Dear God,

For all I take for granted,
For all I don't deserve (which is pretty much everything),

Thank You. 

For all you have blessed me with and continue to bless me with. 
For all you do to protect me, guide me, teach me, improve me and build me,

Thank You.

For saving me.
For giving me family that knows Your love,
that teaches it and lives it,

Thank You.
For continued good health,
 for a roof over my head. 
For food to eat and water to drink,
for simple yet beautiful things,

Thank You.

For hard times when I need to learn from You and for stability in unstable times. 
For teaching me time and time again the difference between wants and needs. 
For being patient with me as I grow into the woman You want me to be.
For strength when I am weak, comfort in my sorrow, a promise for tomorrow,

Thank You.

For keeping me a work-in-progress,
humbling me when I need it most,
for showing me You are the only way.
For holding my hand
and loving me despite all my faults,

Thank You.

And when Thank You never seems to be enough,
Thank You for understanding.
Thank you for loving me anyway,
for wrapping Your arms around me and protecting me, 
letting me wake up each and every day
to those same blessings I took for granted yesterday.

Thank you God for blessing me much, much more than I deserve.

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