fun stuff

I have found so many fun things in the party planning adventure...some I even have on reserve in the back of my mind for a certain little boy's birthday in September ;) just thought I'd share a few here today....

{cake topper from khoarygoarts}

{peas and carrots candy from Layer Cake Shop}

{striped straws from Bake It Pretty}

{hamburger cookies from peace love cookies}

{birthday tee from sugarandspicekid}

{seriously, would my kid not totally freak out over these?}
{vintage toy truck invitations from mrbeancakes}

{banner from what I call pretty}

{party favors (they're soap!) from SweetSuite}

{bicycle cake toppers from layercakeshop}


spring is here


and oh, how we are loving it. 


hard to believe...

 exactly one year ago...

{GOOD LORD I was huge.}

and today:

{those shots were totally a fluke...
Ryan (aka Daddy Wrangler)
just set her up and I snapped away. 
She does not stand on her own yet.}

She is an absolute mess (and I mean that in the best possible way).
She is giggly and funny and quick to tell you just how she feels.
She can throw her bottle or a toy at least two feet across the room (and does it all.the.time.)
She has pretty much given up on baby food...
she will squawk at us until we give her some of whatever we are eating.
She started saying "puppy" this week and it totally melted my heart.

She is always on the go...
and finally figured out that landing on her butt is okay.

She still only has two teeth (one and a half if you want to get technical) and it doesn't concern me one bit.  I am in no rush for her to walk or talk or do anything other than just enjoy being a baby.  All in due time...

Happy 11 months sweet girl!
I love you!



A little note to myself today...
I need to keep myself in check,
need to remember what is really important,
to try to remember it
to repeat over and over and over.
This post is my therapy of sorts, so I hope you dont mind the rambling :)
Just wanted to get it written down, remember what I am feeling today.

Just this week alone I had two pieces of furniture ruined. Ok, so that is only half a lie (or half the truth for those of you who say the glass is half empty...).

We have a green tufted ottoman that I love (and by love I mean used to love, back before it was ruined).  I should explain that we spent two years with an empty living room before we found furniture just right for this room (which is now, ironically my office/living room).  One day we walked into World Market and found a set just right for the room - and best of all the couches were the last ones (floor samples), so we got 20% off. They were a total steal...which is why I felt it was okay to splurge on the ottoman.  After having a coffee table in our living room that eventually ended up with a cracked glass top, I knew I wanted something soft and kid-friendly. 

The ottoman eventually moved into it's new (and current) place in our family room - the color was perfect (a soft olive green (faux) suede)...it's a soft place to rest your feet when you're curled up watching a movie and a safe place for kids to run around or sit on (inevitable). 

So, the problem?  It has seen more spills than you can imagine - and anywhere the suede has been rubbed leaves a bare spot. 
We are not total slobs or anything, it's just that this ottoman obviously was not designed for anyone actually living a life around it.

And so we've had Logan's Thomas the Train mat sitting on top of it for quite some time.
It's a hilarious attempt at trying to make it look slightly better and protect it (which actually has worked a couple of times).
Aside from chaining everyone with a drink to the kitchen, it's all there was to do.

And then this week not once but twice it was colored on with markers.
Forget that stupid Thomas mat, it did nothing to protect it.

And then one night this week when Ryan was working late
Logan requested the Spaghetti-O's that he had picked out at the store earlier that day
(I usually avoid any type of canned spaghetti-o type product because they stain EVERYTHING)
but I was a single parent for the night and tired and it was easy
so we were sitting at the table and I was feeding Lauren
and all of the sudden Logan coughed and threw up
I mean I thought the debacle the other night was bad
but this...
this was so bad I just wanted to cry
but when I really, really wanted to cry
was when I realized my dining room chair was forever stained and ruined

So now...
now I have a stained chair and a ruined ottoman
and I know, I need to keep reciting my own words
it's just stuff
it's just stuff
it's just stuff
but man, it still bothers me
mostly because I know it wont be replaced or taken care of any time soon,
which means the reminder will be there
every time I sit down to watch TV
or eat our family meal.

So today I was so grateful when I got the chance to catch up on my blog roll and saw this post from Nester.  Not that I am going to run out and get my chair and ottoman done today, but it reminded me that there is hope for my now crappy furniture...and the comments reminded me just how many other people are out there that have kids and have to cover up those little [or big] remnants of life going on in their house.
Yes, life.
And the messes that come with it,
messes that are just inevitable.

I took a big, deep breath.
Since when did I become someone who needed such perfection?
Life is going on here within these walls.
I thought about Logan's once crib that is now his big boy bed
and how a part of it has marks from his little baby teeth from when he was teething and waited for us to come pick him up in the morning...
something that at first really bothered me,
but now...in an odd way I love those little marks,
they are a little part of his (and our) history.

