the difference

{warning: this post is not for those easily disgusted}

we have had this horrible stomach bug around here
and when I mean horrible I mean HORRIBLE
we woke up on Wednesday morning to Lauren lying in her crib, covered head to toe in throwup
I felt so bad for her I just wanted to cry

and then yesterday it got the best of me
and I was reminded of those days of non-stop nausea and throwing up when I was pregnant
and ohhhh how I wished for it to end
(I would rather have a broken arm than throw up...seriously).

but I couldnt help but think of the difference between getting sick back then
and getting sick now
because now, with two little ones around the house
nothing is sacred -
not even throwing up.

I had Lauren behind me, excitedly hitting my back with a baby doll, screeching
 eeeeeeeee! eeeeeeeeeee!
and Logan, who came into the room and announced
"Oh Mama! Dat's bisgusting!"

(and despite being so sick, I still had to laugh...)


Super excited to see this necklace

Ever noticed my blog header?
{fyi, it's original...not a copy I stole from somewhere else}


Ryan, are you paying attention???


back to the old routine...

My little ones started pre-school today...

and I got back into the ole' routine (sans Lauren this time around)

I love that they get to go out, to somewhere fun - where they interact with other kids, play, learn, sing...
and I get a little bit of routine - time to listen to my own music in the car, get some fresh air, talk to other moms, get errands done, do laundry without interruption...whatever.
For three days a week we have set plans and I know what is going to happen
and I LOVE it.
(I am a planner in case you didn't already figure that out).

 I will admit though, I was a little weepy this morning.
the house was so, so quiet.
and yes, I missed them like crazy.

It was a little challenging packing up three lunches
(even though I kinda cheated and Logan got a "Lunchables" since he begged me for one for his first day of school)
but I think they looked so cute carrying their lunchboxes :)

Lauren's was pretty heavy for her and it was hilarious to watch her carry it around like a suitcase
she actually really wanted to carry it though so I let her
(I love how it looks like she is waiting for the bus or something)

We took a couple of pictures with Daddy
who went in today for their first day
(we love him so much for doing things like that...you're the best, Daddy)

and lookie there, you even get one with me...

I think they had a great day.  Lauren greeted me at the door in her "extra" outfit as she had dumped her entire thermos cup on herself (I should have warned them about that...) and Logan had just finished lunch and was wearing a pudding mustache.  Hopefully he'll fill me in throughout the day on his adventures...


the truth.

Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.
~Simone Signoret

Ryan and I celebrate our anniversary on Monday. Seven years of marriage.

Of course I'd be lying if I said the past seven years were always blissful.
And I'd be lying if I said we never went to bed angry or frustrated with each other.
We don't always follow the best wedding advice I know,
take each other for better or worse, but never for granted.
...soooo much easier said than done.

We have had many challenges in the past seven years...
And let's be honest, there are times when we could just strangle each other
(ehh, don't worry, we don't...I'm just being dramatic).

I guess basically what I'm saying is, I would never, ever try to pretend that our marriage is in any way perfect...because let's be honest -
marriage is hard.
Even if you marry the most wonderful person,
you WILL get on each other's nerves.

I can remember before we got married we did a lot of talking about being married
and we both made a real, honest promise to each other --
something along the lines of...
I will love you,
I will be there for you,
I will stand by you...
when you drive me crazy
when you get on my nerves
when I am stressed out, worn out, tired, and want to be left alone...
I may not be at my best,
but I am yours and you are mine
I am committed
I am dedicated
to making every part of this work,
now and always.

And now, seven years later
I still think he is the most amazing, wonderful, handsome man...
(a man who still has no idea just how good looking he is).
I know his quirks, his reasoning, his stressors.
I appreciate his honesty and his kindness.
I adore his dedication to our family.
I am grateful for his love,
his willingness to change diapers
and his endless patience.
And although there have been (and will be) times we go to bed angry
or we're simply just not in agreement,
I know we will work it out.

We are in this together.
Grounded in faith.
Standing strong even in the winds of change.

And now...
now I love him now more than ever before.
More than I did seven years ago,
More than I ever imagined I could love someone
and that's the truth.

Happy Anniversary, Ryan.
I love you!


Today Lauren is wearing these shorts:
I was holding her in my arms...Logan walks up to me, points to the pockets and asks,
"Mama, are those cup holders?"

I explained that they were pockets and he replied,
"oh! well, she should probably put some cars in there!"

And yes, now each of the four pockets has a car in it.

At least he didn't try for the cup I guess.



...been away for a bit but with good reason and intentions of blogging
just never found the time to do it...
we had some much-needed family time last week
(and a little bit of work, sweat and money down the drain as well!)
but I am here, trying to get ready to get back into the ole' routine...

be back soon.


