life right now:

- Continuing to be a terrible blogger/picture taker.

- BUT, we did get professional photos that I am ordering tonight...and I really cannot tell you how much I love them. LOVE them.

- Recently I got on a kick of making bread...first I made a couple of loaves of banana bread (my favorite) and then pumpkin bread. In the end I think I actually made about 12 loaves and I would guess that about 80% was consumed by Logan.  He asked for it before, during, and after every meal. 

- Lauren was sick for three days before Thanksgiving.  Logan stayed at Mimi and Poppy's the whole time and still managed to get the exact same thing three days later. 

- The sickness may or may not have involved him throwing up inside a tent during a camping expedition at 2 a.m. with my dad, Uncle Matt, and Ryan...

- That night also may or may not have included a dog barking non-stop, the world's largest marshmallows and an almost-ruined CPAP machine.

- (He still had a blast though and asked Ryan when they could do it again...!!!)

- Wishing more than ever that we were selling our house right now.  I know I should be grateful that we are not in a worse position but man, it is just depressing.  We had a couple come back for the second time on Saturday but no word yet.  I will admit, I did get a little hopeful they would be it.

- I am 99% done with my Christmas shopping (as of Friday...yes I am one of the crazies, but I saved about $200 on the items I lost sleep over so it was worth it). I am waaaaay over budget but super excited about a few things I have up my sleeve :)

- While waiting in line at 4 a.m. at Best Buy I snagged a ticket for their last Nook...I am now thinking about selling it on feeBay because my husband cannot imagine the thought of not holding paper in his hands.

- Our house has been decorated for Christmas for about a month now.  We have not put up the tree (which we would normally have done last weekend but as you might have noticed, we were all too tired and sick).

- We are planning to visit Santa tomorrow.  Pictures to follow (I hope...)


I'm starting to think...

Maybe we should just go into hiding.

I have never seen kids as sick as mine.

(and I know yall just love getting these sickly reports...almost as much as I love living with them...)

Lauren had diarrhea on Sunday but was seemingly fine.  (wow....yes, my kids are going to kill me some day for these reports).

So we went to church, did our usual routine and she seemed fine (she has had her hands in her mouth constantly so I assumed she was getting in her incisors). 

Monday morning I was cleaning up around the house, talking to Mimi about when the kids were going to come over (they were both supposed to spend the night) when Lauren walked over to me and threw up all over the floor.

A few hours and one good nap later, I still ended up taking Logan out to stay with Mimi and Poppy.  Lauren went off with me, seemingly fine, with no symptoms of being sick (and happy as usual).  That night I even met Aunt Corey for some returns/Christmas shopping at the mall and ironically we ran into our friend Anita and her daughter Caroline, which was funny because her husband Jay and son Ryan (who you may remember from pictures...they spent some time with us this summer while Anita recovered from major surgery) spent the evening with my Ryan catching the new Harry Potter movie. So anyway, she was fine.  Came home, went to bed, no issues.

Yesterday morning she got up, had a little organic yogurt smoothie (I was thinking the diarrhea issue would benefit from that) and she instantly threw up.  All over me.  All over my floor which I had just deep cleaned....and then she went on the rest of the day, seemingly fine except maybe sleeping a little more than usual.

So we have an appointment to be seen today at the ped's office.  I just don't get it.  I have no clue how my kids keep getting sick, how they get different things and don't pass them on to each other, how they get sick even when they are not at pre-school (and I make a point NOT to take them with me to places with germ-covered shopping carts), how we practically abuse hand sanitizer, have gone through a brand new container of antibacterial soap in the kids bathroom in about two weeks....and how it seems that every other week it is something new.

So in case you were wondering - I am just putting it out there on this day before Thanksgiving - I AM THANKFUL FOR OUR HEALTH.  I am thankful for those days when we go on about our lives and don't have doctor's appointments, bodily fluids to clean up, medicines to take, couches we need to lay on, Pediasure in the fridge, Lysol disinfectant to spray, a million diapers to change or tissues filling up the trash can.  I am THANKFUL so, so thankful for our health....now if we could please get it back that would be great.  Maybe we will even go into hiding after all of this is over.  It is not a bad idea except that we have lives to live and things to do....

so anyway,

Wishing you and yours a very blessed, healthy, plate-full-of-turkey wonderful Thanksgiving. 

I am thankful for you!


