L & L

Big L:

- Will be four and a half years old tomorrow.  (Remember when you were little and you thought it was such a big deal to add in the "half"?)

- Still can make his sister giggle like no other.  He makes us laugh almost daily - you really never know what he is going to say.  He loves to joke and make things up (and is pretty good at catching a joke too - if he isn't sure he will say "are you joking?").

- Is obsessed with Toy Story and pretty much anything else that is Disney (he picked that shirt out himself).

- He talks non-stop and asks lots and lots of questions.  He is very much like me in that he likes to have a plan and stick to it.  He likes to know what is going on and does not like for plans for change.

- Just started writing his name and it is so, so cute.

- Favorite Foods:  mini donuts/muffins, PB&J sandwiches, carrots and broccoli (which he will ask for if I don't share some off my plate), 'Toy Story' chicken noodle soup, apples, pears, macaroni and cheese, yogurt, pretzels, pop-tarts, and 'coffee milk.'

- Still loves to line things up, count them, and put things in containers (and then move things from one container to another).  The other day I went with my sister to a store and there were lots of toys -- instead of asking me for a toy he asked me if we could get a storage system.  Seriously.  (Despite loving to put things in containers he's still pretty terrible at learning to keep his room clean).

- Just started to eat apples like a grown up -- no more cutting them up and peeling them, he just bites right in (and he always tells me "Mama! I saved you a bite!")

- Has asked me about once a month since about November/December when he can have 'another brother or sister.' 

- Most days he can be the sweetest big brother in the world...he regularly tells Lauren "you look so beautiful" and "I love you, Lauren!"  He always has to hug her goodbye before either of them goes to class at pre-school and he begs me every afternoon not to put her down for a nap so that they can play together.  He can also completely irritate her but almost daily I am surprised at how well they get along considering how different they are (and that they are almost three years apart).

Little L:

- Will not sit still for a photo (obviously).

- Will be two in a little over a month.  It amazes me how much she already seems like a two year old to me even though I want more than anything for her to stay little.

- Talks a lot.  Sometimes it is in her own language - she can talk for one minute straight and you won't have a clue what she just told you.  For the most part though she is a little chatterbox and repeats everything we say.

- Loves:  Disney Princesses, Barbie, whatever remotely resembles a purse, babydolls, and anything pink or sparkly. 

- Favorite Foods:  Pizza (she literally squeals for it), cheese, poptarts, Triscuits, grapes, 'Princess juice' (milk), 'Princess' chicken noodle soup, chicken nuggets, cheetos (even though they totally gross me out and are the messiest food on the planet),

- Really wants to be a big girl - she tries to sit on the potty (even though she really isn't sure what she's doing, she will ask to go to the potty); knows that "only babies need a paci" and will take it out of her mouth and give it to her babydoll (we're still really working on getting rid of it completely); wears mama's shoes around the house constantly and loves to pick out her own clothes.

- Can count to ten - which we thought was a big deal until one night when Ryan and I were working in the nursery at church and we heard another little girl who is five days older than her do it clear as day.  We just looked at each other and laughed.  So much for our child prodigy theory.

Both of them:

- Love to color, draw with sidewalk chalk (though Lauren spends a lot of time drawing on herself as well), play kitchen, work on puzzles and play outside.

- Give the best hugs and kisses a mama could ever ask for.


current randomness...

If you were wondering what took me so long to update the blog up until now, well, it was because there isn't too much going on and yet not enough time to document anything - so here's a list of current randomness in my life:

- My sister Corey and her husband Matt will be welcoming a baby into our family in September! (Logan is pretty excited too - he has been asking for a baby for months).

- My sisters-in-law celebrated a birthday. I feel so lucky to have them in my life - and doubly blessed that there are two of them :)

- I am addicted to these Good Health Veggie Snacks(I am not even a 'chip person') and Publix's Key Lime Pie Frozen Yogurt (sorry, can't find a picture) -- 120 calories and 3 grams of fat in a serving and it tastes EXACTLY like key lime pie (trust me, I would not lead you astray -- I have had 12 different varieties of key lime pie from Key West, I KNOW my key lime pie).

- I have been watching THIS and THIS while doing laundry.  I totally blame my sister and all the other women out there I know are watching.  My husband thinks I have lost my mind. (I probably have but wanted to know what the big deal was, now I can't look away...and let's be honest, there is NOTHING on TV during the day)

- Cadie has not had any seizures since her last appointment.  I think the prayers are working so keep them coming :)

- Gas is almost $4/gallon for premium.  I dont care what the owner's manual says, my car is getting the cheapest gas I can find.

- It has been a miserable allergy season - the pollen around here is like nothing I have ever seen.  My kids have had a pretty hard time with allergies lately and it has been especially bad for Lauren, whose eyes and ears have been backed up with fluid for over a month.  (I grabbed a quick photo of her this afternoon so you can see some of the swelling she has on a daily basis - this was after I had wiped down her eyes and nose about ten minutes earlier.  She was working on a lollypop, which is why her mouth is purple):

...I can't really complain though; last year we had a really long winter and this year we had some days in the high 70's in February, which is complete bliss!

