we are...

- Headed to Disney World for the week.  After working in the yard all weekend I am ready for vacation -even if for some time that means walking 897 miles pushing a double stroller in the 100 degree heat. 

- Anticipating what we will hear back from our realtor.  We got an offer on our house this week.  It was $20,000 off our asking price plus 3.5% closing so we are not too hopeful but I guess you never know.

Hope you all have a great week!


house rules.

Playroom Rules:
Source: Lily Gene

Life Rules:

Source:  Heartfish Press

Little Boy Rules:

Little Girl Rules:

House Rules: 
source: HarperGrace Designs

A Reminder:

Love Rules:

Source: Happy Deliveries



I have decided there is no point in explaining where I have been or how busy life has been for all of us -- all you need to know is:

a) I dont know how I ever survived without a [real, decent] camera on my phone - it is amazing how easy it is to capture our day-to-day life knowing I always have a camera nearby;

b) Thursday was the last day of pre-school and we have two months of freedom, sweet sweet FREEDOM ahead of us.

So without further adieu, here's what we've been up to in the past couple of weeks:

Miss Sassy at a birthday party...

Logan showing off his tattoo

(yes those are candy cigarettes - they were in the pinata)

Lauren is a big girl now and only wants to swing on the "big girl swing" --
of the two of our kids, she is certainly more of the daredevil

(when did she get so big?)

Logan has refreshed his love for Cars -- Cars 2 comes out in a couple weeks and he is sooo excited.

(when did HE get so big?)

(these are all out of order but I started having problems uploading pictures)

 "water day" at school

I got to have a girl's day when my friend Nicole asked me to drive down to Orlando with her to go to IKEA  (they are re-doing their master bath) and The Cheesecake Factory (because well, we have to eat, right?).
Seriously, who would turn that down?

Mimi and Poppy watched the kids for me while I took in the eye candy at IKEA and stuffed my face with avocado eggrolls (Nicole was right when she told me they melt in your mouth...sooo good)

 We are going back down to Orlando this week and I am going to try to convince Ryan we need this:

and this:

but that is probably not going to happen since so far it has cost us about $800 to change this:

into this:

(and we are still. not. done.)

 Meanwhile, last Sunday Lauren and her friend Olivia went to Build-A-Bear to stuff a bunny and put their paci's inside.
(they were happy until they had to actually put their paci's in there)

That night she cried for 45 minutes before falling asleep.

The next morning, the Paci Fairy came, just like we told her she would, and she left a very special present for Lauren:

(I have a video of her reaction but I can't get it to upload yet)

Overall she has been great since we said goodbye to the paci.  She now takes those Disney princesses with her to bed so it was a good tradeoff.  She has asked for the paci a couple of times and I just ask her if the Paci Fairy can come back and take away her princesses and she tells me OH NO!  

This week Logan got his hair cut and Ms. Glenda convinced me to get Lauren's hair cut as well.  I had a hard time cutting off those sweet baby curls but overall I am really happy -- let's be honest, it was a glorified mullet and it needed a good trim.  (Hoping to get a much better picture later on; this was right before she went down for a nap and she was not into getting her picture taken).

Transportation Day at pre-school (the 3's classes get to ride their bikes in the courtyard)

 One of the last days of pre-school:

I don't have any pictures but Logan went to the dentist for the first time (I know, really late on that one) but it went great - no cavities and they said he is brushing well.  He said he loved getting a new toothbrush (Toy Story) and a surprise (two little dinosaurs).

I know there are some things I forgot in there and some things I dont have pictures of.  We have also had three showings on our house this week alone so that has kept me cleaning like a crazy person.

Now I am ready for the Memorial Day weekend relaxation to begin - hope you all have a safe, fun weekend as well!


party day

Lauren's party was one week later than originally planned but it worked out because Aunt Melanie and Connor got  to drive down from North Carolina to visit with us for a long weekend.

Lauren absolutely loved being the center of attention and sang the Happy Birthday Song right along with everyone else.  She also did a pretty good job of saying thank you and hugging people after she opened their gifts. 

I had a lot of photos so I tried to just pick my favorites:

(if anyone has a better copy of this please send me one!)

Being with our family like this reminds me just how blessed we are - how blessed my kids are to have so many people that love and care about them. The party probably never would have happened if it wasn't for my husband who insisted 'the show must go on'....and I love him for reminding me of that. I also want to say thank you to Mimi and Mom for making all the calls to great-grandparents for me while I was sick.  Thank you so much Aunt Melanie for making the trip down all by yourself. Thank you Corey for coming over that morning, watching my kids and helping me get ready -- oh yes and for taking the camera and taking pictures that I wouldn't have otherwise. Thank you Aunt Stephie for watching the kids play outside in the water....

and thank you to each and every one of you who came in honor and celebration our girl turning two and making her day so, so special!