catching up, moving on.

Ever just feel like life has really knocked you down flat on your face?

I'll be the first to admit I can have a little pity party and feel sad and let it get the best of me...but geez, it's time to get it together and get back to living life again, right?

First of all, I hope you all had a nice Christmas. I had a nice little post set to go for Christmas Eve, but we had somehing go awry with the computer and well, obviously that post never made it.  So after three days in the shop, we're back, up and running with Windows7 and I am learning to make the most of not knowing how to work my computer again.

And second, to those of you who have had to deal with me lately (or even just read this blog, which has been - quite frankly - um, well, depressing), I am sorry.  The gloom of sickness (what I believe had to be the flu or something very very bad) is starting to dissapear and I can talk again after losing my voice from coughing so hard for two weeks straight.  I have not been very much fun lately. At all.  In fact, during that week of time where I was up in the middle of the night with a very sick baby, taking care of a needy, whiny toddler, traveling back and forth from the pediatrician, caring for sick doggies and feeling like I'd been run over by a semi, well, I think that was an all-time low for me. 

It is amazing how much being sick can really put a damper on your Christmas plans, even when you try to make the most of it.  Logan was obsessed with Christmas lights and we wanted more than anything to take him on a nice long car ride to see them, so I sucked it up and we drove around for a couple of hours on the 23rd.  We missed watching our "regular" Christmas movies, but it was worth it to see the magic in his eyes.

Christmas Eve we spent with my family and I experienced the real magic of Santa Claus.  That night Logan and I placed the cookies we made (this year Santa got slice and bake cookies, something I would not have done otherwise, but I dont think Santa was complaining).  We also left a plate of reindeer food on the front porch and then read the Christmas Story.  Although it was close to midnight, we still had to coax Logan to sleep and remind him several times that Santa could not come if he was awake.  And so, Ryan were up until 1:30 and I felt like I was going to pass out at any moment, but oh, the magic of it all....so worth it.

The next morning we were up at 8 with Lauren and waited in our bed with her for Logan to get up.  At 9 we heard him excitedly whisper to himself as he ran into the living room.  Spying on him from the kitchen was the highlight of my Christmas.  He was so amazed that Santa ate his cookies and checked out the front door to see if the reindeer ate his carrots and celery.  And of course, they did.  When he finally realized I was behind him he said to me "Mama! Dey ate all dat food!"  He later told us he did hear Santa that night as he was on the roof.  Magic.

We are celebrating our Christmas with Ryan's family tomorrow, and I am excited for that because this time around I feel much more like myself (and let's be honest, it's never a bad thing to get to extend the Christmas season)...but more than anything I am thrilled that I get to kiss on my sweet nephew, something I could not have even considered doing last week.

So now...now we are all healing and moving on.  It has certainly been a challenging couple of weeks. Cody was at the vet on Monday and it was discovered he has developed diabetes.  His blood sugar was off the charts and the vet told us it was a miracle he was not worse off than he had been (we knew something was up last week when he started drinking water like he was a camel).  After two days with the vet, he's much better and we are giving him insulin shots twice a day.  Crazy. 

And today...today is New Year's Eve, already!!!!  Look at the year that this has been and how fast it has flown by...it is a reminder to me that everything has a time and a season and when you feel overwhelmed you just have to hang in there.  I think about how in just eight short years we built a home, got married, traveled to places we always wanted to go, faced a debilitating illness, flash floods, leaky ceilings in a hurricane, a broken a/c, an overflowing toilet, a dead refridgerator/freezer (on Christmas Eve, losing all our food), multiple faulty computer issues (losing tons of photos and memories), a busted water heater, snakes in the backyard, being stranded with a car that won't start, a dog with seizures, a dog with diabetes, multiple trips to the ER and countless home repairs.  We have had two beautiful, healthy, children.  We have paid off two cars, changed jobs multiple times, and experienced financial highs and lows.  We have had expensive, romantic dinners, weekend getaways, and gifts "just because".  There were nights were we couldn't eat a hot meal, sleep in our own bed, or stop worrying over what was wrong with our babies.  There are moments we are able to have "me" time and some moments where we (I) had to lock ourselves in the bathroom for two seconds of quiet.  There have been tears of joy and tears of sorrrow and dozens of other disasters and highlights that have faded into the background.  All of this....this is life...this is what it is all about. 

