random thoughts

*Lauren turned five months old on Sunday and I have not taken her picture(s). Hopefully I'll get to that tomorrow. We had Mimi and Poppy over for a visit and I cleaned and did laundry all day so the photos will have to wait.

*My hair has finally stopped falling out in chunks. Thank you God.

*Still in awe over Tebow's concussion. I seriously think my heart stopped beating for a second when I saw him on the ground, not moving. Say what you want about him, but personally I never want to see anyone get hurt in football game. And even if you hate the very idea of the Gators, please put him in your prayers.

*Stressing over getting my house deep-cleaned, all the fall decorations out, and organizing it all (and just about the time this is done it will be time for the Christmas decorations to come out). I swear.

*Ironing my husband's shirts made his day today (which made mine too).

*Went to the beach this weekend and I can't stop thinking about how it was probably our last trip of the year (even though it will be hot until December, there is just too much going on from here on).

*Today it is about 85 degrees. In Florida we consider that an early cold front. (and it feels AMAZING).

*Logan got his hair cut today (finally). Thank you Poppy, he looks so much better.

*I've slowed down on my consumption of the Chex Mix I was obsessing over. Realized that I probably do need to be able to fit into my pants thankyouverymuch. (And that dang bag says "70% LESS FAT THAN POTATO CHIPS!" which is really, really cruel as far as I'm concerned.)

*Wishing I could go to sleep at this very moment simply because both kids are and well, quite frankly I am jealous :)



Last night we had dinner plans with our friends Chris and Kristin and their sweet baby boy Noah.

I had stopped off at my parent's house before we all met up and Logan decided to stay with them for dinner. My brother is here for about two weeks and he loves to teach Logan all kinds of fun little boy things like how to flip your eyelids inside out and make spitballs. (Thank you Uncle Kalen). So naturally, this was more fun than having to behave for mom and dad.

After dinner we went to Starbucks and Noah and Lauren shared a chair...

Noah is almost nine months old and weighs about a pound more than Lauren if you can believe that. From the way she looks in these pictures I think she just might be wondering if his arms would taste like chicken ;)


my little explorer

She is something else.
Still a nosy one.
Still rides in the car with her head poking out to see whatever it is she thinks she's missing out on.
She loves jumping in the jumparoo until she is over-stimulated.
Loves to stand up and face forward.
Loves to be in the Baby Bjorn as long as it faces outward.
Loves to be on the changing table, have her diaper changed and have a chat.
Still can't lay on a flat surface without rolling over in 2.2 seconds (and still cant figure out how to get back over the other way).
She loves to be surrounded by toys and crazy, bright fabrics.
She is my little explorer, my little adventure seeker. She is so.much.fun.



Where does the time go????

We went in for his three year check up yesterday. He got a flu vaccine (the nasal mist) and one shot (HIB). He didn't cry for either, which is pretty miraculous considering that at home, coming anywhere near him with so much as a q-tip results in nothing short of a panic attack.

He's still a skinny little dude at 29.5 pounds and 37 inches tall (though he wouldn't sit still so that might be off by an inch or so). He's finally out of the 5th percentile for weight. Yay :)

Overall he's doing great. Next on the to-do list is tackle our first visit to the dentist (totally dreading that one).

And in other news, a special thank you to Ms. Katrina - who suggested we try a sticker/potty chart for Logan (and she even created a personalized chart just for him, which he LOVES). That, along with positive reinforcement has been working wonders around here.

And just yesterday he actually asked me to take a picture of Lauren. When I got out the camera he said "wait for me!"

He's coming around...

Love you buddy. You are growing up way too fast.



Listening to: Pandora - Erin McCarley Radio mix. Lady Antebellum. Ben Harper (borrowed from the library). Talk radio in the morning as I take Logan to pre-school, though most of the talking comes from Logan.

Wanting to listen to: the new Colbie Caillat cd, Lauren's singing (she's doing less of that and more humming for some reason), Ryan's laugh (makes my heart happy) and Logan saying "I missed you mama!" when I pick him up from pre-school.

Favorite thing to eat: Chex Sweet & Salty Snack Mix...(and seriously thinking about purchasing this)

Craving: Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. Every.Single.Day.

Cant stop: The ever-growing TO-DO list. Wanting to organize and clean more than ever though I lack the motivation and energy

Excited for: The changing seasons. The pumpkin patch. Gator football. Halloween costumes in the works.

