sticks and leaves

Last night while talking to my dad he tells me that when the weather cools down he wants to have a camp out with Logan in their backyard...

When I told this to Logan his eyes lit up and the questions began...

"Just the boys?"
"and we're all gonna sweep in a tent?"
"where will the doggies sleep?"
"what are we gonna eat?"
"is der gonna be a fire!?!"
"can we sweep in da pool?"

and finally, "where am I gonna go to potty?"

Ryan: "well I guess you can just go outside..."

Logan looks puzzled..."and what if I need to go poo-poo?..."

"...Guess I'm just gonna have to wipe mysewf with sticks and weaves..."


for you, Dad.

Of all the things you ever told me and taught me,
the greatest thing you ever did was show
what a truly great father is.

Not only in your own actions,
but by teaching me about God...
reminding me I am loved more than I can imagine
and that I...(even little ole me)...am destined for great things.

And one of the things that you showed me
(and always stayed with me)
was "you should find a man worthy of who you are"
who loves and respects you,
who takes on the role of protector when you leave the nest

and even though you never actually said it,
I knew that man would be one who respects your role in my life...
the things you did to raise me and teach me,
and even the stubborn way you put your foot down on things like talking on the phone late at night :)

So when I  found him, I knew...(just like you said I would).
Being the "right" one was something I never had to question.

Today he is a father himself
and in his own ways, Ryan will set the same foundation for our children that you did for me...
and I thank you for that,
and for everything you did and continue to do to raise me...

I hope you know how proud we are of YOU and the fact that we get to call you our Dad.

ok, ok, you can stop crying now ;)

I love you!


and just like that

they grow up...

She started walking about two weeks ago or so, give or take a day.
She never really took "first steps" because she was so paranoid she would fall...
she'd just take a couple of steps at a time and then leap into your arms.

Now she is walking everywhere - exploring any and everything she can.
She is in love with the kitchen cabinets - opening and closing them over and over.
She is following big brother around everywhere (destroying things in her path)
She is unraveling toilet paper from the roll and pulling things out of the pantry.
She is chatting non-stop while she does it, and I think she is proclaiming what is hers in the process ("grsdetshedbedla??? uiofuhlkmdhssg!!!!")
She has climbed up into the Gator rocking chair and stood up...
(and yes I about died).

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend - and a very special Father's Day.


our house

I suppose I have procrastinated for long enough...

I finally got the professional house pictures sent to me
and when I say professional I mean there were some pretty creative angles done here to make my house look much better than it does in real life ;)
still, these are much better than anything I could have done in trying to capture this house
even if it never, ever looks this clean and neat
or so unpersonalized
(pretty much all our family photos and several things originally on our walls are packed away)
but in essence, it is our home
(I just don't want you to think I live in a warped reality and am trying to portray this as what it looks like all the time, so I will let you in on a couple of secrets too)
so without further adieu, here's a tour....

a view from the street

come on in.

here is an example of what creative angles can do--
here you can see the front door
as you come in, our dining room is on the right, living room on the left
this is the living room -
this room sat empty for two years before we got around to putting furniture in it
now it is my office
(see that black armoire? 
that's where I am typing right now,
 only there is an office chair -
and that black ottoman is hiding kid toys)
keep walking and the kitchen is on your right
the idiots who came up with this floor plan left no place for a pantry
we were young and stupid and did not realize this until we moved in
so we have (another) black armoire we use as a pantry
it is not ideal but I have come to love how big it is and how much I can fit hide in there.
Poppy tiled our kitchen for us.  I cannot even imagine having the original laminate...
this is another angle...though I think this actually makes the room look small
(our kitchen is big but most of it is wasted space as I am short and can't reach most of the cabinets)
I think our cabinets look red in these photos - they are actually cherry
[in my dream home I will have a French country kitchen with lots and lots and lots of white]
you can see 5,682 pictures hiding on the side of the fridge
oh, and that door you see on the right leads to the garage.
just over the bar area of the kitchen is the family room
yes, both that tv and armoire are monsterous and I hate them
(and that ottoman is the one you have heard my whining about so don't look too close)
at this angle you can see the kitchen from the family room
I think the photographer just might have had his butt sticking out the window to get this shot.
[missing: my husband's subwoofer from the corner.  It is the most detested item in my house.]
on the other side of the family room is the master bedroom
[missing:  one dog crate, one antique side table from under the window]
and yes, that is a gigantic flat screen
have I mentioned how much I love my husband?
 obviously you realize I love him a lot right?
our master bath:
[you cannot see from this photo but we each have a vanity -
mine is the one on the left, his is on the right, though I always use his to put on makeup]
see that door with the toilet inside? 
probably the best thing I could have ever asked for in a house.
ok, so out of my room, across the living room and down the hall...
there is a laundry room on your right (you dont need pictures of that do you?)
and straight ahead is Logan's room
(also the smallest room in the house, formerly the office before Lauren came along)
that shelf on the right leaning up against his bed was built by Papa -
we just cannot hang it on the wall because it would cover his nightlight...
also in that corner is his closet and his bookshelf, which is overflowing with books.
out of his room and on your left, just past Lauren's room is the spare/kids bathroom
(nothing too exciting)
(oh and Poppy did the tile in this room too)
and here is Lauren's room
(taken in front of her closet, which is massive...it is the sole reason she got this room from Logan)
my mom painted that mural on the wall when I was pregnant with Logan
(though it didn't have butterflies back then)

and here is a view from outside
the patio is off the family room and this is taken from the corner of the house, where the master bedroom is
we live on a pond and you can see that in the background
our backyard is massive but it dips down so you really can't see half of it
(which makes it real fun to mow, just ask my husband)

and that is pretty much it.

