Recently, our dog Cadie [Katie] had several seizures very close together (for the past couple of years it has been occurring about twice a year).  Since she has had seizures we have never really had an answer as to what has been/is causing them, why they started or what we can do to help.  We were given an anti-anxiety medication to give her after a seizure but it has never really seemed to help her much, if at all.

We have racked our brains as to how the seizures started.  I will never ever forget the first time she had one, it was one of the worst days of my life. I literally thought she was going to die.  We thought at that time that maybe she had eaten a frog or snake that may have posioned her (we have a pond in our backyard).  The vet kept her overnight for observation, ran a slew of tests and in the morning we were told they could not find anything wrong.

After this last set of seizures (at least three that we know of within about a month), we took her to the vet again - and again this time we had several extensive tests run and they cannot find anything wrong.  Her urinalysis was normal, her bloodwork was normal.  This is a little frustrating considering the amount of money we paid to have tests run but it does tell us what we have suspected all along -- the problem is in her brain.  The vet seems to think that she has a form of adult onset Epillepsy (which can be helped with medication but we are holding off right now until we know more as the medication can change the personality of the dog).  Due to the fact that there are no obvious stressors setting her seizures off, the timing, frequency and duration of them is all that we have to go by...which means it could be getting worse.

So for now we wait and we pray.  We pray that the seizures will slow down (or, in a perfect world, that they would somehow completely go away) and that we can figure out how to help her.

I know for some people it seems a little crazy...we have one dog with seizures and one with diabetes (which costs a lot more to treat than my children's own healthcare costs -- and we go to the doctor A LOT)...but for the record, I wouldn't give up on them for anything.  We picked them out and took them home and with that, our lives were changed.  They are members of our family.  They are my kids' best friends and playmates.  Giving up is never an option.  So please, if you would, say a prayer for our girl...



one more

I don't want to over-do it with the Disney stuff (though I really don't have all that much to share since my camera was on the fritz) so I am cramming the last of it into one more post.

This video was taken while riding Dumbo with Lauren (and gives you a pretty good idea of just how empty the park was for those 'extra magic hours')

L & L on the boat ride to the park:

Lauren really surprised us.  She literally ran to Minnie as soon as it was her turn. 
Lauren with her new ears (in pink of course)
(and with her name on the back)

Outside Minnie's house (sadly, none of the pictures I took inside came out).  We made it there just in time - certain parts of Fantasyland and Minnie and Mickey's area (including their houses) are all being closed for a couple of years (or removed permanently) while they create a whole new Fantasyland area at the back of the park.


I didn't forget...

it just took forever and a day to get my video uploaded and functioning (sorry).

Thought you all might like to see what "rope drop" at the Magic Kingdom is like.  I will admit, I have been to the MK more times than I can count but I don't think I have ever been to rope drop before.  We had the "extra magic hours" since we stayed at a Disney resort and Ryan and I both said that was probably our favorite thing about staying there.  There was literally no wait for any rides during that time and what we did in an hour would normally probably have taken five hours...and yes, that is what really makes it magical ;)  [If you have ever been in Disney World in the dead of summer you know what I mean!]

As you can see my kids do not seem overly impressed with the festivities of the rope drop, but in their defense I will say Lauren slept terrible the night before (she ended up sharing our bed because she absolutely hates sleeping in port-a-cribs) and Logan, well, if you ever met him you'd know he is absolutely NOT a morning person, even at Disney World.....
but if you look just past Lauren, to the boy in the wheelchair - see him waving his arms in excitement?  That one had me holding back tears.


where we've been...

I got a couple of emails asking where my blog updates were and asking if all is well...thank you for asking and yes, we're all fine ;)

I honestly can't remember where I left off but a few things that are coming to mind that may or may not have happened since my last post:

- Logan put a (tiiiiiiiny) Lego up his nose...on a Friday afternoon, after the ENT doctor's offices were closed...which resulted in a trip to the ER...during flu season...while being surrounded by people wearing masks and kids throwing up into small red bags.  His Our only saving grace was the fact that they put us on a fast track and we were out in an hour.  Yes you read that right, an hour. It was indeed a miracle. 

- Our water heater has had about 47 different issues, all of which have stopped us from normal daily functions like washing dishes and um, our bodies.  I am told that waterheaters are a simple thing but I am not convinced because we have had more than our fair share of issues and I am tired of taking cold showers (or no shower at all, depending on how desperate I am).  This house is seven years old...and seriously, you would think it was a hundred.

- I have been subbing at the kids' pre-school (and loving it) but it leaves me with very little extra time....you know, for things like showers and such.

- We went to Disney World.  It was wonderful.

- I had a birthday and am now officially 'old' (or so my kid tells me).  However, I am once again reminded that I have the greatest friends and family on the planet.

- While we were at Disney we suspect our house was struck by lightning. We came home to sprinklers running, a garage door that would not open and random lights that would not turn on. Caught in the list of casualties were our phones, our water heater (who I think has officially had enough) and an alarm clock. 

- Oh yeah, and our house is officially off the market.  See the above.  Feel my pain.

and now, enough of the whining and on to what you really come here for....the pictures.  These are just a few from our first day.  My camera was giving me a really hard time and was shutting down on its own so I really didn't get many pics or video (and wasn't able to get any by the third day of our trip).  We will be going back down in a few weeks so I will get more. In the meantime...

We woke the kids up early on Wednesday morning and drove down to Orlando.  Our first stop was our hotel (Wilderness Lodge) to drop off our bags.  That was a bit of a mistake because Logan was so excited about the hotel, he asked about it the entire day (and yes, we were at a park).

The kids loved the 'Dig Site' playground and I stayed here with them while Ryan went on 'Dinosaur'
but as we were leaving, Lauren tried to catch up with Logan and fell on the suspension bridge
(showing me her 'boo-boo')

Poor thing looked pretty pitiful...and that boo-boo only got worse as the trip went on because she fell more than once.

Logan was pretty happy though...

The crowds were so light we had finished Animal Kingdom by late afternoon and were able to return back to the resort before visiting Hollywood Studios.

He was so excited to stay there and kept calling it 'our house'....

More to come.  Soon, I promise.