I have been so stressed out I gave myself a fever blister.  A giant, ugly fever blister that will take days to go away and show up in all our Halloween photos.  Awesome.

Apparently I get them from stress - when I am really, really stressed out and as you may have noticed from my last post I have been super busy which pretty much means I have been super stressed.

The last (and first) time I had a fever blister was two days after my sister's wedding, the day my parents left for Aruba for ten days, five days after the birth of my nephew (way far away where I couldnt meet him *sniff*sniff), the day before my brother left to go Iraq, and, most notably, the day Ms. Lauren was born.

I wish I didnt stress. As I've said, my mom is SuperMom and my BFFs are SuperMom2 and SuperMom3 (D and K, you know it is true) so in order to fall behind as SuperMom4 or SuperMom27, whatever I am trying to be these days, there is just a little bit of stress...
but the worst part of all is that I can't kiss on my babies (or my hubby). 
They'd better prepare themselves for when I can kiss them again because they are going to be attacked ;)

OK so enough of the woe is me crap...yall don't come here for that!

On to the PICTURES....
Yall probably come here for the pictures.  Cant be for all the misspelled words and improper grammar...

So Logan had his Costume Parade at [pre-school yesterday.  Even the directors got in on the fun:

Logan's class...

that's my little caterpillar in there...he wasn't being very smiley for me...

In fact he did this most of the time,
not really sure why as he never really looks like this (he is not shy...)
but there were a ton of people there and some kids were crying so I guess he didnt know what to think

My favorite costume was this one:
A little Spanish dancer.  I wish I could show you the whole costume as she had dangly earrings and her hair pulled up, but I dont know the rules on posting pictures of kids (or parents) I dont know...

And last night we went to the Calascione's where Katrina, as usual, did not dissapoint us with her Martha Stewart-esq decorations and food:
(by the way, I pretty much dont believe in using the flash so these are a little blurry...)

(Mummies in a blanket)

(Broomstick pretzels)

(Cucumber Eyeballs)

and I didnt get a picture of the punch but it looked like it was straight out of a Shrek movie and tasted delicious... (K, I've said it a hundred times, but you make the best punch)

Little Russell was a chef (and this little dude cooks with his mama for real too)

Natalie was Ariel

And Isabella was too :)

(Ironically there were two Ariels and two Spidermen...)

Katrina had all kinds of games and activities for the kids including making a spider snack

I'm not sure what he was telling me, but I think he thought it tasted really good
(he is a bottomless pit these days)

Tonight we are headed to Spooktacular and Saturday Logan will be with Aunt Corey and Uncle Matt while we go to the game.  They are taking him Trick-Or-Treating for the first time :)

Hope you all have a beautiful, wonderful, stress-free, safe and fun Halloween!



I am a sorry blogger...

and I dont mean to be...I just dont realize how much time has passed between posts
and quite honestly, we have been really, really busy.  So I'll try to catch up on everything as best I can...

For starters, a couple of months ago my mom, sister and I decided to take the plunge and go in together on a little business venture.  There was a time when my mom made the switch to working less hours to get a little business going on her own, but it got to be too much for her (and if you know my mom you know she is SuperMom - the kind who stays up till 2 a.m. simply to get things done...and by things I mean mop the kitchen floor...at 2 a.m....so if she cant do it alone you know it is a huge undertaking) but I digress....
this is taking up some of my time (but more of hers, I admit) and I am still trying to figure out how to balance it all = life/work/kids/pre-school/husband/dogs/etc.

In addition to that, Lauren has still been sick.  The good news is she's a real trooper and it has hardly been an issue for her (she was up at 1:00 a.m. on Sunday night with a high temp and has a constant stuffy nose, but other than that you'd really never know that she's sick with that little smile of hers).  It just worked out that today she went in for her six month appointment and we were told she is on the verge of an ear infection (lots of fluid in the ears) and was prescribed an antibiotic, so we should be doing better very soon.  She weighed in at 18 pounds and 28 inches long.  You almost have to see her in person to really appreciate how close she is to being the same size as her brother ;)

