random [terrible] vacation photos

In case you were wondering why I have yet to share photos from our recent vacation, this is why...

All my photos are terrible.

No really.
Horribly, embarrassingly, awful.

I don't think I had one photo that didn't have an unexpected blooper, goofy face, random odd object in the background, poor lighting or the wrong setting on my camera (I think I even took some on the night setting...in the middle of the day).

I can take some responsibility for this, but part of it is the distractions I get when the camera comes out...like this:

Nice face.

...and it was at every location,
every single day of our vacation...
one horrible shot after another.

like this one at the Lego Store -
might be okay if it were not for the weirdo kid in the background.

At T-Rex for dinner. 
Nice and blurry. 
Random weird one red eye, Popeye mouthed Logan and
Dad, I think your eyes are going in two different directions.

Who decided this was a good place to take a photo? Seriously? Dr. Malpractice??? 
And look at us.
No really, look at us - we do not look like that in real life do we?
Please God, please do not tell me we look like that in real life.

As soon as Ryan saw that he said "please -- delete that."

And at Disney World?
Did not take one photo the entire day.  Seriously, that alone is really bad.

Don't ask.

Two words: Nice diaper.

Makes me want to cry. And punch myself in the face. (And then cry some more).

I really dont know who looks worse - me, Lauren, or Mr. Potato Head and his one ear.

And the rest?
the rest are so bad they'd make your eyes burn.
 I'll spare you from that.

Now I am going to beg my mom for her memory card
(and pray that by some miracle her photos turned out better than mine).
And if that happens, I'll share.
Just don't hold your breath.

Happy Memorial Day

...and so it goes

In August 2009, our little guy looked like this:

And now:
(it was very very sunny)

(and for good measure, here is how big he measures up to the front door):
One of my favorite things in the package we got from Logan's teachers (along with many art creations)
was a paper that documented his height and weight at the begining of the year and at the end.

He has grown two inches taller since August
but only gained one pound.
And yet he looks so different -
so grown up.

It is amazing how much school has helped him
to use his manners, to share, to be kind...
to learn more about God,
being a good friend
and even more about himself.

It has helped him to love learning and reading even more than before
to make new friends
to sing songs, to create art.
to respect his teachers
to play and laugh and grow with love.

It is bittersweet...
he has changed from a toddler to a little boy.
and while I am so incredibly proud of who he is becoming,
I miss the little little guy he once was too ;)
and so it goes,
he will just keep on growing up
(even though I told him he could take a break, he said "I gonna keep gettin bigger mama!")
and I will just learn to embrace it the best I can :)

Love you buddy.



Off to enjoy some family time and fun in the sun...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!




it is so quiet in the house right now.

my dogs are with the dog sitter
Logan is with my parents in Orlando
Lauren is sleeping
Ryan is on the phone

I almost don't even know what to do....
Laundry uninterrupted!
Catch up on email/work!

...or just sit at the computer and blog about it.

{is that weird?}

on my wish list...

1. For Me - These (currently only online and sold out):

2. ...so I can get these for Ms. Lauren:
3. This for my husband since he's put it in his "cart" and it's been sitting there for months...yet he refuses to buy it (he's too cheap to buy anything, much less anything that is impractical for everyday wear):

4. THIS to come out like tomorrow because Logan asks me a hundred times a day if he can either watch Toy Story 2 or go see Toy Story 3.  It will be the first time we've taken him to the movies so I am a little excited too...I know he'll love it.

What's on your wish list?



I had this picture on my nightstand {until we listed the house}
now I miss it

it was my little reminder that every day,
every moment is fleeting.