I know that some day my house will be clean again (one can dream, right?)
and my children will be grown and moved away...
and I'm willing to bet
that I just might wish for a few of those little stains somewhere in my house
as a reminder of who we are, the life we lived there,
and the memories we made (even if they are the occasional gross, throw up kind).

Hope you all have a nice weekend.


10 months

You have been ten months old for two weeks but I am just now posting these pictures because every month when it is time to really sit down and do your monthly photo session you do something to scratch up your face and I avoid it until you end up scratching your face again... 
This month you gave me a real challenge. I didnt get very many non-blurry photos. You were so excited to see my camera you almost fell off the couch about eight times as you reached for it.  You have always been a nosey one and this has only increased as you've become more mobile...
Although, if we want you to stay in one place we put you just like this - standing up next to something. 
You will move left to right along the couch, but you have no idea how to get down or across.  When you are tired of standing you whine for someone to come and set you down in a crawling position...apparently this princess doesnt believe in landing on her butt :)

Today we went in for a follow up on your ears since you have had so many earaches.  So far everything looks good and chances are you wont have to get tubes put in. 
You are still tall and skinny (21 pounds, 3 oz) and have long legs...Lord knows you didn't get any of those from me.
You have two little teeth.  The one on your right came in second and is still barely noticeable unless you know it is there. I'm convinced you love the pacifier so much because you think it is actually a teething toy.

When you are really happy you screeeeeech at the top of your lungs.
This noise is so ear-peircing I actually expect something glass to break.

When you are not screeching you are laughing, singing or babbling.
You do get whiny, but you are a faker most of the time...
just as soon as I look at you I get a big fat smile.
if that doesnt work you say mmmma!mmmma!
you know I am a sucker.

Daddy is a sucker too though,
all you have to do is turn your head slightly and smile
(a little game you play with him)
and he is play-doh in your hands :)

You love to climb on top of your toys in the playpen and look over the edge...
this is usually one of the things that causes the deafening screeches.

You also LOVE to pull hair.
Logan complains about this but he lets you do it.

I had to smile when I saw this photo of you because it shows how your ear is just like mine (something I've always despised on myself but I love now that we have some common characteristic).

You still greet us every morning with a song.  You're definitely a morning person.

You recently learned how to wave and it is the cutest thing ever.  You wave to everyone, everywhere. 

You look mostly like Logan and we hear that comment from people all the time...
though trying to get a picture of the two of you usually means settling for something like this:

or this...

In the past couple of weeks we have seen you turn into a complete snuggler. 
If you want our attention, you grab us by the face or neck and plant a kiss on us.
I cannot get enough of it.  (You havent been much of a snuggler until now)

You love when people clap and when Logan sings to you.

You still hate to be left alone and to get out of the bath.

You know just what to do to drive me crazy (you laugh when I say "no no!")...

I say it all the time, but you are growing up so fast.
I am already planning your birthday parties (that's right, parties)
and anticipating the very moment you have enough hair on your head to wear a real bow :)
and thinking about how I will ever manage with two kids who can walk, talk, and some days, just simply overwhelm me
but I know it will be fun -
it always is.

I love you,


On Saturday Ryan and I spent the entire day doing "spring cleaning" in our room.... you know, those year-long avoidable things like dusting, moving furniture to vaccum behind/underneath it, cleaning out drawers, going through paperwork and actually giving stuff to Goodwill (I should say I gave stuff to Goodwill.  Ryan is the worst at getting rid of things.  All he gave to Goodwill were one pair of jeans that he's probably had for ten years and the only reason he could part with them is because he swore there was some sort run in the denim I coudn't see...but I digress...) the point is it took us ALL FREAKIN DAY and that was even without Logan at home (lucky kid got to go to the zoo with Aunt Corey and Uncle Matt)...although I should mention we did have a screeching monkey jumping up and down in the playpen that I kept stopping to play with and talk to, but for the most part we were pretty successful at accomplishing real work.

What I also really needed to be doing was making a trip to the grocery store but that didn't happen and I found a way to make a pretty decent meal for six (meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans). Logan and Lauren had [Spiderman] macaroni and cheese.

That night Ryan and I had plans for our weekly at-home date, which consists of snacking on something terrible for us and watching our latest Netflix movie.  This week it was Slumdog Millionaire which I had heard was really good so I was anxious to watch it...

We got the kids bathed and put Lauren to bed.  Then we all got into Logan's bed doing our nightly ritual of bedtime stories. I had just finished the last book and got ready to walk out when Logan told me he needed a glass of water.  I told him "nah, you dont need any water." (before you go judging me as the meanest mama on the planet, let me tell you that anyone with a toddler knows this battle.  They want water...you either tell them no and hear them whine or you get them the water and deal with the possibility of them wetting the bed in the middle of the night. I will take the whining thank you.). And then he said something like "but I choking. I need water."  Then Ryan told him he didnt need any water, he just had some...but Logan persisted. Ryan got him up.  Then the next thing I hear from the other room is Ryan yelling
and like some sort of macaroni and cheese filled volcano....
there was throw up EVERYWHERE
[Fortunately I missed the actual act of it all or else Ryan would be cleaning up more throw up than anyone on God's green earth can imagine].
and meanwhile Logan is pointing and saying things like

Seriously I cant make this crap up. He really was concerned for what he had left behind.  Really.