These days Lauren is my little 24/7 sidekick and I still can't get over how much fun she is even though she's been around for half a year (Seriously, WHERE DOES THE TIME GO????).  She spends her days rolling around on the play mat and talking and singing. She loves to jump in the jumparoo, though she only knows how to sway back and forth (when we bounce it for her she squeals in delight). She has started frog sitting with a little bit of help (she tends to throw herself back so I watch her like a hawk) and practicing her B's (something we hear a lot is "bbbbba bbbbbba....which Logan loves because he thinks she's calling him Bubba, so we're going with that). She is still an incredibly laid-back, happy baby.  She loves to snuggle with her little blankie or a stuffed animal and she talks to them until she falls asleep for a nap. We're still working on the baby food.  She likes everything to be mixed with cereal -- nice and thick -- and we quickly discovered that Stage I meats are completely off the menu...I'll spare you the details.

I do plan to get her six month pictures in soon, I just hoped to let her get a little better before I posed her for photos. And speaking of photos,

Logan had pumpkin patch pictures a couple of weeks ago at preschool.  He is loving going to pre-school, loving his teachers and his friends and apparently telling me "I dont want to tawk about dat" when I ask him about things he did that day.  Most of what I get out of him is that he played on the playground and that he and Chandler and Jack did something or another (there are only 4 boys in his class including him, and one only comes one day a week so I guess they have kind of teamed up). Tomorrow he has a costume parade (all the kids get to wear their costumes to school and parade around in the courtyard) and they have a mini party. He thinks pre-school is the best and I love that he's so happy there.  His teachers, Ms. Joan and Ms. Stephanie are amazing and tell me everything. I feel so blessed that he is in a place I love as much as he does.

I am still kind of in shock at how well and fast potty training went once we did the potty chart.  We have only had a couple of "akkadents" here and there and Logan now knows the reaction he gets when he tells me he had an akkadent (I say "Oh no!!! Well, accidents happen...") and so the other day on the way home he told me over and over he had an akkadent and after 15 minutes of dragging on the story of his akkadent he told me "ah, mama, I jus kiddin!"   

So my dear sweet BFF Katrina turned 30 (her birthday was Monday -- shoo, heppy birfday K!!!) and we celebrated last weekend with a little par-tay at her parent's house.  I seriously dont know if parents get more fun than hers, but they are awesome and we always have a good time with them...not to mention there was food, dancing, Russell did the worm, we got a CD of all the music as party favors and candy for the ride home AND we got to celebrate the most wonderful person with some pretty wonderful people. Katrina is AMAZING and a truly loyal and wonderful BFF. I am really really lucky to have her in my life.  K, I love you!

Last weekend we also went to a Halloween Party at "Grace Massey's House" (Grace is in Logan's class but he does not call her Grace -- he calls her Grace Massey).  There was a jump house and a play house and a swing set...Logan only had a liiiiiitle bit of fun :)

And speaking of Halloween, tomorrow night we're going to a Halloween Party at the Calascione's BECAUSE KATRINA IS AWESOME AND SHE THINKS ABOUT STUFF LIKE THIS (and seriously, like my mom, she is SuperMom).
Friday night we are going to the zoo for Spooktacular with my parents (something we've done since Logan was a year old)...

in 2007, as a biker...

and 2008, as a metal head...

if you think you are noticing a trend you would be right - Logan WOULD NOT wear anything on his head...
this year I took a gamble.
oh, and Mimi and Poppy are coming too.  Yay!
Saturday Ryan and I will be at the "World's Largest Cocktail Party" aka

the only problem?
We will be sitting with Georgia fans.

Ryan was not too excited about this but hey, the ($400) tickets are free...and as I told him,
it will be that much more fun to rub it in their faces when we win!
(we will win, right?)

OK, enough rambling for today. 



a small request

If you have a minute today, please say a prayer for my nephew Connor.  And if you have two minutes, please pray for his mama and daddy too...I am sure it would make them feel a bit better to know you are thinking of them.

Hope you all have a great weekend.




Not too much to report

Had to take Lauren to [feeding] therapy last week and although she had been sick about a week I blew it off because I figured she had the same cold bug we all had (though her breathing sounded really bad and congested).  Then the therapist told me I needed to take her in to the doctor asap because she had actually dropped a half pound in a month and this was a concern.  This is almost laughable to me because Lauren is in the 95th percentile for weight and so she dropped down to the 90th percentile. I think that is okay dont you?  But whatever, I took her straight to the pediatrician's office and guess what?  She just has a bad cold.

