the best job I've ever had...

The hours are 12:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Your breaks consist of the following: (1) the moment everyone else falls asleep for nap time/bed time; (2) the five seconds you have to run to the bathroom - although this is never a guarantee; (3) when the grandparents take over.

When you need advice or assistance, you simply get on your knees and pray. (Fortunately, most requests are answered almost instantly)

You must be able to do multiple tasks one-handed or no-handed, blindfolded and backwards.

You must know the TV schedule for Max and Ruby by heart and have CARS and WALL-E on DVD for backup in case of meltdown.

You need on hand at all times your mandatory supplies: juice cup, bottle, burp cloth, bib, diapers, snacks, carpet cleaner, laundry detergent, dish detergent, pacifier, car seat (and car, preferably with large trunk filled up by giant double stroller), blankie, change of clothes, toilet paper, bouncy seat, baby swing, camera and breast pump.

It is demanding, exhausting, and overwhelming at times and in this economy it can be financially straining

...but it is also amazing, heartwarming, and fulfilling. Not to mention the benefits are priceless...

yes, this is definitely the best job I've ever had.



I feel a little crazy for even having to say this but I have a few small requests as a parent of a newborn (by the way, when are they no longer a newborn? I am uncertain about this...six weeks maybe? Anyway, I digress...)

PLEASE do not chat away with me in the restroom about how the kids are wearing the same shirt your kid owns or "aw, look at that bow in her hair! Come here, little Suzy, look at that bow in her hair!" or "that is the cutest diaper bag, where can I get one of those? You know I had a diaper bag that I loved but the pockets on it..."...AAAAAAAAAAH! Seriously!!!! I am not trying to be mean, I do appreciate your comments, really I do, but if I am in a public restroom with a two year old and a newborn, it is an emergency...an absolute need-to-get-in-there-now emergency like say, I don't know, newborn poop running down my leg or something.

PLEASE do not let me see you leave said restroom without washing your hands and then later as you spot me in line while I am loading the belt at Target take the opportunity to touch my children with your DIRTY DIRTY hands, ESPECIALLY my BABY WHO CANNOT MOVE AWAY FROM YOU. (Again, I'm just sayin')

PLEASE do not leave your child unattended at the library where she will ask me for the UPTEENTH time if she can "PRETTY PLEASE HOLD DAt BAY-BEE????"...Yes, at three years old you look SO very capable of supporting a newborn's wobbly head and all (even though you have assured me "I PWOMISE I WILL NOT HURTS HER, I DON'T HERTS BABIES!") but NO, YOU CANNOT HOLD THE BABY (and where the heck is your mom and why is she leaving you here unattended???)

PLEASE do not tell me I have something on my shirt, ms. library worker. I know. It is spit up. It happens. I look like this at least once per week and I come to the library once per week, so chances are you will be seeing a lot of me looking this disheveled.

PLEASE do not block the isle of the store and then GLARE at me because I need to get through. I have not had my lunch yet lady and the poop incident from earlier got me a little behind schedule so no, I don't feel bad that you had to move your butt outta my way.

(All these things happened to me today).


(...and thank you all so much for all the kind words and prayers for Lauren. Yall are the best.)

two months

At two months:
You are cooing and smiling and "talking" and a generally happy, laid-back baby the majority of the time.

You have a little red spot on the back of your head that we thought might be a birthmark like mine but the pediatrician told us it is "stork bites" and will go away.

You sleep an average of 8 or 9 hours at night, eat typically 4 to 6 ounces in a sitting (depending on how much you struggle with the bottle), and take cat naps all throughout the day. It seems your favorite place to sleep is the swing, going side to side.

Your brother comforts you when you are upset (he gives you the pacifier and says "OPEN WIDE BABY SISSER!" and checks on you when you are sleeping).

You love bath time and cry like someone pinched you when you are taken out of the water.

You look like an angel when you sleep.


my sweet baby girl...

[06.27.09 - 8 weeks old, 12 pounds, 24 inches long]

Lauren has been struggling with her bottles for some time now, and it has been getting worse the older she gets. She thrashes around and cries and wiggles and looks at you with sad eyes (and sometimes tears) and it is heartbreaking.