- My brother is officially coming home for a month.  (He is in the Army, stationed in Germany).  April marks two years since he has been home (he left for Iraq the day after Lauren was born so he has never even met her).  Needless to say, we are all incredibly excited to see him.

- Gymboree combined two of my favorite things (dogs+the beach) into a line of clothing so I went a little crazy buying things for Lauren for the summer.  A few of my favorites:
Surfer Puppy TeeSurfer Friends Tank TopLittle Girl, Big Dreams TeeSurfer Girl Swing Top

- Getting annual passes to Disney World and a smart phone was one of the best decisions we've ever made.

- Lauren has some new phrases she says often like "I LOVE it!" when picking out her clothes for the next day or "I done now!" after dinner and even "I need to go potty!" - which basically means she runs into the bathroom, sits on the little potty (fully clothed), giggles and then gets up and runs away. (As you can see, it's a work in progress).

- I cleaned out all the closets in the house last week and realized I have a weird addiction to storage containers and bins. I love organization but things don't always stay organized, no matter how hard I try.  The pile of containers and bins is sitting in the garage and I cannot figure out what to do with them and refuse to get rid of them...now I finally see where Logan gets his fascination with containers from.

- That is all the randomness I think you can take.  Thanks for making it this far :)


life goes on...


I know, things don't always work out the way we want them to. 
I get that. 
I totally do.
But man, sometimes I just get frustrated at the way things go, the way people can be, the common decency some people lack - coupled with the fact that things don't always work out the way we want them to....

and as much as I hate to admit it,
those famous words my dad always repeated to me as a kid
"life's not fair"
well, they are true.  they are real.
and sometimes they just kind of slap you in the face.

So without dragging you into the details, we are back at square one with our house.  This whole process is such a pain sometimes I want to quit.  I want to say forget the projects waiting in the wings, forget the plans, just forget it all (at least for a while) and not have to think about it anymore - which really means not have to deal with it anymore...

but the thing is, I was not born a pessimist - nor will I be right now.  After one night of crying it out I decided it is not going to be like this.  I will not let it get the best of me -- so I'll pick up my chin, put a smile on my face and push foward.  We will find a way to make it happen.  It most likely won't be when or the way I/we want it to be, but we will make it happen...

because life goes on
and things can only bother you if you let them.



You usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for.  -- Craig Bruce

This weekend we made a visit to the place we someday hope to live - a place we probably (realistically) have no place trying to get into.  It has a guard gate and some pretty big, beautiful houses...there are tennis courts and a pool...bike trails and a dock...and some really big houses with their own dock too. Its beautiful, tree-lined streets and houses on lagoons totally get me and I feel like a ball of mush, just completely in love and wishing this is where we could call home.

Some four years ago we had our current house for sale and were waiting to hear back on the offer we put in on a nice, all brick four bedroom house (in a cul-de-sac!) in this neighborhood.  We put in the best bid we could...negotiated...and lost it.  Then we backed out of the offer we had on our house.

And yes, we beat ourselves up over it all the time.  Who knew the market would crash like it did?

Even now, four years and two realtors later I can say I've never completely given up hope.  I've never stopped believing that at some point we'd move on, but it has been hard.  We've seen a lot of hardships in this economy.  We, like so many others, also lost a lot of income.  I can't - and I won't - let that stop us from getting where we want to be.

So this weekend, even though our own house isn't even on the market anymore we felt like we had to check out a house that had just come up in the neighborhood - it was a short sale, a five bedroom house at a price we could possibly consider...too good to be true, really, and it was.

So we'll just keep waiting - for the time to be right, for the right person to come along, for the right price for the right place.  We'll do some praying and maybe even some begging...but we'll get there, I know it.  And yeah, I'm pretty sure that when we do we'll say yes, it was definitely worth the wait.

(At least that's what I tell myself to get us through it - because I really, really am tired of waiting.)



I have been subbing quite often at the kid's pre-school in the past couple of months (this is also a big reason why I have not been blogging). What started out as something for me to do while my at-home job as a transcriptionist had all but deterriorrated (they started outsourcing to India, imagine that) - it had also come to a point where it wiped me out physically and emotionally and I needed a change.

Working at the school has been such a blessing.  I could not ask for better hours (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 9 until 1) and I get to see my kids (even though it occasionally turned into a fit of tears).  It also means I don't waste any gas/time driving back and forth to pick them up.  And even though I wasn't too sure at first, it didn't take long to realize how much I love it (and have in turn fallen in love with several of the kids there who now run to me and hug me when they see me).  Let's face it, if I can do all those things and make a little money, it's a win-win.

It is funny the things you see on the 'inside'...like the amazing things some kids will eat (in one of the two's classes a little girl went straight for her red, yellow and green bell peppers like they were candy)...or what they are learning (most of Logan's 3's class can read the names off snack items and give it to the appropriate child)...or simply what they do on the playground (and the number of girls in $60 smocked dresses that play in the dirt with dump trucks)...whatever it may be, I find every day I learn something new....and every day I find a new reason to love it more.

So in the meantime I am doing both subbing and typing...I am busier than I have ever been and I am tired....(so, so tired!!!) and I find my free time is pretty much gone (which honestly is the only downfall, I don't have my peaceful trips to Target or the grocery store), but I am happy.  Really, really happy.