" category. He likes to laugh at us wearing the helmet but will wear it himself only briefly when we put it on him, and he usually cracks up at himself.

So this morning he completely surprised me after a quick diaper change. He grabbed the helmet, put it on and jumped on his rocking horse...where he must have pretended he was either a cowboy or a horse jockey...as he yelled out "yeeeee hawwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!"

[...giving the cheeseball smile...]
"Mama! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee-hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"
"OK, I wore it for two minutes. That's enough for one day"