Logan's 5th

This year we let Logan pick if he wanted to have a birthday party with his friends or a trip to Disney World (we did have a small family celebration the weekend before) - this time around the trip to Disney won (last year ALL he wanted was a party).

We left early Wednesday morning and came home Friday night.  We stayed at the Disney All Star Movies Resort in the Toy Story section (which was obviously a hit for our Toy Story-loving kids).  We didn't take a camera but did get lots of blurry shots with our cell phones, which is better than nothing I guess :)

I had some trouble with Blogger when I was loading these so I finally gave up on putting them in order...

(Opening his new birthday shirt that arrived just in time)

Checking out animals on the safari at Animal Kingdom

He wanted his picture taken here but I told him it was too dark to see his face...he said "well, I think you're gonna know that it's me"

Excited to ride Toy Story Mania

Lauren actually asked to have her picture taken with this Stormtrooper.
She was also very proud of that outfit - she picked it out on a quick run to Target just before we left.  She also picked out a matching headband and nail polish too.  I am such a sucker for this girl :)

Sad that her goldfish were all gone.
completely wiped out.

About to ride Star Tours again for the fourth or fifth time...
(at the aquarium after riding Nemo)

Birthday dinner for Logan at T-Rex...

at the Lego Land play area (Logan was racing a car he had just built)
on the monorail

playing in the splash area and pool at the hotel...
again, completely wiped out (she slept through most of dinner in Ryan's arms)

I think it's safe to say he had a pretty great birthday.

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