This afternoon we were driving home from picking up our [second/live] tree
and we were almost home when we heard Logan from the backseat:

"I wove my famiwy..."

Me too, little buddy.  Me too.


This is when...

When we travel both near and far to gather together with the ones we love.
When we take a minute to say thanks for our blessings.
When we stuff our faces and pile our plates high just so we can make ourselves miserable.
When the house smells of good food in the oven, four dogs are under foot, and kids take over the house.
When we hold hands and say a prayer of thanks for the year that has been...
When we are grateful for the ones we love,
When we appreciate our health and the life we have been given,
When we reflect on those who have passed and how much we miss them,
When we rejoice for the new faces at the table,
When we hug each other a little tighter, appreciate each other a little more, and think about the ones who are far away and couldn't be with us.

Today I am thankful for so many things,
but more than anything I am thankful to a God who has blessed me so immensely
that I take every small detail of my life for granted until this very day
and yet He still loves me...

God is so good.

I am thankful for all of you, sweet friends.

Have a wonderful, beautiful Thanksgiving. 


"Build me a son, whose heart will be clear, whose goals will be high, a son who will master himself before he seeks to master other men, one who will learn to laugh, yet never forget to weep, one who will reach into the future, yet never forget the past."

When you were two people would tell me "just wait until he is three..."  I used to be bothered by this (because at two you were a very, very good little boy and I couldn't and wouldn't imagine that would change), but now I can see what they mean.  At three you are more independent than ever before.  You are strong-willed.  You have learned how to test me. 

Lately we have been challenged.  You fight harder for the things you want.  You have a mute button for mine and Daddy's voices.  You want to dress yourself for school (including your underwear) and most of the time this means you want to wear pajamas.  You are strong enough to pull the mattress off your [toddler] bed.  You have pulled a half gallon of milk out of the fridge by yourself to "make a dwink." You want to do things yourself and while this can be a good thing, it can also be a very very bad thing when things don't go your way.

We're a work in progress, you and I...and I just want you to know I am trying.  I am doing the best I can, and learning things along the way.  I know what it is like to be the first and oldest child...and you are the one I will probably learn from the most. 

You have so much potential, sweet boy...and I just want to see you be the best that you can be. You have a heart that is sweet and pure; you just have to trust it more. 

So let's work together instead of against each other.  It's all a process, this growing up thing.  I know it isnt easy sometimes.  You just have to remember that Daddy and I want what is best for you...and we are trying...really, really trying.

I love you, sweet boy.



One of my biggest hopes for my children is that they will always be friends...
that they will trust in and rely on each other, that they will stick up for each other, that they will make each other laugh (and cry...that's inevitable)...and that they will appreciate the bond that they have as siblings.

As time goes on, the more I see that there is hope for that.

Every once in a while Logan gets a little jealous, but most of the time he just wants to be with her, hold her, talk to her, play with her.
When she is sleeping he wants to check on her.
When she cries he tells us she is crying or she needs a bottle.

And now that he sees she can "play", he asks to do things with her.
Friday night he wanted to watch Toy Story with her (or "camp out" as he calls it)
So we set up blankets and pillows (Boppy for her)
and although they actually only watched a total of about 5.3 minutes of the movie,
they were together, they were happy.
(I grabbed my camera as quick as I could and realized the battery was dying, which is why these ended up so blurry, nonetheless I am thankful I got anything at all)

(and Lauren learned all about his dinosaurs and bugs while playing with her favorite toy, her feet)

On Saturday morning Logan wanted to go in her room and check on her
and I grabbed my camera (again, just in time) for this one...

And last night they got a bath together
(which we recently started now that Lauren can sit up...er uh, "lounge" in her seat)

Had to use the dreaded flash because wild man couldnt sit still for a pic...
he was too busy putting alphabet foamies on Lauren's head and cracking himself up

...and despite the fact that Logan is running a high fever today and was up in the middle of the night
he cant stop playing with her today
forget lounging on the couch with a popsicle,
he wants another bathtime adventure or to laugh with her as she jumps in her jumparoo
I have tried to explain that he has germs on his hands and we dont want baby sister to get those germs
but I didnt really know what to say when he told me
"Mama, I just wove her"
except "Well buddy, she loves you too..."


sometimes I wonder...

am I the only one who goes through the Pottery Barn catalog(s), slowly and deliberately soaking in every bit of its ridiculous deliciousness page by page...then get to the end and go right back and start all over again, this time dog-earing the best pages?

am I the only one who gets sick, gets well, then gets sick again? (so far, dear autumn, you suck...except for the fact that you brought pumpkin spice lattes with you).

am I the only one who is working on Christmas decorations? (yes, I realize we are still two weeks from Thanksgiving).

and finally, am I the only one who wonders whether I'm doing the best I can, being the best I can be at being a mama?  Will I ever feel I am doing enough or doing things "right"? Is there a right?  Not really I guess, but still, sometimes, I wonder...


halloween (better late than never, right?)

I cant believe I am just now posting these.  I am not even going to take the time to edit them (gasp!)

Aside from the fact that there were a million people there, we had a great time at Spooktacular. It was really nice that this year we had Stephanie, Mimi and Poppy join us.

I tried to just be "in the moment" and not take a bunch of pictures (my mom, however, probably has 8596532 pictures from the evening because she kept stopping to for photo ops).

See that really dark tall guy in the back?
Believe it or not he's related to my porcelain babies ;)

Poor Lauren didnt have a clue what was going on but she seemed just fine with that

One of my favorite things about Spooktacular are the hundreds of hand-carved pumpkins (all done by kids)


Hope you all had a nice Halloween too :)

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away...


time flies...

and and these babies dont stop growing up on us for one second.

I cant believe she is half a year old. 
She is, quite simply, pure joy.

She is sitting up (with careful supervision)
and only rolling one way, (but somehow can make a full circle in any direction)
She kicks her legs when she is falling asleep
and pats on any and everything
she tries to hold her bottle and her spoon, but she's not quite there
she can hold a sippy cup of water (but just wants to chew on it)

She wakes us up in the morning with a song

but lies awake quietly in her crib after her nap
she laughs and giggles constantly
she gets upset if you talk to her and then walk away (and she will talk back)

She makes me look like a pro...(though I am far, far from it)

she is likely to eat your cheeks if you let her
(and you fingers if they are within reach)

She is full of surprises
She is joy
pure sweet joy.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  This week was crazy busy and despite the fact that Lauren is finally well, Logan is now sick (again) and I will be spending all day tomorrow wondering why I signed up for our neighborhood garage sale.

Back on Monday with lots of photos.


p.s.  Thank you for your prayers for sweet Connor - all his test results came back normal! :)