Dear Logan and Lauren,

Thank you for loving me, even though sometimes I am incredibly impatient. Your love is so innocent and pure -you love me just because I am who I am.  Truly, there is nothing better than just knowing somebody loves you like that.
Thank you for all the kisses you give me after a hard day. 
Thank you for snuggles and giggles and screeches when Daddy comes home. 
Thank you for cuddling under the covers with books to read and playing peek-a-boo. 
Thank you for sharing with each other and for being such good friends.
Thank you for being you - just the way you are.

I love you!


(500) days of summer

Right now...
it is 72 degrees...
72 perfect, amazing, beautiful degrees.

I just saw a guy driving down my street
and he was shirtless in his Jeep Wrangler...
(I couldnt help it, I bust out laughing)
and this morning at Logan's school all the kids were bundled up
in their sweaters and jackets
but for once in what seems like months,
it was not cold
it was beautiful...
it was perfect, sunny, and gorgeous.

I talked to several moms at school,
all saying the same thing...
We really, really miss our "regular" weather
and not getting sick every three weeks
and letting the kids run around and play in the backyard
and meeting up to do things...

We missed a birthday party for one of Logan's pre-school friends this weekend (fortunately we never even told him about it so he has no clue he missed it) and we spent Saturday taking Lauren in to the doctor and the rest of the weekend fighting off yet another round of ear infections with two miserable, whiney, and...let's be honest, pathetic little ones. (Not that I blame them one bit...I'm no pleasure to deal with sick either). 

And I just cant help thinking about how we miss our warm weather and the sunny, healthy days we know are just around the corner.  We have never been so sick as we have been in the past three months.  We are miserable. Pathetic.  Totally, completely OVER it.

I know, I know,
we are wimps here in Florida.
We don't have the snow to deal with,
but this is not what we are used to...
the lows this week are back in the 30's...
how in the world do you ever get well when one day it is 70 and the next it is 40?
and the pollen...Good Lord,
dont even get me started on the pollen.

Bring on the constant 90-degree temps
and the 100% humidity
bring on the sweat running down the back of your legs
and pouring down your face
with the sun beating down and giving you a sunburn
just from riding in the car with the sunroof open ;)
and even those miserable misquitos
I'd tackle them all today if I could.
Just get me out of the cold and back into my tanks and flipflops
'cause really,
I am running out of things to wear over and over.
(and my kids are too).

I am sooo ready (except for that bathing suit part, but who is ever really ready for that?).
Oh sweet sweet summer, how I miss you.  Come back soon. Please?



Despite the fact that both kids are sick (Logan went to the pediatrician yesterday and Lauren started running a temp today), I love that we can still have moments like this....

She adores her brother so much it makes my heart ache :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


dreaming in the color of fluffy white clouds...

We had a garage sale back in the fall and I sold a china hutch I bought off Craigslist for something like $40.

Unfortunately, back when I got it Ryan didn't quite know what I meant when I told him "if it doesnt look good in person, dont buy it!" (as I had only seen pictures and in the pictures it looked pretty good - he went alone and picked it up one Saturday afternoon for me).

I had big plans for that thing but it was seriously in what I thought was beyond repair condition - the back was more like paneling than real wood and the bottom was totally scraped up.

My FIL Eddie, a master of all things to be fixed, (especially wood), took a look at it and confirmed my suspicions...
too much work.
And for him to say that I knew it was the truth.

So we sold it...to some nice older gentleman who I think felt the same way I did - that somehow it could be a beautiful work of art (because really, it did have a ton of potential if only it were 100% real wood)
and you know, maybe if he works on it for the next six years he will be able to make it what I dreamed it could be...
even though that plan would probably involve re-building half of it with real wood.

So ever since then I have been dreaming of a replacement
...wondering if and when this economy will ever turn around enough that I can go out and invest in a peice of furniture (or any large expense for that matter)
and then a couple of months ago I discovered this:


Holly is a genious.
A master at all things furniture.
She has taken ugly, unloved furniture and turned it into something gorgeous...
something that, if we all had tons of money, we'd be buying.
And get this...she is just 26 years old.

and my very favorite...