So as I start the new year, I have no real resolution, I just hope that I can remember to embrace every moment of what life has to offer.  Complain less.  Cherish those "little" things.  Hold on for the ride, but let go every now and then when I need to.  Kiss the kids every chance I get, remind my husband just how handsome he looks each day when he walks out the door.  Call the parents more.  Visit the grandparents more.  Eat less, walk more.  Spend less, give time.  Look at things in a new light.  Let go of what I cannot change.  Embrace who I am.  Cherish our health.  Thank God for these blessings. 

So here is to the new year...To looking forward....and every now and then, to looking back.

Happy New Year!


it's been one of those weeks...
the kind where you really can't help but to wonder where your sanity went
between taking care of a very sick, feverish, clingy Logan
and a teething, cranky, needy Lauren
and taking both of said needy, cranky children to the pediatrician (in the rain no less)
and having to explain to Logan why he can't go to his Christmas party or last two days at pre-school
and holding both kids for extended periods of time while they whined and cried (yes, one on each shoulder)
and watching the same six Christmas specials over and over and over and over
and sanitizing and cleaning to prevent anyone else from getting sick
while running a humidifier in each room and going through more Tylenol and laundry and hand sanitizer than I thought humanly possible
and going to the post office and waiting an hour just to make sure my Christmas cards were okay to mail with the right postage - only to have most of them returned to me yesterday marked "additional .20 postage needed"...
and making ANOTHER visit to the pediatrician (in the rain, again) yesterday after Lauren woke up two days in a row with her eyes so swollen she could barely open them and high temp
only to find out not only is she teething but she also has a double ear infection and a virus/bug which is causing her eyes to be so full of gunk they are swelling shut
and so then braving the pharmacy AGAIN where they told me her prescription would be approximately $1,695.72....
all while feeling pretty darn crappy myself
oh, and having Cadie have another seizure
and a husband who has worked late every night this week
(oh and did I mention he had a work function last night?)

yes, this is the kind of week where going to Publix for groceries on Thursday night was a luxury
because I called my husband at 7:00 and begged him
"please...save me from the madness."
and he did
and I shopped in peace
with my headphones on, listening to Coldplay
and for a moment all was right with the world

until the next day when the insanity continued in this infirmary

yes, that's right. 

So my parents came over for a couple of hours to help last night
and Lauren threw up on every imaginable surface, including my mom from head to toe.

but today
Today is different.
I am determined that things will get better
and we will get well
it may take a while, but we will get there
this is just life
just one of the many times I have to stop and be grateful...
that although it seems too much at times,
this too shall pass.

And someday I will be just like my mom
and be able to laugh when my grandchild throws up on me and every imaginable surface
because I have been there
and I survived (Oh Gracious Heavenly Father, I survived!!!!!!!!!)
and looking back I will remember
that these days are fleeting...and in their own crazy, messed up kind of way
they are precious
because they are a reminder that my kids have changed my life
and they have challenged me
to be stronger, better, smarter, and even a little more patient
and some day they will be grown and I will miss the crazy days of early parenthood
and I will miss the way the smelled after a bath
and the way they clung to me when they were sick

and maybe I will even miss the crazy days of dragging them both to the pediatrician together
while Logan kicks the crap out of the stool he's sitting on and sings 'SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN' TO MA HOWSE!" while I try to discuss important medical things with the doctor and Lauren screams and cries from the trauma of having her ears poked 37 times...

or maybe not.

but I will miss some of it...most of it.

So here's to better days...and remembering the bad so I can cherish the good...

Hope you all have a nice, healthy, happy weekend.


under the weather...

Nothing exciting to report, but just a little documentation of the fun we are having at our house. 

