Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
to the man who makes every day more special
who makes me laugh
and teaches me to take deep breaths and be patient
who is always on my side
who supports me
holds my hand
and loves me unconditionally.

Happy birthday
to the man I married
to the man I adore
 my best friend
my sidekick
my inspiration
my better half
my everything.

Happy Birthday
to the sweetest daddy ever
who makes us giggle
who flies us in the air like Superman
who plays soccer with us
who tickles us
who reads to us and teaches us
who plays with us at bathtime every night

Happy Birthday
to the man we adore
the best daddy in the world
the man we will watch and learn from
the man who does everything to provide for us,
give to us and share with us.

You mean the world to us
and today we celebrate YOU
and all that you are and do for us.

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!

Heather, Logan & Lauren



whatever you are doing
wherever you are
stop and kiss your babies
smother your kids with love
hug them
squeeze them
squeeze them tight
tell them you love them
tell them they mean the world to you
tell them how they are the best,
most precious, wonderful thing that has ever happened to you

My dear friend delivered her angel baby yesterday. 

Ethan Matthew was welcome into this world at 11:30am yesterday 6lb7oz 20in. He grew his angel wings and went peacefully into his heavenly Father's arms at 1:18pm. Thank you to everyone for your continued love and prayers. We have truly felt every bit of it surrounding us.

I am beyond words. 
All I can think about is how much of me would be missing without my kids. 
How much of a mess I would be. 
How big a hole would exist if they weren't there to fill it. 

I simply can't imagine...
so I pray
because I really dont know what else to do.