And now I know that there is hope.  Hope that some day I can find some ugly, unloved peice of furniture and beg and plead Poppy to help me perform some magic on it....

A girl can dream right?


my baby

My baby is pulling up.
I caught her in the act on Sunday afternoon...
there she was, standing in her crib with a death grip on the prison bars (that's what I call the crib slats since being alone in her room with no one to talk to and or give their undivided attention is pretty much like prison to my social darling).
She was singing/yelling and I went to check on her.

When did she get so big?

And then today I decided for the 3,567th time that I would try to give her the cup
and waited for her to do the usual - make a face at me like "what do you want me to do with this?"
but instead she grabbed it and sucked it down
and as my eyes widened I swear she took that cup out of her mouth and winked at me.

Okay, not really but it seemed like she could have in that moment
because anything is possible these days.

She is my litle social butterfly...
my daily dose of sweetness.
She can make you crazy trying to feed her a bottle
and she gets mad at me if I walk past her and dont say "hey Lauren!"
She loves her brother
and giggles at herself
She's crazy and fun and somehow still a little laid-back at the same time.
She's my little baby -- or my "big giant baby" as Logan affectionately calls her :)
and she's growing up way way too fast.


pj party

Last Thursday Logan's pre-school class had Pajama Party to celebrate the letter P.  They wore their PJs, brought their pillows, ate pop-tarts, painted, played musical instruments and had pizza for lunch.

Logan was totally cool with the whole thing until he realized I was leaving.  I have no idea why this upset him because normally he throws me half a kiss as he runs in the door...(and trust me, with that kind of food on the menu, I would have stayed if grown-ups were allowed).

I got this pic just before he realized I was leaving...

And that afternoon when I went to pick him up I snuck my point and shoot around the corner to get a shot of the kids playing instruments and dancing 

on our way back to the car Logan stopped suddenly
and I said "what are you doing?"
and he said "you need to take my picture - like this!"
so I did (even though I had Lauren and his lunch box in one hand and my camera in the other)

I dont know what he was going for but it makes me laugh.

and he told me all the way home about the fun adventures that he had that day
and how much fun he had and the pizza was "soo good, I just wove peetza"
and then, after Lauren was asleep and we were two minutes from pulling in the driveway,
 he realized that he forgot his pillow at school (oops)
and since it was Thursday we were going to have to wait until Tuesday to get it...

so I placed a [fake] phone call to his teacher that went something like this:
"Ms. Joan? This is Logan's Mama.  Logan left his pillow at school today.  Oh, you will watch over it and protect it this weekend?  Oh thank you very much!"

Oh yes, I did.
Like picked up my cell phone, pretended to dial a number, talked into the phone and hung it up afterward.
Yes, I did.
So my kid wouldn't cry
and so I could feel a little less guilty about having forgot the pillow he sleeps on at night,
yeah, the one with his NAME ON IT.

And today Logan's class had their Valentine's Day party.
We carried home two bags full of candy and no less than three paintings
with Lauren in my arms and our own bag of Valentines to hand out
and once again, just a few minutes away from home Logan says to me
"Mama! I forgot my nunchbox! You need to caw Ms. Joan and tell her!!!"

and so, yet another fake phone call was placed to Ms. Joan today. 

and truth is, I'd do anything for that kid not to get upset...
even if it makes me look like a complete and total idiot :)



Today I am 28.

I didn't feel any different until earlier today when my dad reminded me that on this same day, some 25 years from now Logan will be my age and I will be my dad's age...
which IS old.  Really old.

(Dad you had to see that one coming...)

Seriously though,
I do try to remember that age is really a blessing,
though we dread each number that lies ahead.
Yes, we are another year older,
but each of those is another year we had memories with family and friends.