Wishing I had more time for: Playing with Logan at his sand table in the backyard. Taking pictures. Exercise. Playdates with Katrina and the kids.

Loving: The simple things...saving money, dishes done, a clean house, my freshly bathed babes.

Doing: Sleeping less, staying up late. Sneaking Logan's gummy vitamins - they are making my nails grow longer and stronger than ever (and as a transcriptist I need all the help I can get). Thinking about how fast the next three months are going to fly by...I love this time of year but man does Christmas sneak up on me.

Thankful for: Our health. Our lives. Each other.


Green thumbs?

Let me just start by saying that after a few years I think I have a pretty good hand on growing things. For the most part I can keep a plant alive, growing, and even producing flowers, but I am struggling as to how to start a garden and actually keep it alive.

I know this may not be the best time of year to get started, but this is something I've been thinking about for a while...and let's face it, it's not very fun to start a garden when it's a thousand degrees in the shade (and we have no shade here. None.)

We have had a lime tree that has not produced one lime in six years (from what I understand it is a "male" and needs "female" pollen) and strawberry plants that produce [teeeenie tiny] strawberries -- only before I can pick them they are consumed by birds and God knows what else.

Ideally I'd like to plant something I could actually eat (i.e.: no jalapenos thankyouverymuch) and if I can stay away from any form of pesticide, that'd be great too. More than anything I just want something fun for me and Logan (and Lauren eventually) to be able to do together and watch it all grow.

So, I guess what I am asking is:

If you know of a plant that produces fruit or vegetables that doesn't like to be eaten by animals or insects or snakes or geese or lizards and won't have to be doused in chemicals and doesn't kill over in the hot Florida sun but can stand a short period of cold weather for about two weeks in January and doesn't need shade and likes a lot of sun and can handle my lack of a green thumb and the little bit of attention I can give it with two small children,

then wonderful...

please share this magical plant with me and tell me how to keep it alive.


Orlando (photo heavy...have your cup of coffee ready)

On Monday night we went to Downtown Disney and took Logan to dinner at T-Rex. Other than being a little nervous at first (as soon as you walk in there is a giant, roaring T-Rex), I think he loved it.

...and then we walked over to Lego Land where Ryan and Logan played for a while and I took Lauren on a little stroll

He wanted to pet each dog and "talk" to them
(and don't you just love the fake smile?)
and then we had a frozen mocha from the Ghiradeli ice cream store. mmm.

On Tuesday morning we headed over to Disney World

(A special thank you to Ms. Shari, who made not only a shirt for Logan and a dress for Lauren, but an additional outfit for Lauren and a bag for all her bottles! I was asked all day long where I got everything. I should have gotten her business cards...)

miss chubby cheeks, all ready to go

I promise he was happy. He just loves to torment me.
We are not the type to wait in line to meet a character, but when we walked out of the Buzz Lightyear ride, the man himself was waiting for someone to show up
Oh he makes some lovely photos, doesn't he? He looks like we're pinching him.

and my favorite moment of the entire day:

While we were waiting for the finishing touches on Logan's silhouette to be done, he started talking to Lauren. She ate it up and started "talking" back and laughing. They weren't saying anything we could understand, but I know somewhere in there was an I love you.
of course this turned me into a ball of mush and goo.

And on our way back home on Wednesday, Ryan and I had the conversation we have every time we leave the magic of Disney behind...
when are we going back?



We all know where we were on this day in 2001.
It is hard to believe it was eight years ago.

There really are no words to explain how something of that magnitude impacts us all. Our lives changed in many ways after 9/11.

For me, 9/11 holds a tiny bit of irony...

D, one of my best friends, used to work inside the World Trade Center many years ago before she and her family moved here. And since I have known her, when I think of New York, I think of D. She may no longer live there, but her heart is there and her accent certainly never left.

On that morning the towers fell I called her cell (she was on vacation with her family) and then I remembered: today is her birthday.

In 2004, Ryan and I went to New York and visited the hollow spot where the towers used to be. We went to the tiny church nearby that served as a temporary refuge for firefighters and police officers. I saw it for myself, and even years later I could not fully comprehend what really happened.

I dont ever really know how to handle this day - each and every year it comes around I feel a strong mix of sadness and grattitude.