Today he is closer to four and talks non-stop.
He asks questions about any and everything
and his favorite expressions are
"Mama you're sweet" and
"Daddy you're funny."
He loves to read books and play cars
and watch Toy Story 2 a million times.
He loves to question me on everything
(and sometimes tell me what to do - "Mama, you need to finish those dishes before you take me outside!")
He loves the beach.  He loves to be dirty. He is all boy.
He rides in a booster seat now instead of a regular car seat...
it is still weird to hear him ask "Mama, can I take off the buckle now?"
He's a grump in the morning, a certifiable night owl.
He gives the best random "I love you" you've ever heard,
yet he can be stingy with his hugs and kisses unless you beg.
He loves to pick out his own clothes and underwear
and wants to wear the same things over and over
(right now it is anything daddy is wearing so he can "match").
He loves to do things himself - feed the dogs, wash his hands, brush his teeth...
He is smart - and he does.not.miss.ANYTHING.
He is a terrible meal eater. He is a professional snacker, yet still weighs just 30 pounds. 

She is almost 13 months and makes noise constantly - even while she eats.
She is still a really happy baby.
She thinks her brother is hilarious and her daddy is the best
(when he comes home she throws her arms in the air at him).
She is finally getting more teeth (two top front).
She is napping like a champ ever since we got those curtains in her room (thanks Poppy).
She likes the taste of sand and LOVED the ocean.
She still thinks a pacifier is part chew toy.
Will eat ANYTHING. She is a really, really good eater, especially when she can feed herself.
She is standing on her own and can take a step - but not close to walking any time real soon
(she's too chicken, which is just fine by me).
She is more of a morning person, though she has been sleeping in later more and more.
She is 22 pounds and off the charts in height (31.5 inches I think?)

They are crazy,
but oh, how I love those kids.


weekend update

Friday night we took the kids on a walk (Lauren in the stroller, Logan on his trike) and found a tiny little kitten alone in some bushes.  I tried going to several houses and talked to a couple of neighbors but no one claimed (or wanted) the little guy (I say guy because there was no way to tell if it was a boy or a girl...apparently cat anatomy is not really evident until about 6-8 weeks).  We ended up keeping him for the night and Cody got booted from his crate so that "Kitty" (as Logan named it) could sleep in our laundry room.  I went to the store and bought food and spent the next three hours on the phone trying to find a place for it to go...no luck. 

The next morning we got up to get ready for the beach and the pictures that were being taken for our listing and that's when Ryan broke out in hives (we are not 100% sure it was from "Kitty" but we do know he is allergic to cats).  I wasn't really sure what to do with the kitten but knew he couldn't stay in the house so I did the next best thing I could think of, which was to put him in the kids' playhouse in the backyard.  It was shelter, shade, and I put in water and food so I figured he would be okay in there until we got home.

We spent most of the day at the beach and the weather was amazing (hot but with a very nice breeze).  Turns out Lauren just might love the beach as much if not more than Logan does (truthfully, I didn't know that was possible).  She giggled playing in the sand and wanted to eat it every chance she had.  She laughed at the waves and splashed in the tide pool. Logan could spend hours in the water and building sandcastles. 

We got home to find Kitty missing...but thankfully there was a message on our machine from our neighbors who had heard his cries and were watching him for us.  After hearing about Ryan's allergy attack they offered to keep him and find him a home (which they did yesterday, so YAY for you Kitty).

Needless to say Sunday was spent mostly in recovery mode...the kids slept for three hours (!!!) and Ryan worked in the yard.  I did some shopping for our upcoming vacation. 

I never really thought I would be glad the weekend is over, but I am.  I am one day closer to vacation, one day closer to getting a little break from reality :)



Craziness is having half your crap stored in your garage just so you can pretend for a day [or a week as it is turning into now...] that you don't live in a real house with real stuff like a coffee maker, an ironing board, or kids highchairs at the table.

Craziness is driving across town in 5:30 traffic to meet your husband at his work after running late because you were baking a lasagna and dropping it off, having kids fight over a toy in the back seat and talking to your realtor on the phone (over all the fighting/whining) while driving on the interstate. (Dad, you can stop hyperventillating, I made it there just fine).

Craziness is getting down on your hands and knees using a tile saw for the first time and then hand-painting the grout inch by inch.