So then we cleaned
and we sanitized
and we started the washing machine
and gave him a new bath
and put him in new pajamas (actually he insisted he wear the same bottoms which had somehow made it through the entire fiasco so we let that one slide)
and went through the process of putting him back to bed
this time with a glass of water
(I have decided I would much rather clean up pee any day)
and Ryan stayed in the bed with him and rubbed his head until he fell asleep.

and I took a shower and tried really hard not to think about the assault on my eyes
(or the churning of my stomach).
Lots of memories of throwing up for months and months and days on end came to mind
and I remembered why I am not eager to be pregnant again
(now if I could somehow skip that part...)

And we finally started our movie some time after 10
We got to bed about 12:30

And at 3:00 in the morning when I hear Logan crying I knew
it had happened again
only this time it was all over him and his bed and his sheets
(Seriously - never thought I would feel lucky that it was mostly on the floor last time).

So then we cleaned

and we sanitized
and we started the washing machine
and gave him a new bath
and put him in new pajamas (really new pajamas this time)
and went through the process of putting him back to bed
and Ryan stayed in the bed with him and rubbed his head until he fell asleep.

It was some time around 4:00 a.m. when we finally went back to bed.

And just in case we were getting too much sleep, Lauren made sure this was the morning she would be up screeching and singing her opera songs right before 7:00 a.m....

"OH GLORIOUS MORNING HOW WE GREET THEE!" she sings at ear-piercing levels,

I suppose the craziest part of it all
is that they are more than worth every second of the madness
they are what makes each day memorable
and this is what people who dont have kids probably dont understand
(you know the ones who give you dirty looks as you make your way down the isles of the grocery store with one kid hanging on to the basket and singing the ABC song at the top of his lungs...)

as a parent, you have to be a little crazy
and you have to laugh a lot (and cry a little)
and you have to just let some stuff go
(I spoke this chant over and over yesterday as Logan drew on our ottoman with blue marker)
I have to remember:  It's just STUFF that gets messed up
the cleaning up is temporary (okay, that's a lie. it's never-ending.)
but THEY are what matter,
those crazy, screeching, wild, reckless kids
with their sweet smiles and funny anecdotes...
yeah they can drive me a little crazy sometimes
but they are the reason I am here
they are what makes me who I am
(even if "me" means a lunatic who has lost all her hair and locks herself in the bathroom with a glass of wine every now and then)...
It's me, and they love me that way regardless (at least until they are teenagers anyway).

They keep me real...and I really can't imagine my life any other way.



Totally random post about things going on around here lately:

- Last weekend I sliced my index finger right open on the blade from the food processor. (The same one I had warned Ryan about just the day before as I loaded it into the dishwasher. Fortunately he bit his tongue when he heard me exclaim "FRICKIN A"!!!!!!!!)

- A couple of days before we were getting ready to eat dinner and (totally not paying attention), I reached right into the oven and tried to pull out a baking sheet WITH MY BARE HANDS. I then exclaimed "you idiot!" and Logan exclaimed "YOU IDIOT! AHAHAHAHA!"

- I know your respect level for me just went down by at least 30 points. I dont blame you.

- The other night I was getting Logan dressed into his pajamas after his bath and he asked me to dry his hair with the towel (which I did).  A couple of minutes later he came back to me while I was loading laundry into the washing machine and he said "Mama! You need to dwy my hairs again! Dey still cold!"

- Lauren is now ten months old. 
She's decided she on strike from anything we have to spoon feed her.
(What can I say? Feeding her has been a challenge from day one...)

But my goodness, how she makes up for it in cuteness...

Logan needs a haircut really really bad.
Every morning his hair looks like this (sometimes much worse).
- Last night we were putting Logan to bed and he was telling us a story about pre-school.  At the end of his story he said "And I were just dyin' laughin 'bout that!!!!"

- Ryan's doctor ran some blood tests and yesterday he went in to get the results. He was told he has low "good" cholesterol and our doctor told him he needs to be drinking red wine.  He was so devistated by this information that he ALMOST stopped to get a bottle on the way home.  When he saw I was making spaghetti he was again so devistated that he considered going up to the store for a second time.

- We have not been sick for almost three weeks.  (Knock on wood). Something tells me that having weather in the 40's this morning and in the 70's this weekend will not keep this record going strong.

- We are planning for vacations to Disney World and Busch Gardens in the next couple of months...and we have to laugh because we know that some day we will take "adult" vacations again.  Someday.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.