On Wednesday I decided I couldn't take any more of the waiting (her two month appointment wasn't until July 9) and called the pediatrician's office. They fit me in for the next day. The nurse I had spoken to told me that most likely we would need to get Lauren's tongue clipped - pretty much what we had thought since we had suspected she had a tongue tie. And when I took her in yesterday the pediatrician confirmed that it sounded like that was the problem and she assured me it was fairly common and would not be extremely painful...but it would most likely help her and help her keep weight where it needs to be (she hadn't gained as much as they would have liked)...

but as it turns out she doesn't have the tongue tie. She didn't even have a frenulum to cut.

What the pediatrician explained is that she has a tiny tongue - a tiny little heart-shaped tongue that just can't handle eating like she should, so we have to see a feeding/speech specialist who will hopefully help us find ways to help her and assist her with learning how to eat and prevent this small problem from becoming a bigger one.

So now...we wait and we try to help her as much as we can and we encourage whatever it is that helps her (which right now is simply feeding her when she's sleepy or before she's really hungry).

I reminded myself on the drive home that although I was upset it wasn't an "easy" fix, it most likely will be nothing to worry about in the years to come...and if it is, that is OK too...because it could always be worse.

I know it sounds kind of silly to worry about something other people may feel is something so small, but when you become a parent you start to realize that anything you see your child go through and struggle with makes you want to put on your red cape, knock down walls with your stick of dynamite and save the day.

And man, what a gift it is to be her Mama. To be there to help her when she struggles, to sacrifice whatever I can to help her, to be her cheerleader...it is the least that I can do for her right now.

So if you would say a little prayer for her today, we'd appreciate that.
Hope you're having a beautiful weekend.


swimming lessons

Logan has been taking swimming lessons with Nana every Thursday.

On Sunday afternoon we went to my parent's pool (they had taken him to church and he was already in it when we got there), and we found him swimming like a fish!

Just weeks before he had refused to wear swimmies on his arms and for anyone holding him in the water to let go of him. Mom has taught him the basics - including spitting out water that gets into his mouth (something he did not like before) and kicking his feet.

I was cracking up at his "gear" (he said it was his "hat and glasses") but I was super proud to see him doing so well.

He eventually decided he didnt want to wear his "hat and glasses" and let Daddy wear them. He decided instead that he needed to wear his Crocks in the pool.

(and that is his new [fake] turtle in the background, which he took to church that morning. Apparently it was a hit or so the teacher said. He later told me "the girls at church not like my turtle.")

still here...

Sorry for the late post. I am still working on finding programs and files from the old computer and it's been a real pain.

I don't remember too much from the past week or so except that we celebrated Father's Day (and Matt's birthday) last weekend with my family and will be celebrating Father's Day (and Poppy's birthday) this weekend. Ryan and I have some pretty terrific dads who do countless things to help us out all the time. To say the least they are awesome and we are thankful for all they've done to raise us and teach us and be an example to us...and they are pretty much BFF with Logan and we think that is pretty cool too :)

This is Ryan's last week at home and I am admittedly a little bummed out. We are really going to miss the time we've been able to share with him. He's been a big help in getting us all settled as a family of four. This will always be a time that was special to us and Ryan I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the best Daddy and husband I could ever ask for.

After our initial plans fell through, we went to the beach yesterday and it was beautiful -- slightly overcast at times and a nice breeze blowing. It has been about 100 degrees every day and so with it being 92 yesterday it actually felt good with a breeze in the air

Lauren and I spent most of the time under the umbrella enjoying the breeze and Ryan spent time with Logan in the "pool" (the ocean) and building sandcastles. [To say that Logan loves the beach is a real understatement]

Taking an almost-two-month old baby to the beach was not near as scary as I thought it would be. She slept most of the time and seemed to enjoy the breeze and just chillin' with her Mama.

We are headed back to the beach for July 4th with my family and (hopefully) will spend many more days there throughout the summer.

Melanie, Anthony & Connor are coming into town this week and we are so excited! Hopefully I will have some pictures to post this weekend.

