halloween party, 80's style...

Ryan is the type of person that does not like to do things half way.  When he plays a game, he wants to know all the rules and he wants to follow them exactly...which kind of gives you an idea as to just how difficult it was to be the 'creative director' of our 80's rocker couple Halloween costumes -- especially considering everything except Ryan's wig came from the Goodwill after multiple trips...but I think we did ok....he got first place in the costume contest!

Thought you all might enjoy a few randoms from our evening out....

a lady driving by us did a double take when she looked over at him and it made me laugh so hard.

(Logan got his wish to be an "animal doctor" and Lauren was a cat)

(my parents, the pirates.)

with my BF Katrina, the prom queen :)

Matt and Corey -- (Corey was an oven with a bun in it)

...we are sole mates ;)


living in the moment

Just having one of those days where I feel like I am being told to slow down -
to soak up my babies and just love them.

Today Lauren did not cry when I took her to pre-school
(and instead, I did...a strange combination of happy and sad tears).

And when I left the kids' school to head to the grocery store,
the man helping me with the cart asked me about my kids
and he started talking about the grandkids he cannot afford to visit until Christmas.
He told me he had a nine-month-old granddaughter he had never met.
and when he teared up, I teared up and we laughed about how kids make you a sentimental mess.

But most of all I have been thinking about a friend who recently got some terrible news on the day she went in for an ultrasound to learn her baby's gender....what should have been a happy moment was instead one of devestation and just makes me really think about how lives can change in an instant.

So today I am hugging my babies a little tighter,
kissing them a little more...
I am thinking about what a blessing they are
and instead of the toys strewn about the floor, the laundry that needs to be done, the dinner that needs to be started...I am trying to remember to be in the moment
to soak them up,
enjoy the giggles,
listen to their little voices,
watch as they use their little imaginations
to play "kitchen" or cars or whatever it is...
I just want to appreciate today
and life in this very moment
and say Thank You to the God who set it all into motion for me...


air show.

Yesterday after the corn maze and lunch, Ryan and Logan met Papa and Uncle Matt to watch the Blue Angels fly at the air show on the base.

Logan liked it so much, Papa is taking him back today :)

corn maze

A few weeks ago we were invited by some pre-school family friends to visit a corn maze in the country.  It just so happened that was the morning Logan woke up with strep so we didn't make it and he has been asking about it ever since. This weekend we finally were able to fit it in among all the craziness and I think the kids had a really good time...

inside the corn maze (we were up on a wooden bridge)...

Lauren was not so crazy about the pool of corn as you can see....

{and I had to post these, even with my crazy hair and all...how sweet is he???}

you know, those shoes were white when we first got there...

we went on a tractor ride and got to feed the cows...
and Logan took one last "swim" in the pool of corn, which I think was actually his favorite part...


 blogger is doing some crazy things right now. it made me change my template and some of my settings are messed up so I just did the best I could with it...hopefully I get it straightened out soon because the mismatching is driving me crazy.


for Ryan

I was driving home the other night and heard this song....
If ever there was a song I wanted to sing for you, this is it.
(don't worry, I won't sing, I'll just let it play...)


where I've been (in case you were wondering)

A quick summary:

 - Logan had a stomach bug twice, two weeks apart.  A week later he then had what the pediatrician thinks was a reaction to the flu mist.  A week later he got strep.  Lauren has had what appears to be a cold (snotty nose....all day....every day...for two weeks now.) Yes, my life has been really really glamorous....and if you got a very late thank you card for Logan's birthday, now you know why.

- We all have our Halloween costumes after what seems like forever, scouring through Goodwill's across the city for the last few things we needed.  We are still in need of some crazy shoes for Ryan but I figure it is the least important part of his costume so it will be fine.

- We have been busy almost every single night....I am exhausted and over it and so are the kids.  They have been going to bed early and sleeping hard. The worst part is knowing that it is only going to be busier from here on out and I am completely unprepared.

- Lauren cries every single day I take her to pre-school.  They have told me she stops five minutes after I leave and starts crying again when the first mommy comes to pick up their child (so I try to be that parent as much as possible).  Last week I helped out in the pumpkin patch for the school pictures.  We went and got her for her picture with Logan and then she went back to class....and I could hear her crying 500 yards away after she could no longer see me.  I think she cried the rest of the day until I picked her up.  The worst part was I had to do it again the next day.

- The kids had Open House at pre-school.  Lauren did not have one painting hanging up since I have kept her out with her runny nose.  I was kinda sad.  She cried when we took her into her class, just like she does every day, even though Ryan was holding her. 

- I swear, the day Lauren does not cry, I am going to.

- Logan got a haircut.  Two days later he asked if he could have another one.  He loves getting his hair cut.

- We have started buying Christmas presents for the kids.  I think I may be more excited for Christmas morning than they will be.

- House is still for sale.  Probably will still be for sale in five years.  Kinda depressing, really.

- Cody turned seven. He has a little gray in his snout now but has almost as much energy as he did as a puppy...it is amazing what his weight loss and insulin shots have done for him.

- We did a breast cancer walk last weekend.  Lauren rode in the stroller and Logan rode in a wagon.  Both were complaining and tired even though their feet never touched the ground.  There was a girl wearing hot pink high heels.  I am willing to bet she was complaining a little more than my kids.

- And finally...my sister and her husband are expecting a new addition this summer.  I am so freakin' excited I can't stand it. :)

- Hope to be back to blogging regularly soon.