I had to take both kids to the pediatrician yesterday.  Logan has been running a high fever on and off since the weekend and actually stopped making Christmas cookies with me on Monday to go lay down for a nap, so I knew something was really wrong (he is a kid who stops for nothing sleep-related).  Lauren was acting fine but coughing really bad at night to the point where she choked and threw up, which about gave me a heart attack.

So as it turns out, Logan has a double ear infection.  He's on antibiotics and should be well by the weekend (or so we hope).  I was feeling very very glad I took him to the doctor yesterday because last night he had a nosebleed and threw up, so I think I would have been in a panic if I didnt know what was going on.  And as for Lauren, well, our baby girl is getting in four teeth at the same time - two on the top and two on the bottom.  Apparently her gums are so swollen it was causing pressure in the back of her throat when she went down at night, causing the coughing fits.  Go figure.

So here we are, all doped up on antibiotics and Tylenol and hoping for a better tomorrow.  I keep thinking about how glad I am it is still nine days until Christmas and not the same fiasco I had last year with everything falling apart on Christmas Eve :)

Hope you all are happy and healthy.



and so...

Lauren met Santa today for the first time. 

Surprisingly, she was neither impressed or scared...she simply wanted her present or she was going to take Logan's with her.

Logan, however, ran right up to Santa when it was his turn and told him all about his Christmas wishes for cars, cars and more cars.

They had a quiet conversation.  The only thing I heard Logan say was as Santa handed him his present he asked "Dis is a car!?!"

I thought maybe Lauren wasn't scared of Santa because she didn't really see him (Ryan carefully placed her in Santa's lap facing me/the camera), but at one point she looked right up at him and yanked on his beard.   I did get a picture, but it was taken just as she blinked so you dont really get the effect.

and Santa gave each of them a present.  You will never guess what Logan got...

Lauren got a cute little stuffed elephant and her favorite part of it was the tag, which kept making its way into her mouth. 

I finally just took the whole tag off and of course THAT was what made her cry. 
{That child loves anything simple...a travel wipes case, any kind of paper, things that are round and now, as we have learned, tags.}


the table is set...

(There is nothing quite like flowers on the table and a fresh Christmas tree in the house)...

So the decorations are out, the yard is lit up, the Christmas village is all set up and plugged in and you can almost feel magic in the air.

There is nothing quite like Christmas.

And man, let me tell you, three year olds are what Christmas is all about. It has been fun doing Christmas before, but never quite like this. I dont think Logan could be any more excited about anything Christmas-related than he is right now.  This kid loves any kind of light/ornament/decoration/Christmas song (his current favorites: "Rockin' Christmas Tree (Rocking Around the Christmas Tree) and "Santa's Comin' to Town" (Santa Clause is Coming to Town).  He sings Christmas songs non-stop, wants Christmas music playing in his room 24/7, and the other night he cried on the way home because we couldn't drive to the neighborhood down the street to look at their lights (as we had done the night before).  Today he has been begging me to make "gingerbread mens"...he had to settle for chocolate chip but we will be making more cookies next week.

We spent last night driving around looking at Christmas lights - me, mom, dad, Logan and Lauren, all piled up in my dad's truck and enjoying the fact that it was actually chilly outside and we could roll down the windows as we drove past houses of lights and decorations.

I did some last minute shopping this afternoon while Ryan hung out with Logan and watched Christmas specials (my goal is to be done or almost completely done by two weeks from Christmas.  Ryan on the other hand just started his shopping last night.  We could not be more different.)

Going to the annual Santa Party tomorrow (pretty much a family tradition, it is held at the law firm where I used to work - Santa comes down the staircase, lets each kid sit on his lap for a chat and hands out presents).  Logan has been talking non-stop about getting to chat with Santa and the chance to tell him "Thank you for comin' to ma howse." *(I swear he thinks that song was written for him).

Hope you all have a great weekend.



Reason #2,374 we use a professional photographer...

The other night I decided to get some pictures of the kids in their Christmas pajamas since I typically dont get one - there is just too much going on (and no kid in their right mind will stop for a picture when there are presents under the tree).  Apparently I had lost my mind when I assumed this was possible.