Hands On Museum (part 2 of 2)

Lauren seemed to like this state trooper's car even more than Logan -
She climbed into it several times by herself...
Logan played in the ball pit - last night he was telling Ryan he loved playing in the "ball popper"

over at the vet's office Dr. Logan took care of the animals by making sure they were all in their crates and the sick frog was in the special care unit...
(he later told me that was his "most favorite" part)

Hope you all have a nice weekend.


Hands On Museum (part 1 of 2)

Today we joined my bestie Katrina and her kids at the Hands On Museum.  The kids had a great time and I definitely think we will be heading back. (I did not even know the place existed until she told me about it, but Katrina knows more about what is going on in this town than anyone I know so she makes some great recommendations!).

There are lots of things to do there - so much that the moms spend a lot of the time looking around for which direction our kids took off in - but it is perfect for all ages and it was nice to have somewhere both Logan and Lauren could really just run around and enjoy themselves.


At the pretend grocery store, Logan loaded up on lots of goodies (and mustard)...

(and yes they had to take their shoes off - if I had known I would have brought socks for sure)

and once his cart was full he put it up to buy...he then asked me for some money so he could pay for it all.  The kid who was pretending to be the cashier told Logan that his total came to 78 cents. I decided we should shop there more often.
Lauren was on the hunt for something good and apparently settled on this organic baby yogurt....
...until Logan convinced her to get some shark fruit snacks instead.

In the handicapped (or elderly, I couldnt decide which) basketball court,
Logan guarded the gate
and Lauren pushed wheelchairs
she also does a pretty good job of throwing a basketball too.
Russell was the best though (shhh. just don't tell Logan that)

and this one just makes me laugh
(does not get much more random than that)

(more tomorrow...)


back to school.

seems weird to be saying that as my kids are three and one....
but pre-school has been one of the best things I ever decided to do for my kids
(or at least it has been for Logan but I am sure Lauren will love it too).

this little pre-school they go to
(actually it's not even called pre-school -
they call it "playschool"...)
it is in a really nice side of town
one with million dollar houses down the street and big, ancient oak trees
it is at a church with a big courtyard in the middle
and playgrounds around the sides
it has been around for as long as I have
and it has a waiting list -
one I waited on patiently for Logan to reach the top of.
But most importantly it is a place filled with the most amazing teachers,
women who do more than just get to know your kids
they get to know you
and know your whole family by name.
It is a place filled with love
where teachers hug and hi-five the kids
and on the way out the door they say "goodbye, I love you!"

I never knew that was what pre-school was
I really had no idea.
Logan had been home with me
 - just me -
for two and a half years
(that's a lot of time with just me to interact with, trust me)
and although we had playdates
and we did things together
we needed a break from our little world
I needed to get out of the house
he needed friends he interacted with every day
he needed to learn how to share
he needed to love to learn
he needed to grow
and last year I saw it all happen
I saw him make friends and hug them and talk about his day
I saw his artwork, his little handprints on everything
he had teachers who didn't stress about paint on his shirt or peanut butter on his face
and although at first I kinda worried about that
I realized just how much they love him -
how much they cared about what he was learning
what he was becoming
they were the teachers, not the moms - like me - who worry about those little things
and thank God for that
because I admit
I colored in coloring books with Logan
but I never once broke out a paint set.

They were doing what teachers do best -
letting children be children
while learning

And as I get ready to send them both off to pre-school in a couple weeks,
I start to think about those teachers -
new ones this time around
who will no doubt be fantastic
who will show love and kindness towards my kids
and I am so thankful
for every teacher out there
for the way they do their jobs,
the way they plant little seeds that grow...
and for making my child so, so happy to be there.


15 mo.

Lauren is 15 months old
24 pounds (75%)
33 1/2 inches long (97%, or the average eight of a two-and-a-half year old)
almost always happy
sleeps great (9-8 typically with two 2 hour naps)
eats everything she can get her hands on
is getting in about five teeth right now
slams cabinet doors
loves the stove, fridge and dishwasher
climbing like a monkey
saying "stinky!" while waving her hand in her face
loves to hear her voice shake when talking into the fan
plays hide and go seek by going to the same spot every time -- Cadie's bed
tries really hard to undress herself when she is ready for a bath (she loves baths)
occasionally dramatic. mimicking faces. cuddly when she's tired.
adorable as always...

...and the pediatrician finally made a real prediction on her height  (I ask them almost every time we go in if they have an idea because as I am sure you have noticed I am fascinated by the very idea of having a kid who is actually going to be tall seeing as I am just over 5'1").  He told me most likely she will be tall and thin -- at 5'10" or 5'11".  He suggested I get her into modeling. HA!

He also commented that she has a very sweet disposition - something that is somewhat important because as he said "you don't want people to wonder, why is that three year old acting out like that...?