Logan went to the fall festival at our church with my parents last night.  The weather here took a sharp drop in tempature and it finally feels like fall.  Now I dont know what my kids are supposed to wear since cold weather only seems to last a couple of days around here. And from there the weather turns back to the 80's and we all end up with a cold.  Again.

Lauren is all about snuggling with her animals when she sleeps...and if she doesnt have an animal she has a tiny soft pink blanket.

Yesterday I went to Publix and used my coupons. I noticed the lady behind me kept looking at the screen for my total.  By the time I was supposed to be paying I had two people (one was a man) taking notes and writing down everything I was saying about using coupons. Hilarious.

Logan is all about his big boy underwear and school.  Today he asked me if he could go to school and I told him he didnt have school today...so he tells me "Mama, I have school today and I not going to have ANY akkadents, I pwomise."

Beef stroganoff is working its magic in the crockpot.  I dont think there is anything better than a meal that cooks itself.

Today we're headed out to another pumpkin patch with Russell and Natalie.  Pictures to come.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.


the potty chart *you probably dont care, but I'm sharing anyway.

I regret that I didnt get to this post sooner because it has been such a huge, amazing, wonderful change in our house and I couldn't wait to tell you all how excited we have been because we can finally say that Logan is potty trained (!!!!!!). I just want to make sure we had actually accomplished our goal before I mentioned it.

Those of you making fun of me right now have either (a) never gone through the nightmare that is potty training; (b) don't appreciate poop that goes where it belongs; (c) have never wiped up said poop from unimaginable surfaces; or (d) all of the above.

So yeah, I have been a little excited to say the least AND WHO WOULDNT BE AFTER A YEAR OF TRYING TO GET BODILY FLUIDS WHERE THEY BELONG (see my posts from the past year and count how many places I have cleaned up after "akkadents"...go ahead...count 'em). 

I owe my BFF Katrina some serious credit.  About a month ago she recommended a simple, no-nonsense approach:  the potty chart. Yeah, a chart.  Forget the bribery, the M&Ms, the cars, the time-outs, the big boy training pants, the running around naked approach and dont even get me started on all the tears and frustration (from each of us). 

So she made a chart just for him and he LOVED it.  He got a sticker for every time he went to the potty...and pretty soon, before we knew it, he was making himself go just so he could have a sticker.  From there everything else just kind of fell in place (and he now even tells us he needs his "pryacy" and sometimes wants to close the door and look at his "mail", aka a toy catalog).

This is what I get when I ask for a smile.
And if you made it this far, good for you! I am either very impressed or you are Mimi & Poppy or Nana & Papa.
Your reward is [hopefully] not having to read any more stories about bodily functions for at least a year and a half...


the pumpkin patch

Today Ryan had the day off from work and so we went down to Logan's pre-school to visit the pumpkin patch.  We went to this particular pumpkin patch when Logan was a newborn, so you know I had to go and dig up those photos...

just over a month old

and today, just over three...

My, how things have changed.

and yes, we tried to find a good spot to put Lauren so we could get a photo of just her, but there wasn't one...and it did not help that it was approximately ONE THOUSAND degrees (unlike the year we took Logan when it was obviously chilly since he's practically wearing what we consider a snow suit here in Florida).

We did get a nice lady to take our picture, so that in itself was worth the trip...
(try to ignore the fact that Logan looks like he is about to cry and Lauren is showing off her bloomers...)
He was having fun, I promise.

This is what I look like when I am muttering "take the picture quick!"
(I was about to fall over, leaning on a pumpkin that fell down and trying to hold Lauren with one arm...)

Daddy and his girl

Logan informed us that he could only have a small pumpkin because (as he pointed to them) "aww dose big ones is too heaby"...so we let him pick out what he wanted - which was four "baby" ones and two "widdle" ones.

We then put Lauren in her stroller and Logan on his trike and took a nice little stroll through Ortega before we stopped for lunch.

And later, Logan fell asleep in his bed clutching all six pumpkins in his arms. 
It was a good day.