This was the first picture out of about two hundred that they both were looking at the camera:

...and the shot immediately following (after Logan squeezed her a little too hard - and trust me, she is tough)

Here's hoping your Christmas photos are a little more successful...



Feeling grateful today as I am reminded of the things around me...
For the gift of life
For two precious, healthy children
For two dogs who love us unconditionally
For a roof over my head (and warm blankets in cold weather)
For food to eat and water to drink
For a husband who supports me in every sense of the word
For family that embraces me
For friends who encourage me
and for a God who saved me.

Life is good.


Lauren "talking"

Two video posts in a row...man, you guys are lucky

So Lauren sings/chirps/babbles/whatever you want to call it ALL.THE.TIME...but put a camera in her face and she suddenly turns shy. So, this is broken up into two parts...part one she talks to Cadie, part two she talks to anyone who will listen...

for Kalen

...he was supposed to talk about Christmas, but all he wanted to talk about was you....

We miss you.  Hope this makes you smile :)


seven months

Where is the time going baby girl?

You are growing up so fast.
You are sitting up and rolling and trying to get from point A to point B as best you can.
You are learning to make new sounds and noises and love your own voice....
not to mention you adore the pretty little baby looking back at you in the mirror.

You are sweet, but you can kick like no other and bat at everything in sight.
You love peek-a-boo and anything that makes noise or lights up.
You would do anything to get a taste of some real food.
You are strong and tough...we know God made you that way so you could handle Logan :)
You are funny and giggly.
You are a delight. 

Happy seven months sweet Lauren.


something just feels right...

With the smell of a fresh Christmas tree in the house....

...and it is even better when you turn out the lights and take it all in...

oh, how I love our crazy, funky, cluttered tree and every memory hanging from its branches...


This afternoon we were driving home from picking up our [second/live] tree
and we were almost home when we heard Logan from the backseat:

"I wove my famiwy..."

Me too, little buddy.  Me too.


This is when...

When we travel both near and far to gather together with the ones we love.
When we take a minute to say thanks for our blessings.
When we stuff our faces and pile our plates high just so we can make ourselves miserable.
When the house smells of good food in the oven, four dogs are under foot, and kids take over the house.
When we hold hands and say a prayer of thanks for the year that has been...
When we are grateful for the ones we love,
When we appreciate our health and the life we have been given,
When we reflect on those who have passed and how much we miss them,
When we rejoice for the new faces at the table,
When we hug each other a little tighter, appreciate each other a little more, and think about the ones who are far away and couldn't be with us.

Today I am thankful for so many things,
but more than anything I am thankful to a God who has blessed me so immensely
that I take every small detail of my life for granted until this very day
and yet He still loves me...

God is so good.

I am thankful for all of you, sweet friends.

Have a wonderful, beautiful Thanksgiving. 


"Build me a son, whose heart will be clear, whose goals will be high, a son who will master himself before he seeks to master other men, one who will learn to laugh, yet never forget to weep, one who will reach into the future, yet never forget the past."

When you were two people would tell me "just wait until he is three..."  I used to be bothered by this (because at two you were a very, very good little boy and I couldn't and wouldn't imagine that would change), but now I can see what they mean.  At three you are more independent than ever before.  You are strong-willed.  You have learned how to test me. 

Lately we have been challenged.  You fight harder for the things you want.  You have a mute button for mine and Daddy's voices.  You want to dress yourself for school (including your underwear) and most of the time this means you want to wear pajamas.  You are strong enough to pull the mattress off your [toddler] bed.  You have pulled a half gallon of milk out of the fridge by yourself to "make a dwink." You want to do things yourself and while this can be a good thing, it can also be a very very bad thing when things don't go your way.

We're a work in progress, you and I...and I just want you to know I am trying.  I am doing the best I can, and learning things along the way.  I know what it is like to be the first and oldest child...and you are the one I will probably learn from the most. 

You have so much potential, sweet boy...and I just want to see you be the best that you can be. You have a heart that is sweet and pure; you just have to trust it more. 

So let's work together instead of against each other.  It's all a process, this growing up thing.  I know it isnt easy sometimes.  You just have to remember that Daddy and I want what is best for you...and we are trying...really, really trying.