Hope you all are having a beautiful day!



(p.s. Jen, in looking at that picture it reminds me to once again say thank you for those pacifier holders! Lauren LOVES to have a pacifier and I would probably lose my mind without having one attached to the diaper bag and her bib at all times!)


in case you need a laugh today...

(Does she not look like she's thinking "HELP ME!" ????)


sLoWLy bUt SuRelY GoInG InSAnE


We dont know how much more we can take this week

It started months ago when our computer went haywire and the motherboard fried on us. We've been dreading the repair and finally took it in on Friday. Since then it has been one issue after another after another. We finally got the dang thing back last night and were up until 2 a.m. working on it, trying to get it up and running. We made two trips to Wal-Mart and one up into the attic for parts. We were both ready to scream or cuss or do something irrational when the dang machine finally started to come together and start to work...but wait, dont go thinking all is well. Oh no. There is this humming sound the fan makes...and by humming I mean a rediculous 747 jet plane engine hum. It is not subtle. It will not stop and it is slowly driving us insane.

Ryan's 3-in-1 weedwacker/edger also died and he is about one step away from beating it into the floor of the garage.

Our A/C isn't cooling the house (even after a $160 service call) and let's just say that 89 degrees is not comfortable -- for anyone.

So anyway, we are here. Going crazy a little bit at a time. Learning that getting out of the house can be a good and a bad thing, but doing it anyway. The kids are actually about the only thing keeping us sane...and I mean that. Last night while tucking Logan into bed he had me giggling. Then I went and got Lauren, fed her a bottle while she dozed off in my arms and it took my mind off all the issues we were having - at least for a little while. When Ryan was frustrated I told him to hold Lauren and I think it did wonders for him too. THEY are what it is all about, that's for sure.

Hope you all have a nice weekend. Be sure to kiss your Dad and tell him how much you love him! I know I will :)


Daddy Time

Ryan has been on paternity leave since Lauren was born. Through his employer they offer 12 weeks of paternity leave -- at full pay. (I wish more employers could offer this benefit as it is obviously an amazing opportunity to welcome in a new family member)

One of the best things about this leave is the time that Ryan gets to spend with Logan and do fun things like the bike ride they went on this morning...

...and when I asked him to smile, he did this:

It has been six weeks since Lauren was born and time is flying by. We sure are going to miss all the special times we had together. We love you, Daddy!

p.s. We're getting our computer worked on over the weekend so I'll be away for a while. Hope you all have a nice one!



Working on my wall of photos for the hallway. (Mixing it up with some color for a change)...

capturing this little one even at her fussy moments (she just woke up)...

Ryan got this one of Papaw and Logan (after he insisted he didn't want his photo taken)...

...adding in some new photos of our sweet girl...

...and of our family as a whole...

...and trying to capture the little things while they are still little...
(yeah, I'm talking about the feet. She gets those thighs from her mama)



...hates having his picture taken (90% of the time)

Working on potty training (key word: working)

Loves to watch Max & Ruby (over and over and over)

Soaking up his special time with Daddy (Mama has taken a back seat for sure)

Likes to work on puzzles and play dinosaurs (and cars too of course)

Obsessed with wearing Crocks (we're working on flip flops too like his Mama)

Is a big help with "Baby Sisser"& is a proud big brother (he brings us her pacifer when she cries, a diaper when she goes for a change, and checks on her when she is sleeping)

...but still a little jealous of company's time when they come to visit ("wanna go play in my room?!?")


...sleeping 7 straight hours at night (but fights naps like her brother)

Getting a little more vocal when she wants something (inevitable, huh?)

Enjoys bath time (and looking at herself in the mirror)

Starting to give smiles (Ryan swears it is gas)

Has a "heart" tounge (like her Aunt Corey and Papa)

Loves to be held and rocked (and wrapped in her sleepy wrap)

Is growing soooo fast (I have way too many clothes she still needs to wear!)

Has her Mama and Daddy wrapped around her little finger

Hope you all are having a nice weekend...

P.S. Kalen, we hope you have a wonderful birthday! We love you & wish you safe travels "home"...