So today I just want to keep it simple and say to D: I love you and I am so incredibly thankful you are here and in my life. Thank you for all that you are. You are an inspiration to moms everywhere. Happy birthday, my friend.



I hope you know


Today you are three years old.

On my heart today are these simple things, things I hope you know and always remember:

You were born into a family with more love for you than you could ever imagine. Your arrival into this world made so many people so very happy, and each and every person has helped to guide you, teach you, and shape you in their own special way into the person you are today.
You were named after someone very special, my dear friend Logan Need - and I know in my heart that a part of him still lives on in you.
You are stubborn, playful, independent, funny, vocal when things don't go your way, well up with tears when you are in trouble, and not always the best listener. Truth is, you may look just like your daddy but you act just like your mama.

Remember to keep Jesus in your heart. His presence is evident there.

You make me laugh. Every.single.day.

You say some of the most random, crazy things and sometimes I have to turn my head when you are in trouble so you don't see me laugh.
Your little giggle is priceless.
You made me who I am today. You define everything I am, everything I do, and who I strive to be. The day you were born changed everything for me and I am forever grateful for that.
You can be anything you want to be.

You have the best daddy in the whole world. He is a great example of what a husband and father should be...and with that being said, you have some pretty amazing grandfathers and great-grandfathers too.

I look back at your little personality as a baby and laugh...it was all there in front of me, I just didn't know it. You are a priceless work of art, sweet boy.

You are a wonderful big brother. You have a tender heart for our doggies (and most other animals, even bugs). You talk to random people on elevators and in hallways and at the grocery store and announce news like how you've pooped today or how you have two dogs or simply tell them "I am a mess." You love Target and ask me at least once a week if we can go there "to look at cars." You give the best kisses in the world. When you tell me you love me, my heart melts and I turn into a big ball of goo. I love to hear you talk as you are falling asleep (and make absolutely no sense at all). When you are sad you ask if I will hold you...and I know some day you will be too big to be held in my lap, but remember - you will always be my little boy, even when you're 87 and I am a million years old...you will always ALWAYS be that sweet little boy I see today, and I will always be there for you with open arms.
I hope you have a very, very happy third birthday.
I love you with all my heart.



We are...


We are spending an extended weekend at Disney World to celebrate Logan's birthday.

Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing, fun-filled Labor Day Weekend.

[And a very happy birthday wish to Baby Grace who turns one year old on 09/09/09! Happy Birthday Grace!]


(And Stephie and Todd, we owe you something big for staying at the house and watching our dogs. Thank you thank you thank you.)



For Logan's birthday party I decided on a beach theme since he loves it so much...
and he told me several times throughout the morning as I was setting up "I like my party!" and that was all the thanks I could ask for.

Not to mention he actually gave me a smile for once...No beach-themed party is complete without "sand" (thanks mom)

Logan's best friends, Natalie and Russell :)
...and thank you Natalie for helping Logan blow out his candle
(for some reason he seemed to have no desire to blow it out)

I could not resist that little guy when I saw him at A.C. Moore
My sister Corey and the newest member of the family, Miss Daisy
(in her Gator jersey of course)

...and despite the fact that I look very pregnant in this picture (which of course I am not), I had to post it because it is the only shot we got of that tower of cars. Said tower of cars caused a huge meltdown precisely after this was taken because he did not want to let it out of his arms for one second.
(He had another present waiting outside for him, but he did not care...those cars were all he could think about).

His mini shopping cart 'o goodies from Mel/Anthony/Connor & Stephanie/Todd/Gracyn.

Love it.

...and when he finally took the time to discover his new sand/water table outside he loved it.
We spent about 30 minutes out there this evening where he laughed and played with me and told me "Mama, dis jus like the beach!"
The rest of our evening was spent watching him slowly push his shopping cart *(full, all the way to the top with cars) all around the house. He was so tired, he pushed while his head rested on the handlebars.
And I just want to say a quick thank you to all of you who celebrated with us...
Thank you to Matt, who took photos for me so that I could be in the moment (among all the craziness, I never even had to ask -- bless you)...
Thank you to Ryan, who helped me tremendously despite my requests that seemed to make no sense. You're amazing...
Thank you Mimi and Poppy, who took Logan at the last minute for me so that I could clean his disasterous room and actually get some work done around here...
And finally, thank you Mom for always being the creative genius you are, for volunteering your party supplies, your time, and most of all, your heart.
Happy Birthday Logan. We love you!