I love you, sweet boy.



One of my biggest hopes for my children is that they will always be friends...
that they will trust in and rely on each other, that they will stick up for each other, that they will make each other laugh (and cry...that's inevitable)...and that they will appreciate the bond that they have as siblings.

As time goes on, the more I see that there is hope for that.

Every once in a while Logan gets a little jealous, but most of the time he just wants to be with her, hold her, talk to her, play with her.
When she is sleeping he wants to check on her.
When she cries he tells us she is crying or she needs a bottle.

And now that he sees she can "play", he asks to do things with her.
Friday night he wanted to watch Toy Story with her (or "camp out" as he calls it)
So we set up blankets and pillows (Boppy for her)
and although they actually only watched a total of about 5.3 minutes of the movie,
they were together, they were happy.
(I grabbed my camera as quick as I could and realized the battery was dying, which is why these ended up so blurry, nonetheless I am thankful I got anything at all)

(and Lauren learned all about his dinosaurs and bugs while playing with her favorite toy, her feet)

On Saturday morning Logan wanted to go in her room and check on her
and I grabbed my camera (again, just in time) for this one...

And last night they got a bath together
(which we recently started now that Lauren can sit up...er uh, "lounge" in her seat)

Had to use the dreaded flash because wild man couldnt sit still for a pic...
he was too busy putting alphabet foamies on Lauren's head and cracking himself up

...and despite the fact that Logan is running a high fever today and was up in the middle of the night
he cant stop playing with her today
forget lounging on the couch with a popsicle,
he wants another bathtime adventure or to laugh with her as she jumps in her jumparoo
I have tried to explain that he has germs on his hands and we dont want baby sister to get those germs
but I didnt really know what to say when he told me
"Mama, I just wove her"
except "Well buddy, she loves you too..."


sometimes I wonder...

am I the only one who goes through the Pottery Barn catalog(s), slowly and deliberately soaking in every bit of its ridiculous deliciousness page by page...then get to the end and go right back and start all over again, this time dog-earing the best pages?

am I the only one who gets sick, gets well, then gets sick again? (so far, dear autumn, you suck...except for the fact that you brought pumpkin spice lattes with you).

am I the only one who is working on Christmas decorations? (yes, I realize we are still two weeks from Thanksgiving).

and finally, am I the only one who wonders whether I'm doing the best I can, being the best I can be at being a mama?  Will I ever feel I am doing enough or doing things "right"? Is there a right?  Not really I guess, but still, sometimes, I wonder...


halloween (better late than never, right?)

I cant believe I am just now posting these.  I am not even going to take the time to edit them (gasp!)

Aside from the fact that there were a million people there, we had a great time at Spooktacular. It was really nice that this year we had Stephanie, Mimi and Poppy join us.

I tried to just be "in the moment" and not take a bunch of pictures (my mom, however, probably has 8596532 pictures from the evening because she kept stopping to for photo ops).

See that really dark tall guy in the back?
Believe it or not he's related to my porcelain babies ;)

Poor Lauren didnt have a clue what was going on but she seemed just fine with that

One of my favorite things about Spooktacular are the hundreds of hand-carved pumpkins (all done by kids)


Hope you all had a nice Halloween too :)

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away...


time flies...

and and these babies dont stop growing up on us for one second.

I cant believe she is half a year old. 
She is, quite simply, pure joy.

She is sitting up (with careful supervision)
and only rolling one way, (but somehow can make a full circle in any direction)
She kicks her legs when she is falling asleep
and pats on any and everything
she tries to hold her bottle and her spoon, but she's not quite there
she can hold a sippy cup of water (but just wants to chew on it)

She wakes us up in the morning with a song

but lies awake quietly in her crib after her nap
she laughs and giggles constantly
she gets upset if you talk to her and then walk away (and she will talk back)

She makes me look like a pro...(though I am far, far from it)

she is likely to eat your cheeks if you let her
(and you fingers if they are within reach)

She is full of surprises
She is joy
pure sweet joy.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  This week was crazy busy and despite the fact that Lauren is finally well, Logan is now sick (again) and I will be spending all day tomorrow wondering why I signed up for our neighborhood garage sale.