Craziness is having pre-school drop off/pick up, a "water day party", work, and a hair cut with both kids by myself on the same day. (What was I thinking?)

Craziness is my LIFE right now,
which is why I am giddy excited to head to the beach this weekend
(like so excited I cannot even tell you)...
the very idea of sitting my butt down in the sand
(even if it is only for three seconds before someone needs me to get them a juice box or something)
and hearing the ocean waves hit the shore
while turning some of this snow white skin into a pale shade of pink

{I'll be away for a couple of days due to said crazines...maybe some pictures to come...maybe.}


recent photos

nothing great, just a couple of recent pics off the point and shoot:

Thursday, I think...
it was about to rain but I wanted to get a realistic photo of our house
(this is before it was pressure washed and the grass was cut...and yes, those are our yard trash bags by the garage...don't tell my husband I posted it looking like this!)

She loves the rain.  Loves looking out the window too.

Saturday, at Corey's Birthday Party...
Lauren and her new friend Paityn (she is two months older than Lauren)
you would never know it but she cried at first (I think the water was too cold)
then all she did was crawl back and forth from one pool to the next, giggling the whole time

Logan's best buddy had a firetruck party...got a couple of him before the madness

...and little did I know that even in 90 degree weather, 
kids will absolutely go NUTS climbing all over a firetruck 
(and never want to get out).



~ Logan is in his last few weeks of pre-school.  I am not sure who is going to miss it more, me or Logan ;)

~ Lauren is cruising around but shows no real interest in trying to walk.  She loves banging on windows and doors, opening cabinets, ransacking the pantry, and attacking loving her doggies. She'd be thrilled it if you held her half the day, then followed her around the house so she could get into any and everything in sight.

~ Mimi and Poppy came over on Friday and helped me out enormously...Mimi babysat my crazy children and Poppy worked on about 37 projects I had waiting on him :) {THANK YOU!!!}

~ We had two birthday parties this weekend...the same day, two hours apart.  One for my sister, the other for Logan's best buddy at pre-school. 

~ Besides attending birthday parties we spent the rest of the weekend working on the house - pressure washing, repainting baseboards, fixing grout, packing boxes...you know, all those fun things you just cannot wait to do when the weekend comes around.

~ We are getting photos taken tomorrow morning ~ my house will never be so clean again (or look so much un-like how we really live...in addition to being clean, all our family photos are packed away).

~ That means we will be signing a contract this weekend to get the house up for sale.  A little scared, a little nervous, but ready...at least that is what I keep telling myself.

~ I am more than ready for a playdate on Wednesday with our besties and my GNO dinner tonight...sushi + good friends + uninterrupted conversation = my real "Mother's Day" :)

~ Hope you all had a wonderful weekend & a happy Mother's Day.



We celebrated Lauren's birthday with a little party at home today...
of course there was lots of pink
with a little green thrown in
and new pictures up for everyone to see
I found a lady on etsy that made these gorgeous flowers by hand.

I really, really wanted to get pictures of everyone
since I tend to forget how important that part really is

(you will notice Lauren's hands in her mouth for most of these pics...
she has SIX teeth coming in right now!
She is using her fingers as a teether constantly.)
Matthew and Corey
Papaw and Gigi
Aunt Stephie
Mimi and Poppy
{my amazing bff} Katrina, Russell and Natalie
Grammy and Grandaddy
the birthday girl,
finally got the courage back to start up with the walker again after she faceplanted a few weeks back
{oh my gosh how I love love love these kids.}
everyone singing happy birthday to her...
and I think the cupcakes were more of a hit this time around...
Happy Birthday sweet girl.
We are so thankful to celebrate you!

{and thank you to all our amazing friends and family - for the cards, the gifts, the birthday songs sung on the answering machine, the texts, the calls, and for all the love you share -- even miles away it is felt in our hearts and we are so thankful and blessed to have you all in our lives. XOXO!!!}