anyone out there still reading this?

{thank you}

I am here, finally getting around to documenting the last month or so, though it is fuzzy for the most part.

The kids went on break from school and we kept really busy.  Ryan was off the week of Christmas and the time flew by.  I also got slammed with what started out feeling like the flu and then a cold followed by a day of overwhelming nausea and then a horrible sinus infection....one frazzled trip to the doctor with both kids, two medicines and three weeks later I am starting to get back into the swing of things.

I swear you people deserve some kind of award for listening to my whining about being sick.

Really you do.

We had a wonderful, blessed Christmas and I loved seeing the kids enjoy the Christmas season.  And although I have so much to document, so much to remember, there is one thing I really want to remember and document here....

I can truly say that although Logan is like most kids and gets excited about presents, I really have never seen a kid more excited over the very idea and anticipation of Christmas.  He would sing Christmas songs constantly (or request them being played everywhere we went), ask questions every five minutes about how snow falls from the sky or how Santa looks different this year ("I think his beard is longer this year mama").  He loved making cookies and putting an ornament on the advent tree, counting down the days until Christmas morning.  He loved putting on music and dancing and wearing his Christmas/snowman PJ's for three days in a row (or however long he could convince me they were not in need of washing).  He loved watching Christmas specials on TV and looking at lights and decorations on houses (even in the daytime). He loved eating pumpkin bread and candy canes and anticipating how much Santa was going to love his cookies because they were going to be the BEST cookies with the BEST sprinkles.

And as we all know, the anticipation really is the best part.
Because before you know it, it is here
and just like that its is gone.

I tried to keep the focus where it should have been.  We read lots of Christmas books, talked about giving things to others, talked about the importance of remembering why we celebrate Christmas.  He was fascinated with it all I think...and I loved that.

And so it kinda broke my heart this week that we had to get back to everyday life...when the "magic" ended and everything had to be packed away.  Together Logan and I worked all day on Monday packing up the ornaments and putting away all the signs of the season...and he kept asking me "is Christmas really over?" or "why does Christmas have to end?" and I tried to explain that - just like his birthday - it would come around again. 

And still he asks "but why?"

I'll admit that after five million times of being asked the same questions it is a little annoying, but I try to remember - it still lives on in him, and really, maybe I should probably be a little proud of that. 

It wasn't just a day of getting gifts...it was memories we built.  It was magic he will remember and anticipate until December comes around again.

Right now he's still walking around the house singing Christmas songs...and when we're in the car he points out the houses that still have their lights up every single time he sees one...and he's taking toys, stacking them up on the floor, placing a blanket on top and asking Lauren to come play "Christmas morning" so she can "unwrap" her gifts. 

oh, how I love that boy.