Yesterday we had a viewing and had to rush out of the house at 10 a.m.
the kids were still in PJs when I got the call that someone was coming (IN TWENTY MINUTES)
so I was running around like a maniac trying to hide the laundry I was working on, pack up what we needed to leave and get the dogs rounded up in the back of the SUV...

and in the car I tried to explain to Logan what moving really means
but he is still too young to understand...
he gets a little upset when we talk about a new house.
He wants to just pick up the house and move it somewhere
and every once in a while I wish for the same thing.


part-time walker

How to be a part-time walker...

Find an object that is interesting, climb or pull up on it
(sometimes this means bonking your head on a table)

Take pride in your accomplishment.
Decide that once object is no longer interesting it is time to move on.
Let go of said object and attempt to walk to next interesting subject.
Be sure to keep those fingers in your mouth for balance.
Walk so fast that Mama can't get a clear picture.
Once you are half-way there, decide that it may just be faster to crawl.
(Again, fingers in the mouth for balance).
Reach next interesting point, climb up.
Look innocent as you steal brother's cars.
Hold brother's cars for .3 seconds then decide it is time to walk again...
...only to be tackled and hugged by big brother and heckled by mama for yet another picture.



Nothing all too exciting, just everyday life...
[All photos credited to my horrible vacation photo album]

Lately the kids have been playing out in the pools set up in the backyard. Lauren got one for her birthday from Aunt Mel & Uncle Anthony and then last weekend I took Logan to Target to pick out one of his own.

Last night I took them back out after dinner (it was Logan's second time that day - I took him out earlier when Lauren was napping).  Together they screeched and splashed for an hour until I made them get out so they could have a bath.

Apparently all that fun in the pool completely wore them out because Lauren woke up at 9:30 this morning and I went in and woke Logan up at 10.  We will be back out there again today for sure :)
Lately Logan has been into making even more faces than usual - including this one which we see a lot.  He looks so much like my brother (who used to make this exact same face when he was a kid) that it actually creeps me out.  He's actually just like my brother in so many ways...I just wish he could be around to see it.

He is into saying super sweet things very randomly ("Mama! Mama! I love you so much!") and asking a million and one questions.  He is a chatterbox for sure.

He is definitely all boy and loves to run and play and be outside but has already started to whine about the heat (and yes it is verrrry hot already, but it's only JUNE 3RD).  I had plans to get the kids outdoors a lot this summer but I really don't know if we're going to do anything other than submerse ourselves in water.

He is swimming like a fish...watching him swim in my parent's pool is amazing.  He is still using a little swim vest (instead of floaties on his arms, which is an improvement) and is now actually jumping off the side of the pool and going under water, holding his breath.  He absolutely LOVES the water and could spend an entire day swimming.

He is still not a big eater - and still only weighs 30 pounds.  I try even getting him to eat things like ice cream and donuts but for the most part he just eats in moderation.  He is not a meal eater - though we make him eat all his dinner - he would rather eat small snacks all day long (and he does).

He has finally calmed down his obsession with cars (though he still loves them).  He loves anything Toy Story or super hero-related.  He loves to be read to, loves to do puzzles, play Play Doh and go to the beach.  He loves to do anything Daddy is doing and if there is more than one guy around he loves to say "the boys are going to _________" and the girls are going to ____________" (usually he says "go shopping").

Lately Lauren's top two teeth have started to poke through and it appears she may have a little gap.  It just might be the cutest thing I have ever seen (though this face is more of a whining face and not quite so cute...).

She has become the best napper - those curtains Poppy put up make all the difference in the world, as did Logan not being in pre-school (his schedule kind of made hers non-existant).  She naps for usually an hour and a half to two hours, twice a day...and she sleeps from 8 at night until 8 in the morning. 

She loves to throw things and does it with such passion I cannot help but wonder if she's going to be in softball or something.

She is growing taller and taller but her waist is still tiny so finding clothes that fit just right can be a challenge.

She is cruising furniture and taking steps on her own.  I am pretty sure she would be walking if it were not for her fear (she fell once on her face with her walker and has been paranoid ever since).  She will take five or six steps and then literally throw herself at you.

She is still a really easy, fun, happy child.  She certainly has her moments but for the most part she is happy, singing and laughing most of the time. 

They can both be a handfull at times - Logan loves to aggravate her (like a typical brother) and she has learned the art of being dramatic.  For the most part though they are the best of friends and make each other laugh over the simplest of things. 

I am interested to see what this summer will be like - with Lauren walking and Logan out of school and here full time it should be pretty eventful.  Lauren has already learned how to un-roll toilet paper and get things out of the pantry.  She is working on learning to open and close bedroom doors and I am pretty sure she knows how to turn the TV off and on. Oh, and she has tasted dog food and dirt.  Logan is an instigator and loves to say "Lauren was doing that!" even when he's doing it too. [Right now I am listning to obnoxious banging sounds as they are tossing refigerator magnets around on the floor and totally cracking up together]. 

I swear I am a good parent. 
(I just need eyes in the back of my head, a third arm, and full-time housekeeping).

At the same time I am dreading them both being in pre-school a couple days a week and having a quiet house (though I know it will be a blessing too)...