one year ago...

Looking at these pictures I cannot believe how much my kids have changed {grown} in the past year.

Look at that baby girl with hardly any hair!
She now thinks she's 18, Rapunzel's twin and a know-it- all (her favorite word is "because").

Ah, they used to be so sweet to each other.

(now that she can really fight back -- er, scream and take his toys -- they argue quite a bit more than they used to).

They still have their sweet moments though...for being a boy and a girl and two and a half years apart I do think they do a pretty good job of playing well together most of the time.
This one cracks me up.  She can be the messiest kid but randomly cries over getting 'dirty' (things you wouldn't think would bother her, like sitting in corn or getting her hands painted at pre-school).

One thing hasn't changed -- she still blows me lots and lots of kisses.

I dont think I ever posted these pictures but this is from an evening the kids camped out in the family room watching Aristocats...

A part of me misses that little pacifier. I know that sounds crazy but as you may remember because of her feeding issues as an infant we worked with a therapist - first to get her to get her to take a paci, and then to take a 'real' bottle, and then eventually solid foods.  It was a real struggle for us when she was little and I didn't want to forget about that.  So when the time came for the Paci Fairy to visit, I saved one in my dresser because I just couldn't stand to throw it away. 

About a month ago Lauren found the hidden pacifier, brought it to me and said "MAMA! OH NO! DA PACI FAIWY FOGOT DIS WON! WE NEED TO FROW IT AWAY!" and before I could stop her, she threw it in the kitchen trash can.

I guess maybe if she isn't going to be sentimental about it I shouldn't either.

Sometimes I wish I could put them in a little box and stop the clock for a while (of course I'd be climbing in that box too, let's not forget I am in no hurry for my 30th this year). 

They grow up so fast I can't stand it.

The thing is, looking at these pictures makes them seem so big to me right now but this time next year I'll be saying the same thing about them at two and five.


Happy Fall!

I just can't get enough of this time of year, (even though honestly, we don't have a real changing of the seasons here in Florida like people do in other parts of the country). 

As soon as October arrives I feel like digging out a scarf and boots and grabbing a pumpkin spice latte. 

[In case you're not really feeling it yet, here's something to get you going...]

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[source unknown, found via Pinterest via tumblr.com]

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I see things like this, start to feel like I should be packing away my summer clothes and then step outside and remember it's still 80 degrees.  Last week we had beautiful, perfect 70-degree weather that let us open the windows and really appreciate fall's arrival. It was amazing. We are now back to high's in the 80's but in the coming weeks that should change and we will get to enjoy cooler temps again. 

The kids have a pumpkin patch at the pre-school and they got to take a 'field trip' there last week and have pictures taken.  This week all the classes will visit again for story time there.  Logan loves any kind of holiday decorations so I finally gave in on Thursday and let him pick out pumpkins for us to take home and put on the porch.  The next morning I took some pictures just before we left the house for pre-school.

[I got two good ones out of about fourty five.]