favorite finds

A few favorite things I have discovered lately
 (some via Pinterest)...

Paintings of a favorite childhood toy {source}.  Love the idea of personalized art + memorializing something so sweet and special to your child. 

This is color combo I eventually want to make my kitchen (I have a hard time narrowing things down)....


I also found what I already have going on in the master bedroom and bath:


(I have actually had Design Seeds bookmarked for a long time but never really used it.  Makes it so easy to pick color combos you'd like to remember or keep in tune with what you already have going on.)

and speaking of favorite colors, this is pretty much my favorite color combo ever.

I have a list of Christmas and holiday ideas I want to try including this one (just wondering what I'd have to coat it in to keep it from being sticky...)

Free vintage vehicle printables I definitely want to use for a certain little car lover

The list of recipes I want to try is growing a mile long.  These Chicken and Cheese Lasagna Roll-Ups are definitely at the top of the list for my husband:
and these for me:
Crispy Baked Zucchini Fries (109 calories!)

I have found lots of inspiration for my sister's upcoming baby shower too...

I have found lots of ideas for the classroom (and at home, too).  Love these ideas:
...and last but not least, this is going on my wish-list (among other things)


busy, as usual...

...finally took two days (thanks to Mimi and Poppy) to take care of the background checks and fingerprinting I had to get done in order to work at the pre-school this year (--twice, once at the local police station, second for the FBI). I thought you might like to know I have a clear record on both ends, just in case you were wondering about that.

...Not sure if I already mentioned it, but I got offered a position working at the pre-school this coming school year. I will be working with Logan's teacher from his first year at OPS, whom I adore. I am nervous but really excited at the same time.

...I am no longer working as a transcriptionist -- can't say I miss it one bit. Working from home is a blessing, yes, but it is not everything most people assume it to be either.

...I am trying to figure out when to fit in re-painting the spare bath. Really want to try out this technique:

[via pinterest + emily jones]

...and if I get around to it, maybe I'll take some before and after shots.

...speaking of pinterest, I think my head is going to explode from all the ideas it has given me. 

...Logan has a new fasination in Star Wars.  When that kid likes something, he really, really likes it.

...He's almost completely 100% swimming on his own.  We still don't let him jump in the deep end without a grown-up around, but it is amazing how far he has come in just the past few weeks.

...In the past couple of months Lauren has finally transitioned to just one nap a day.  That girl loves [and needs!] her sleep!

...She loves playing dress up, watching Tangled, and changing shoes, jewelry and hair bows every five minutes.

...We are planning on finishing up the backyard play area soon...and when the weather cools down, putting down some pavers for the back patio.  Since Ryan spends about four hours mowing, weed-eating, edging, fertilizing, trimming, watering and tending to our yard in the 90+ degree weather he doesn't have time for much else unfortunately.

...making a list of recipes I want to try out if I can just find the time.

...enjoying the last couple of weeks my brother will be here & having photos done tomorrow while we have the chance to get everyone together.

Hope you all are enjoying your summer!