Back on Monday with lots of photos.


p.s.  Thank you for your prayers for sweet Connor - all his test results came back normal! :)


I have been so stressed out I gave myself a fever blister.  A giant, ugly fever blister that will take days to go away and show up in all our Halloween photos.  Awesome.

Apparently I get them from stress - when I am really, really stressed out and as you may have noticed from my last post I have been super busy which pretty much means I have been super stressed.

The last (and first) time I had a fever blister was two days after my sister's wedding, the day my parents left for Aruba for ten days, five days after the birth of my nephew (way far away where I couldnt meet him *sniff*sniff), the day before my brother left to go Iraq, and, most notably, the day Ms. Lauren was born.

I wish I didnt stress. As I've said, my mom is SuperMom and my BFFs are SuperMom2 and SuperMom3 (D and K, you know it is true) so in order to fall behind as SuperMom4 or SuperMom27, whatever I am trying to be these days, there is just a little bit of stress...
but the worst part of all is that I can't kiss on my babies (or my hubby). 
They'd better prepare themselves for when I can kiss them again because they are going to be attacked ;)

OK so enough of the woe is me crap...yall don't come here for that!

On to the PICTURES....
Yall probably come here for the pictures.  Cant be for all the misspelled words and improper grammar...

So Logan had his Costume Parade at [pre-school yesterday.  Even the directors got in on the fun:

Logan's class...

that's my little caterpillar in there...he wasn't being very smiley for me...

In fact he did this most of the time,
not really sure why as he never really looks like this (he is not shy...)
but there were a ton of people there and some kids were crying so I guess he didnt know what to think

My favorite costume was this one:
A little Spanish dancer.  I wish I could show you the whole costume as she had dangly earrings and her hair pulled up, but I dont know the rules on posting pictures of kids (or parents) I dont know...

And last night we went to the Calascione's where Katrina, as usual, did not dissapoint us with her Martha Stewart-esq decorations and food:
(by the way, I pretty much dont believe in using the flash so these are a little blurry...)

(Mummies in a blanket)

(Broomstick pretzels)

(Cucumber Eyeballs)

and I didnt get a picture of the punch but it looked like it was straight out of a Shrek movie and tasted delicious... (K, I've said it a hundred times, but you make the best punch)

Little Russell was a chef (and this little dude cooks with his mama for real too)

Natalie was Ariel

And Isabella was too :)

(Ironically there were two Ariels and two Spidermen...)

Katrina had all kinds of games and activities for the kids including making a spider snack

I'm not sure what he was telling me, but I think he thought it tasted really good
(he is a bottomless pit these days)

Tonight we are headed to Spooktacular and Saturday Logan will be with Aunt Corey and Uncle Matt while we go to the game.  They are taking him Trick-Or-Treating for the first time :)

Hope you all have a beautiful, wonderful, stress-free, safe and fun Halloween!



I am a sorry blogger...

and I dont mean to be...I just dont realize how much time has passed between posts
and quite honestly, we have been really, really busy.  So I'll try to catch up on everything as best I can...

For starters, a couple of months ago my mom, sister and I decided to take the plunge and go in together on a little business venture.  There was a time when my mom made the switch to working less hours to get a little business going on her own, but it got to be too much for her (and if you know my mom you know she is SuperMom - the kind who stays up till 2 a.m. simply to get things done...and by things I mean mop the kitchen floor...at 2 a.m....so if she cant do it alone you know it is a huge undertaking) but I digress....
this is taking up some of my time (but more of hers, I admit) and I am still trying to figure out how to balance it all = life/work/kids/pre-school/husband/dogs/etc.