Every candle is a reminder of how good it feels to have another year,
a chance to count my many blessings
to stop to think about how sweet it is to be loved
and thought of and cared for
and yes, even sung to :)

I celebrated with a sushi dinner date with my husband
topped off with coffee and dessert at our favorite place...
a delicious steak dinner with my extended [Diggs] family...
and this morning, breakfast in bed...
with pearl earrings...
a hand-written card from my babies...
a good southern home-cooked meal on a valentine's day table [no detail left untouched],
followed my favorite pear cobbler made by martha stewart mom...
I got cards and gifts
and emails and money
and phone calls and hugs...
and every bit of it reminded me
that YOU ALL are the reason 27 was so good...
and because of you 28 will be even better.

You have enriched my life more than you can imagine,
and from the bottom of my heart,
I thank you for making my life, my years, my days so, so good.



lately...(random stuff)

Well, our taxes are done.  I feel like a ten pound weight came off my shoulders.  Doing our tax return is pretty much the most miserable thing I can think of doing on a week night, especially when my husband feels the need to look them over 5,682 times...
but oh how I love him for getting started them earlier this weekend
 or one night would have turned into two months.
He's the best (even if he is a little OCD sometimes).

I forgot to post a picture of Logan after his last night in a toddler bed...

(thank you Ryan for getting that for me)

I have been eating ice cream every single night for the past two weeks...
it helps my throat tremendously...
my hips, not so much.

I started the stock for my chicken and dumplins in the crockpot this afternoon.
Each and every time I cut open an onion I swear it will be the last time I cut open an onion.
My eyes burn and overflow like a volcano
(and this continues for about six hours while the crockpot runs)
and I cannot help but wonder, 
who was the first person to break open an onion, have it singe their eyeballs and say
 "I cannot wait to eat this!!!!"

A few weeks ago Ryan dropped off some stuff at Goodwill and let Logan look around...didn't take him long to find this awesome ride and beg Daddy to take it home with them ("A Cordat! Just wike Poppy's!!!")
(yes, it makes lots of wonderful noises...what perfectly good toy at Goodwill doesn't?).

That same day, Daddy took Logan to Dunkin Donuts.

Logan decided he loves donuts but "only da kind wif da spwinkles".

Today when I picked Logan up from pre-school, one of his teachers told me "these girls just love Logan" and that there was some flirting with a certain little girl while they were in music class.
Apparently it was quite hilarious.
So I asked her if he liked that certain little girl back
She told me "he's a heartbreaker...as soon as the snacks come out he's moved on."

Lauren is charging after any and everything she can get her hands on
and even in a dress she does her army crawl like a pro...

And see, I told you my kids have an infatuation with this face...

Cadie spends most of her day staring out the front door so she can bark at any and everything.
She had another seizure early one morning this past week.

Logan is starting to ask me to take his picture occasionally,
and I get a smile for about ten seconds
before it turns into this
and I love how he has determined that his new bed came with a cup holder.
Ryan is doing a work thing tonight so it's just me and the kids
I am thinking cereal for dinner
or maybe pancakes...
both of which are pretty much my two favorite things,
and both of which Ryan doesn't find acceptable for dinner
(unless there is bacon and eggs involved and even that is a stretch)

Hope you are having a great week!


my big boy

I've been having a hard time accepting it

Can someone please tell me when my little guy 
became not so little anymore? (sniff sniff).

It is actually hard to remember him this little..so little.

and if it werent for all the little things that Lauren does at this age
...and there are many things (like the apparent fascination both my kids have with making this face/noise)
 I could very well forget

And we mamas, well, we do forget
those early days and the sleepless nights
the screaming fits
the tears (from both of you)
the fact that you never went anywhere because your baby hated the car seat...

In that time you dont realize it,
but those days go by so quickly

and before you know it,
your baby is crawling
and walking
and talking
(and if they are like my kids...finally starting to grow hair and teeth!!!)
and you're wondering,
where did the time go?

I rushed everything with Logan...
SO excited for that next milestone...
"Can't wait until he..."

and then he did

and before I knew it
he was a big boy

He IS my big boy

and I am still not sure how to accept it
because he will always
be my baby...

but there is no turning back the clock
there is only embracing the future
and reminding myself
he can still be little in my heart
even in a big boy bed...
a really, really BIG big boy bed!


Thank you Mimi and Poppy for Logan's big boy bed. 
He absolutely loves it...
and for that, I love it too

"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always...as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be..."