@18 months

{somehow this didn't post when it was supposed to - this is from a couple of days after Lauren's 18 month check up at the pediatrician's office}

I really cannot believe she is 18 months old, though most people ask me and automatically assume "how old she? two?"  Don't rush it, people. please.

She is 34 1/2" tall (97%) and 25 pounds (75%). 

Her eyes are still blue, though they are a little darker than Logan's.  At her checkup the doctor told me they would probably have changed by now if they were going to change at all.  Her hair is turning from blonde to brown and she still has a mullet (which is why you will always see a bow in her hair).

Her new favorite word is no (she loves to repeat it and then bust out laughing), followed closely by "baby" (which she calls almost anything with a face).

Some of her (newer) words:  bow, shoe, bapple (she calls any kind of fruit "bapple" except for banana, which is "nana"), night night, Ba-man (I will give you one guess where this started), pretty, "tank yew", and her favorite, no.

She is definitely girly -- dramatic at times, loves any kind of jewelry, turns whatever she can find into a baby, accessory or a purse. 

She is stingy with her kisses to me but will love on our dogs or her brother and say "awwwww!" 

Taking her to the Disney Store is like experiencing Christmas morning.  (Just ask my sister - she about cried taking her in there....it is magical).  She adores anything with a "Disney Princess" on it and has been known to pick up Disney Princess lunch boxes from other kids at preschool and kiss them.

She loves to play chase, dress up, hold baby dolls, play peek-a-boo, flip through books, take bracelets off and put them back on, eat fruit (and sneak dog food [gag]), play kitchen/food or vet/animals with Logan, pull clothes out of her drawers and snuggle with "bankie" (her beloved blanket).

It is hard to believe there was once a concern with her feeding/tongue.  She sticks her tongue out and makes faces all the time.  Her eating is not quite as good as it once was (seems to have changed about the time she got that stomach bug).  Her favorites:  milk, fruit, any kind of cookie, chicken, and whatever is on my plate (that has not really changed).

It is also hard to believe she was once such a laid back child.  It seems she is actually a lot like Logan and the two of them are either the best of friends or fighting like cats and dogs -- there is no middle with them.  He does things to instigate trouble and she is overly dramatic in her reactions.  And when I put Logan into time out, she will come over and put her arm around him and sit next to him...and before I know it, they are giggling and up to no good once again.

catching up

Well it has been a little busy around here and before I know it, almost a month has passed since I last posted.

For one thing, Logan has been so sick in the past two months we were concerned there was something really wrong (as was our pediatrician, but after blood tests were run they determined his large tonsils are probably the biggest reason he continues to get any and everything going around).  In just a couple of months he has had strep, a stomach flu (twice), random bouts of throwing up, tonsilitis and most recently, a cold.  It has been exhausting for all of us! 

I have been busy volunteering at the kids' pre-school (and loving it) and a couple weekends ago I redecorated the house for Christmas (yes, I know it's early! We had a rare cold weekend Ryan was willing to go up in the attic...). 

Logan and I spent a day cleaning out his room and he boxed up toys he has outgrown to give to his cousin Connor (this was a big moment for both of us - we have tried this before and it was not too successful).  We have been talking a lot about Christmas lately and how it is an important time to show love and kindness.  At four I see how he has a much better understanding of Christmas being not quite so much about the presents and I love to see his little heart want to do things that make other people happy.  Together we are going to work on a box we will give to a little boy his age and hopefully it will be both a valuable lesson and a family tradition we can continue every year.

Lauren has been talking so much.  She repeats most of what we say and loves to say anything she knows will make us laugh.  She also loves to point to things and tell you what they are.  She can name most of her body parts (including essential accessories such as "bow" and "earrings") and will answer you when you ask her a question (though usually the answer is "no!").  She knows how to open the fridge, take out condiments such as mustard, and walk around the house with them.  She is a tremendous sleeper and still takes great, long naps (sometimes two if she does not have pre-school that day).  Her hair is finally starting to grow and it curls at the end which I think is so cute :)  She is definitely prissy...she loves her jewelry and purses and if she doesn't have either, she will find something to turn into one or the other.

Anyway, here are just a few photos I didn't get the chance to upload between Halloween and now...

 we could not stop laughing at how Lauren holds her lollypop like a cigarette....

 I took my camera to school a couple weeks ago when Logan's class was singing in chapel...

but I couldn't get close enough to get a good picture of him - fortunately I did get some video sent to me by another mom.

(Hope to catch up more...sooner rather than later!)