Lauren says...

Go Gators!!!!

...Now does anyone know what I am supposed to do with this remote thingy?

...and just a little note....Mr. Logan spent the night with Aunt Corey and Uncle Matt last night and is going to see the Toy Story 3D double feature today.  He's one lucky boy! 
A special post all about him is coming soon. He's so busy with school I never get to take his picture ;)
Hope you all have a great weekend!


five months

Sometimes I simply cannot get enough of you.  You are a sweet, happy, funny and sometimes feisty little girl. You love to be held (usually facing out) and put your hand on my face or hold my fingers.  In your own little wiggly way you are a snuggler like me and I love that :)

You love to "sing" for what seems like hours and entertain yourself well with your performances.  You love to look at yourself in the mirror and you completely light up when Logan talks to you.

You are starting to let me know more when you are hungry (seems the bottle is not enough these days) but still pretty much cry/whine only when you are tired and I am very, very thankful for that.

You have a smile that can light up a room and your little pathetic poochie lip cry is a sure-fire way to tug at my heart.  Seeing you sick for the first time was hard - I hated to watch you struggle with your stuffy little nose, chest congested cough and sad little eyes filled with tears.

I find myself often thinking that if I could get the promise that I'd have another baby as easygoing as you are, I'd do it in a heartbeat.  This may or may not also be the case for your daddy :)

And  I can't believe in a few short weeks you will be half a year old. ACK! So please, while you can, stay little.  Keep giving me those slobbery kisses and giggle like mad when I tickle you. Keep singing to me all morning long and grunting at your bottle.  You can even cry when you want and fuss when you need to.  I promise I dont mind...just stay this way...just the way you are right this minute. Please?

Love you,


a story

So we've been sick around here, hence my dissappearing act.  I didn't meant to fall into a hole, it just kind of happened.

Just wanted to share a little story:

On Sunday morning I was laying on the couch browsing through the newspaper when I found this article.  I thought it was a cool story but went back to being sick and didn't think about it again...

Fast forward to last night when I went out to get a humidifier at Target.  After I finished there I went across the street to Publix to get a few groceries. 

As a sidenote, many of you know I have gotten pretty involved in couponing and the concept of stockpiling (though my stockpile is a small storage container in the garage, it is something).  I have saved so much money dilligently using coupons that I can't imagine what I was thinking not using them before.  They have literally cut our grocery bill in half.  So last night, although I didn't NEED anything, I went ahead and grabbed a few additional items because the new sale was about to start.

I grabbed the items that I needed and got in line.  While I was putting my items on the belt I noticed the woman in front of me - mid-40's, still in her work uniform, no wedding ring...and asking the cashier to take items off her bill one at a time.  She held the cash in her hands and counted it again.  I started to notice the items she was putting back -- first it was a gallon of tea, then a package of string cheese, then a package of grapes.  Grapes.  What are those, like $3? I have never, ever in my life considered having to put grapes -- or any essential food item -- back on the shelf because I couldn't afford it.

So then it hit me.

I asked her, "Ma'am, can I purchase those items for you?"

This is when she started to cry.  Tears litterally began streaming down her face.  She told me she was a single mom, trying to make ends meet.  She tried to refuse my offer (kindly), explaining that it was okay, she would be okay without these things.  So then the cashier started crying.  Then I started crying.  I told her no kids should go without string cheese and then we all started laughing.

So there we were, on Lane 4, a bunch of women crying and laughing...and Logan sitting in the basket up front looking at me like I was a lunatic.

So I paid for the items and she got out a "thank you".  I told her she was more than welcome.  And as she walked away she turned to me and she said, "God will surely bless you for this"...and although I wasn't able to say so at the time I was thinking He already has.

I hesitated to tell this story for fear it would come across like I did something to be proud of -- in fact, what I saved in coupons more than covered the cost of her groceries, so it was nothing to be proud of...but I guess what I wanted to say is that maybe in some small way the little things we do make an impact.  And no, it doesn't have to cost money, it just needs to come from our heart.

Maybe someday I will be in a position like that and will need someone to come through for me.  Maybe I won't...but it doesn't change anything.  I could, so I did...and honestly, there is a part of me that cannot wait to do it again :)