In addition to that, Lauren has still been sick.  The good news is she's a real trooper and it has hardly been an issue for her (she was up at 1:00 a.m. on Sunday night with a high temp and has a constant stuffy nose, but other than that you'd really never know that she's sick with that little smile of hers).  It just worked out that today she went in for her six month appointment and we were told she is on the verge of an ear infection (lots of fluid in the ears) and was prescribed an antibiotic, so we should be doing better very soon.  She weighed in at 18 pounds and 28 inches long.  You almost have to see her in person to really appreciate how close she is to being the same size as her brother ;)

These days Lauren is my little 24/7 sidekick and I still can't get over how much fun she is even though she's been around for half a year (Seriously, WHERE DOES THE TIME GO????).  She spends her days rolling around on the play mat and talking and singing. She loves to jump in the jumparoo, though she only knows how to sway back and forth (when we bounce it for her she squeals in delight). She has started frog sitting with a little bit of help (she tends to throw herself back so I watch her like a hawk) and practicing her B's (something we hear a lot is "bbbbba bbbbbba....which Logan loves because he thinks she's calling him Bubba, so we're going with that). She is still an incredibly laid-back, happy baby.  She loves to snuggle with her little blankie or a stuffed animal and she talks to them until she falls asleep for a nap. We're still working on the baby food.  She likes everything to be mixed with cereal -- nice and thick -- and we quickly discovered that Stage I meats are completely off the menu...I'll spare you the details.

I do plan to get her six month pictures in soon, I just hoped to let her get a little better before I posed her for photos. And speaking of photos,

Logan had pumpkin patch pictures a couple of weeks ago at preschool.  He is loving going to pre-school, loving his teachers and his friends and apparently telling me "I dont want to tawk about dat" when I ask him about things he did that day.  Most of what I get out of him is that he played on the playground and that he and Chandler and Jack did something or another (there are only 4 boys in his class including him, and one only comes one day a week so I guess they have kind of teamed up). Tomorrow he has a costume parade (all the kids get to wear their costumes to school and parade around in the courtyard) and they have a mini party. He thinks pre-school is the best and I love that he's so happy there.  His teachers, Ms. Joan and Ms. Stephanie are amazing and tell me everything. I feel so blessed that he is in a place I love as much as he does.

I am still kind of in shock at how well and fast potty training went once we did the potty chart.  We have only had a couple of "akkadents" here and there and Logan now knows the reaction he gets when he tells me he had an akkadent (I say "Oh no!!! Well, accidents happen...") and so the other day on the way home he told me over and over he had an akkadent and after 15 minutes of dragging on the story of his akkadent he told me "ah, mama, I jus kiddin!"   

So my dear sweet BFF Katrina turned 30 (her birthday was Monday -- shoo, heppy birfday K!!!) and we celebrated last weekend with a little par-tay at her parent's house.  I seriously dont know if parents get more fun than hers, but they are awesome and we always have a good time with them...not to mention there was food, dancing, Russell did the worm, we got a CD of all the music as party favors and candy for the ride home AND we got to celebrate the most wonderful person with some pretty wonderful people. Katrina is AMAZING and a truly loyal and wonderful BFF. I am really really lucky to have her in my life.  K, I love you!

Last weekend we also went to a Halloween Party at "Grace Massey's House" (Grace is in Logan's class but he does not call her Grace -- he calls her Grace Massey).  There was a jump house and a play house and a swing set...Logan only had a liiiiiitle bit of fun :)

And speaking of Halloween, tomorrow night we're going to a Halloween Party at the Calascione's BECAUSE KATRINA IS AWESOME AND SHE THINKS ABOUT STUFF LIKE THIS (and seriously, like my mom, she is SuperMom).
Friday night we are going to the zoo for Spooktacular with my parents (something we've done since Logan was a year old)...

in 2007, as a biker...

and 2008, as a metal head...

if you think you are noticing a trend you would be right - Logan WOULD NOT wear anything on his head...
this year I took a gamble.
oh, and Mimi and Poppy are coming too.  Yay!
Saturday Ryan and I will be at the "World's Largest Cocktail Party" aka

the only problem?
We will be sitting with Georgia fans.

Ryan was not too excited about this but hey, the ($400) tickets are free...and as I told him,
it will be that much more fun to rub it in their faces when we win!
(we will win, right?)

OK, enough rambling for today.